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Jean Grae
The Evil Jeanius

Tsidi Ibrahim, better known by her stage name Jean Grae, is one of the most respected female rappers around, her career stretching back to the mid-Nineties. Her 2008 album The Evil Jeanius, produced in tandem with Blue Sky Black Death and considered one of her finest records, now gets a release on wax for the first time. It was controversial upon release, though, as her label Babygrande (also responsible for this vinyl re-issue) used Grae’s vocals without her permission. 

GZA / Genius
Pro Tools

A blue-vinyl re-issue of Pro Tools, the fifth solo studio album from Wu-Tang Clan founding member and MC GZA / Genius. When it first appeared in the summer of 2008, the record won plaudits for its melancholy soul atmosphere and the distinctive Wu-Tang reflections of the lyrics. Sadly, GZA hasn’t made another solo record in the subsequent 11 years. 

Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 1

2005’s Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture was one of those records that came out in the wake of Danger Mouse’s Jay-Z/Beatles blend The Grey Album. The brainchild of Dreddy Krueger, the ‘indie’ of this LP’s title refers more to mid-2000’s underground rap scene than, say, Echo & The Bunnymen. We’re talking MF DOOM, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and Aesop Rock. Mind you, Jim Jarmusch does feature on this thing as well. Wu-Tang members like RZA and GZA keep the group’s end of the bargain.

Smoke DZA x Pete Rock
Don't Smoke Rock

Pete Rock still has a special place in our heart where T.R.O.Y. is playing on repeat. Back in 2016 he teamed up with “don’t call him a weed-rapper” Smoke Dza to create Don’t Smoke Rock, a throwback to Golden Age beats and verses. Smoke's story-telling skills combine very nicely with Rock's jazzy beats. The album is a great window to another era and is itself being reissued on vinyl.
  • Vinyl LP (BBG1087CLP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Genius / GZA
Pro Tools

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