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Stefano Leproto
Dance & Mood Music 1981 - 1983

There’s a nice backstory to how Stefano Leproto’s early-‘80s synth experimentations came to be issued by Castles In Space. Something about a car boot in Preston and the stallholder’s Italian grandfather. Dance &...view item »

For Concrete and Country

Some good old-fashioned idiosyncrasy from Concretism here. For Concrete And Country synthesises much of the Great British oddball lineage - the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Ghost Box Records, Public Service Broadcasting etc. - with a newly-resurfaced Cold War paranoia. It’s the aural...view item »
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Patrick R. Pärk
Library Sounds

Not sure if you can make an album inspired by library music and then just call it Library Sounds, but hey, what does it matter when those sounds are so pleasant? Patrick R. Park ...view item »

The Twelve Hour Foundation
tree little milk egg book and other non sequiturs

A bit of retro synth nostalgia from The Twelve Hour Foundation. Conceived in a nuclear bunker and performed on forty year old synthesisers, tree little milk egg book and other non sequiturs is the perfect album for the retro electronic musician in your life. Fans of Ghost Box ...view item »

Astrablast / Newtown Parkway

Despite Soundhog spending over a decade away before the release of this single, it finds the bastard popster in typically cheeky form. ‘Astrablast’ is Glitterbeat as imagined by a member of the Central Processing Unit family, while ‘Newtown Parkway’ could have soundtracked something off p...view item »
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Simon James
Akiha Den Den

Simon James (The Simonsound) presents a vinyl + CD package of electronic music made for an imagined, abandoned space: Akiha Den Den, decomposing amusement park radio drama. Rusty ghost trains and doomed dodgems are conjured by radiophonic-inspired cues. With an unuaual array of characters: a talking cockroach and a...view item »

Transcranial Targets

Transcranial Targets is the latest brain child of David Henson’s CHXFX project. Henson has covered a lot of sound design through his Ascoltare and Nochexxx projects, now landing somewhere between BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Oneohtrix Poin...view item »
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Electric Creep

Incredibly limited two track 7” from Dave Henson’s (Nochexxx) CHXFX moniker on Castles In Space. Two short pieces of burping and whirring dystopian electronica it sounds like a broken machine lost in a wasteland desperately trying to work something out before it’s power runs ou...view item »
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Before The Heat

If nothing else, Correlations prove that somebody is making interesting music in Frome, Somerset! This is the duo of Neil Hale and Stuart Cullen (the latter also makes music as Pilote), and Before The Heat is the debut of their (mostly synth-pop, some folk) collaboratio...view item »
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Herd The Shadows EP

Tauchsieder are a group who keep their music deliberately mysterious: this 7”, the Herd The Shadows EP, tracks its way through all sorts of murky synthy-samply territory. Involved Colin Newman of Wire, and comes on ‘shadow splatter’ vinyl, with a badge, on the brand new Castles in Spac...view item »
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Kl(aüs) are an Australian band (2 guys, friends since school) deeply in love with the style of synth-prog music that started spiraling out of Germany in the 1970’s: Tangerine Dream are a very important influence. Using laptops as well as psychical gear, the...view item »


Following up the hugely successful 'Town Planning' Concretism delves deep into his archives to collect together several tracks only previously available as download only. Very popular with our customers, Concretism makes vintage synth tunes for fans of Boards of Canada, the Advisory Circle, ...view item »
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Gary Cook
The Fabulous World Of Gary Cook

Very little is known to have come out of Barrow-in-Furness - the Cumbrian town at the tip of the Furness peninsular. Lots of ships and submarines were built there, Liverpool and England captain Emlyn Hughes was born there and its bus depot was referenced in a 1980s Chewits commercial. There was also its thriving but largely self-contained music ...view item »

Beneath The City Streets

Hurry hurry, fans of Concretism: their new release is a single hand-cut using lathé techniques, and is limited to just 45 copies: each hand-numbered. Beneath The City Streets, which serves as an exciting preview of the incoming Electricity...view item »
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The Seven Twenty
The Seven Twenty

This is the self-titled debut album from The Seven Twenty, who play a lo-to-medium-fi kind of rock music. Could be relatively standard issue, but actually from the get-go this record feels immediately like a favourite obscurity from 1973 (in a good way). A quick 30 minute dash through 8 songs, as a debut should be. Black and whi...view item »

Antoni Maiovvi
Seasons In Hell

Antoni Maiovvi makes really good neo-disco that makes you feel like you ought to be dancing hard in an unknown European city. Seasons In Hell is a very beautiful set: 2 7”s, on split-coloured vinyl, in a gatefold sleeve. Each copy comes with a postcard, and a number indicating which of the limited edition of 300 y...view item »
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Black Channels
Two Knocks For Yes

The titular centrepiece of Two Knocks For Yes is composed from Buchla synthesiser tones and, more unusually, recorded testimony of haunted poltergeist experiences! Good stuff. Black Channels do a good job of balancing between spoooooky vibes and quality radiophonic composition. Cassette tape on Castles In Space, 100 cop...view item »
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Two Ragged Soldiers

Two Ragged Soldiers are a duo (yes, there really are two of them) who craft music that straddles the borders between contemporary music and electronica. //Asulya//Water is a two-track 7” that offers a tantalising preview of The Mass, which we will apparently hear later down the line. Limited edition of 30...view item »