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Nathan Micay
Whities 017

You might remember Nathan Micay from his days as Bwana, but the Berlin-based Canadian is done with all of that now. His first release under his given name is a Whities drop, which means that it’s pretty much guaranteed to be good. It would seem that Micay’s new alias has allowed him to clear the fog that often fell over the Bwana stuff. ‘First Casualty’ and ‘Beginning Ballads’ are lovely things that sound like There Is Love In You-era Four Tet.
  • Vinyl 12" (WHYT017)
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Whities 019

Opening with a track that is almost all percussion, Overmono have created no straightforward EP. Whities 019 starts off with 6 minutes of feverish and somehow melodic percussion, before warming up with a brilliant techno/dnb mishmash, and ending with an affair that is both acidic and ambient. Our supply probably won't last long so you best get in on it. 

Whities 018

Reckonwrong returns to Nic Tasker’s Whities (Avalon Emerson, Coby Sey) with another EP of unusual singer-songwriter fare. The four tracks of Whities 018 incorporate a fair range of influences. Everything from Bullion’s Oliver Postgate-ish techno to Active Child’s lush queer pop to the confessional meanderings of The Divine Comedy are referenced here. Reckonwrong ties it all together with a weirdly captivating and somewhat tragicomic vocal manner.
  • Vinyl 12" (WHYT018)
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BFTT / Upsammy
Blue 03

Whities release the latest volume of their excellent Blue series (Lanark Artefax, Tessela). Blue 03 fronts two tracks apiece from Leeds-based BFTT and Dutch producer Upsammy. As with pretty much everything else that Nic Tasker’s label drops this is an EP of forward-thinking techno that will satisfy both body and mind.
  • Vinyl 12" (WHYTBLU03)
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E-Talking / Laksa
Blue 04

E-Talking and Laksa contribute a track each to the latest entry of Whities’ Blue series (BFTT, Lanark Artefax). ‘Telephone Rose’ may be E-Talking’s solo debut (they’re active as part of French duo Nummer) but the aesthetic is remarkably fully-formed here. The tune oscillates between cavernous big-room techno and trippy samples to hypnotic effect. On the flip Laksa brings some soundsystem heat similar to his recent drops for Ilian Tape.
  • Vinyl 12" (WHYTBLU04)
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Giant Swan
Whities 016

Giant Swan are the gosh darn dopeness. Anyone who’s caught an earful of the Bristol duo’s recent drops on Timedance, FuckPunk or Mannequin can attest to the visceral majesty of their anarcho-techno sound. It was probably only a matter of time before they ended up on the fine Whities (Lanark Artefax, Minor Science), but it’s still a good thing that they’ve done so. The three tunes on Whities 016 are dance music for the end of the world.

SMX / Koehler
Blue 02

Since Nic Tasker kicked off Whities back in 2014, the label has grown to become one of the buzz-labels in UK club culture. Their soundsystem techno output is similar to that of Timedance or Hessle, but the tunes tend to have a sweeter, more melodic flavour to them. Similar things can be said about Whities splinter-imprint Whities Blue - following up a killer first drop from Tessela and Lanark Artefax, the second instalment of the series sees SMX and Koehler turn in two wonderful bits of rave revivalism on WHYTBLU 02.
  • Vinyl 12" (WHYTBLU 02)
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Tessela / Lanark Artefax
Blue 01

It is the repress of the first Whities Blue, my dudes. Whities has already garnered a reputation as one of the best new labels in the British clubsphere off the back of drops by Avalon Emerson, Minor Science, Kowton and more. Lanark Artefax (Whities 011) and label debutant Tessela came through for the first in the label’s Blue series early in 2018, and the pair’s rave-revivalist double-punch sold out in no time. No surprise, then, that they’re minting new copies just in time for summer.

