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The first full-length album from Japanese sound artist Fujita Yosuke - a.k.a. FUJI||||||||||TA - in nine years arrives on Swiss imprint Hallow Ground. Iki follows a number of collaborations with the likes of Yamataka Eye and Suzuki Akio, and consists of four lengthy and meditative pieces recorded with a custom pipe organ that Fujita constructed himself over ten years ago. 

Laurin Huber

Laurin Huber is a big noise in Switzerland. He has played with and produced acts such as Wavering Hands, Frederik or legendary Swiss institution Krankenzimmer 204 and more recently released a solo album under the name R.E.R. through the label he owns with Rolf Laureijs, Edipo Re. Juncture is his latest solo venture, this time using his actual name. It’s an album that, in a time of division, seeks to bring the world together by drawing its influences from around the globe.

Electric Sewer Age
Contemplating Nothingness

A beautifully surreal album of industrial and ambient soundscapes from Electric Sewer Age, now the solo vehicle for experimental musician and sometime Coil affiliate Danny Hyde. Contemplating Nothingness is the third release from the project, originally started by the late Peter Christopherson, and consists of six wildly oscillating yet striking tracks clocking in at just over half an hour. 

Maria W Horn

Maria W Horn of XKatedral follows on from her 2018 debut, 'Kontrapoetik', with 'Epistasis'. The Swedish composer combines the worlds of avant-garde and electronic in a way that explores minimalism à la Phil Niblock and visceral massiveness like Anna Von Hausswolff’s organ-powered songs. On Hallow Ground. 

Roland Bucher

Roland Bucher has spent ten years developing and building his own instrument. An instrument he has wonderfully named the noise table. His debut album, Viaje, is made using the instrument with Bucher employing classical composition techniques and exploratory experimentation to achieve his goals. It goes without saying, this is pretty much unlike anything else.
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Still Und Dunkel

Still Und Dunkel is the project of three artists, Christoph Brünggel, Benny Jaberg and Pascal Arnold. Abandoned is a collection of ten pieces of music that accompany the trio’s audiovisual live shows. Abandoned is the culmination of an ambitious 8 year project of archiving images and sound that show the result of human progression being left behind. LP includes a 64-page book with essay by Brian Dillon.
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  • Hallow Ground

Kali Malone
Cast Of Mind

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Remo Seeland
Hollow Body

The first album under his real name, Hollow Body was inspired by a revelatory physical experience that Swiss artist Remo Seeland had while travelling on the New York subway. Recorded between that city, Zurich and Reykjavik and implementing field recordings from urban and rural settings, it’s an album preoccupied by ideas of perception. 
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  • Hallow Ground

9T Antiope & Siavash Amini

Four gripping works of odd contradictions, ambiguity and intensity - just as the punning title promises - from an Iranian team-up of sombre duo 9T Antiope and the ever-busy Siavash Amini. As ever with 9T, lyricist Sara Bigdeli Shamloo gives, with a clear and handsome voice, expressive textuality to a style where it is usually absent.
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  • Hallow Ground

Marja Ahti
Vegetal Negatives

Having released Entering A Cloud on Longform Editions in 2018, Marja Ahti has moved on to Hallow Ground to release her full length Vegetal Negatives. Ahti contrasts field recordings and with synthesisers to draw out and exploit their physical and more spiritual similarities. Abstract and ambitious. 

Reinier Van Houdt
Igitur Carbon Copies

Reinier van Houdt is an excellent pianist, known for playing contemporary classical music by Michael Pisaro and other such notables. But he’s got more than piano up his sleeve: Igitur Carbon Copies also features an array of cracked noises from radios, tapes, and David Lynch samples, as well as spoken word delivered by Current 93’s main man David Tibet! My my. Out on Hallow Ground.
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  • Hallow Ground


After being issued as a small cassette run by Ascetic House in early 2018 PLYXY’s Gloryland now gets a re-release via Hallow Ground. As is the want of the Swiss label, this record is a pretty frosty and demanding listen. The gnarled, weary synthscapes here recall Forest Swords and fellow HG act Dedekind Cut. Closer ‘March Of Youth’ breaks out into full-on noise.

Colin Potter
Rank Sonata

Colin Potter has been orbiting the centre of the UK underground music scene(s) for his whole career, as a member of Nurse With Wound and Current 93 and through a stack of other collaborations. Rank Sonata is a fully solo work however, and finds Potter wandering his electronics down dreamy ambient pathways. On Hallow Ground.