Jules Venturini
Whities 014

It’s been a hot year for London’s Whities, as the Nic Tasker-ran label of leftfield grooves has platformed pure charisma from the likes of Lanark Artefax, Avalon Emerson and Bullion. Whities 014 comes from Jules Venturini, a noted record store clerk and connoisseur of precious vinyl. This 12” packs three tracks that somehow find a point between the ironic optimism of James Ferraro and the sickeningly sincere buoyancy of Four Tet. Ravey New Age type beats with a flair for the dazzling and the delirious.
  • Vinyl 12" (WHYT014)
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Avalon Emerson
Whities 013

If you thought Avalon Emerson wouldn’t find out how much you like arpeggios and botanical library images, your instincts were dead wrong. She did and she’s made this. Whities 013’s lead track ‘One More Fluorescent Rush’ hypnotically hybridises early kosmische synth and Resident Advisor-core chillout for a really compelling listen. Scan the QR code to interact with the cover art, watch an excellent promo video and learn the sources of the photographs.

Minor Science
Whities 012

Herein lies Whities new release for artist Minor Science, whose music overwhelms as its subleties escape into the treeline. Whities 012 works with the juxtaposition of its overwhelming, certainly noisy throbbing bass and lighter dynamics that throw the whole thing into tranquility. With the frenzied heaviness and sickly delicacies, it kinda feels like Minor Science has made an electronic post-hardcore record. Or not. Anyway it's essential.

Lanark Artefax
Whities 011

Lanark Artefax is a (you guessed it) Glaswegian producer who made waves with last year's Glasz EP on UIQ featuring scattered electronica and fractured techno coalescing into a cold, glorious whirlwind. Here, he's been ushered into the Whities inner circle, veering from funky broken techno to gasping ambience. AFX is a fan.

Coby Sey
Whities 010

Ghostly leftfield hip hop from London’s Coby Sey. Sey’s notable previous collaborations include Mica Levi and Tirzah and his own take on the hip hop follows a Dean Blunt formlessness path via a Kevin Martin/King Midas Sound hazy chug. For fans of Micachu, Funkineven. Limited vinyl with framed picture taken by Coby Sey from Whities.

Avalon Emerson
Whities 006

3 new tracks here from Avalon Emerson, who brings San Francisco sun-vibes to the techno metropolis of Berlin. The sonics of Whities 006 mirror Emerson’s life journey, with these 3 tracks combining stern techno beats with bright, shimmering synths. 12” vinyl, presented in a pleasantly-embossed sleeve by the Whities label.

Whities 009

Less-than-usual pop sounds from the other sides of the tracks, that's what Reckonwrong has for us on his new two-tracker. Whities 009 contains two strange jams rich in 80’s production touches: chunky bass and warped vocals. Be bewildered by the sounds of Reckonwrong! 12” release on the Whities label.
  • Vinyl 12" (WHYT009)
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Minor Science
WHYT 008

Absolutely no information anywhere on exactly who these people are but they follow up a previously well regarded 12' on Whities with this which is an absolute killer release. 'Naturally Spineless' must have the biggest, fattest bass in recorded music history and balances this with chiming delayed synth twangs and house pads. 'Underripe' missed the bass but makes up for it with expert programming. Don't take my word for it  - have a listen! 

Whities 007

3 tracks from Quirke on the Whities label. This stuff feels chaotic and calm at the same time, like the producer is sitting in the middle of a whirl of looping synth lines, distorted drum machines and hazy pads, serenely tweaking everything to create the perfect slice of weirdo vintage bounce. Whities 007 feels really good.

Whities 005

Reckonwrong releases the fifth in Young Turks off-shoot label Whities series, taking the reins after very capable entries by the likes of Kowton and Terron. This is actually only the second ever release by Reckonwrong (after his debut on Pinkman earlier this year), but you wouldn’t know it: this is super accomplished leftfield dancefloor stuff.

Minor Science
Whities 004

The fourth release in the Whities label series (sensibly titled Whities 004) brings us a pair of new Minor Science tracks, both of which seem to have been dipped in a bath of analogue reverb, lending them a comfortable warmth. Excellent wandering jams these are, presented in a minimal blue elephant (?) sleeve.