Siavash Amini

Siavash Amini's rain-textured drone has wowed us ever since What the Wind Whispered to the Trees, where neutral environmental grounds found vulnerable, almost songwritten ambience. Foras is his sixth solo record in as many years and sees him continue to traverse these liminal spaces, considering the very way our surroundings lead our emotions, considering architecture as psychology. You must cop this.

This Is Where
This Is Where

This is Where...We Came In might have been the Bee Gees swansong but this This is Where is a mysterious doom and ambient band who feature Norman Westberg amongst their number. Though they don't have the noisy brutalism of Swans the three piece have a musical dialogue dominated by tension and blissful density.  
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  • Hallow Ground

Distant Animals

Very intellectual drone from Distant Animals. Daniel Alexander Hignell is an artist, musician, and more. Lines is inspired by such greats of minimalism as La Monte Young and Morton Feldman. Most intriguingly, this comes with 4 postcards showing "land-art interventions" made during the creation of the album. Love a bit of interdisciplinary art me.

Last Night

Swiss tykes Hallow Ground (Dedekind Cut, Goner) make their latest foray into the sonic arts via this six-track from the always-intriguing zK. Last Night is a slippery listen, constantly shifting and never allowing the listener to settle. Numbers like ‘Fugitive II’ see eerie glitches and processed pianos flitting around the headphones in a manner that recalls the spookier elements of Yves Tumor’s sound.
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  • zK
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  • Hallow Ground

Dedekind Cut
The Expanding Domain

A full and complete sounding record from Dedekind Cut entitled The Expanding Domain. A mixture of droning electronic sounds contrasted with trance-like melodies and subtle piano notes, makes this record a piece of art on the blank slate of an artist. Created in New York, Seoul and Berlin and released on ‘Hallow Ground’, this record is available on Vinyl LP.
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  • Hallow Ground

COH Plays Everall

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Martina Lussi
Selected Ambient

These works by Martina Lussi are named for various gemstones, lending a slight touch of the mystical to the sound compositions we hear. Selected Ambient isn’t ambient in a basic generic way (there is quite a lot going on in some of these pieces), but it does have a thoughtful power to it. LP release on Hallow Ground.


Goner’s new album Yogascum brings new collaborators and new textures into the sound of his music. UnterLala’s noise cello and Coil associate Mark Godwin are very welcome additions, weaving harsher elements in with the electronica. Yogascum was first issued earlier this year as a cassette on Hospital Productions: now it appears on vinyl from Hallow Ground.
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  • Hallow Ground

Siavash Amini

Containing an ocean-sized depth of emotion and meaning, TAR is Tehran-based producer Siavash Amini's 2017 brainchild. Comprised of four offerings, including the mammoth twelve-minutes-plus tracks 'A Dream's Frozen Reflection' and 'The Dust We Breathe', this is a sophisticated take on modern drone and classical genres.

Norman Westberg
The All Most Quiet

Having been in numerous, yet short lived, projects Norman Westberg is undoubtedly most known for his work in Swans. Alongside, his solo work has been constant. Putting most of it out himself, he has now turned to Hallow Ground for this two track album. Opposing his rhythmic power in Swans, his solo work is far more abstract and consists of blending tonal and atonal guitar swells.. The Swans terror and tension is still very much in there.
  • Label(s):
  • Hallow Ground

Black Sun Productions
Toilet Chant

Black Sun Productions are Pierce and Massimo, who worked with Coil for their live stage performances back in the day. Strange, doomy ambience is the name of the game on this album, which also features some vocals from Coil’s Jhonn Balance. First released on CD in 2004, Toilet Chant is now issued on vinyl by Hallow Ground.

Black Sun Productions
Dies Juvenalis

Massimo & Pierce made up Black Sun Productions. Most known for their live work with Coil, as well as working with Lydia Lunch and H.R. Giger. Heavily effected vocals, beautiful xylophone and dramatic percussion create something strangely beautiful. Whilst they disbanded in December 2012, they reformed as the Anarcocks in 2014.

Eis Heauton

On Eis Heauton Driftmachine programmed their modular synthesizers with self-generating patches and then just let them jam. The results are the Berlin-based electronic duo’s most fascinating work yet. This is no technical experiment though. Heavy dub atmospherics grind against harsh snares and techno tempos. Vinyl LP from the Hallow Ground label.
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  • Hallow Ground