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Castles In Space Vinyl, CD & tapes from Norman Records

For Concrete and Country

Some good old-fashioned idiosyncrasy from Concretism here. For Concrete And Country synthesises much of the Great British oddball lineage - the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Ghost Box Records, Public Service Broadcasting etc. - with a newly-resurfaced Cold War paranoia. It’s the aural...view item »

Simon James
Akiha Den Den

Many musicians employ synthesizers to evoke the sounds of space -- real or imagined -- and of course that’s what Simon James, as The Simonsound, has been (very neatly) doing on previous records. Here, though, for ...view item »

Transcranial Targets

Well, our Ian called it so blame him if you must -- David Henson named his project CHXFX, thinking of a ridiculous moniker and removing all the vowels, you know, for ‘The Kids’. The kids with their computer games and their mobile phones and their “tx’s”. Although quite what they’d want with an album full of ...view item »

Before The Heat

This Castles in Space label is pretty smart isn't it? First up we get the Concretism record and here we have Correlations which is a collaboration between two people from Frome, Somerset, one of whom has released music on Domino and other labels as Pilote. It's a mixture of folky guit...view item »

Herd The Shadows EP

I heard the shadows when I was a kid. They did 'Apache' and my dad went to school with one of them. This lot do a fizzy washy  kind of ambience which is most notable for having Wire's Colin Newman singing carefully over the title track. The same track appears in instrumental reversed form before a more bleepy piece of ambience overleaf...view item »


My workmates, bless their wicked hearts, love to see me squirm. They’ve handed me this kosmische disc by ambient motorists Kl(aüs) as if to say “how’s Robin gonna wiggle out of this one?!”, which, spoiler alert: I don’t. This LP reminds you of the genuine place synth has as a dominating force in prog music, rather...view item »

Gary Cook
The Fabulous World Of Gary Cook

This is a great compilation of a songwriter that I'm fairly certain absolutely no-one anywhere (apart from maybe a few souls in Barrow-in-Furness) will be aware of. What it does though is instantly capture another time where people like Gary Cook recorded songs at home on 4 track, most of them destined to be heard by no-one -- the only way ...view item »

The Seven Twenty
The Seven Twenty

There is no way that the black and white sleeve can prepare you for the colour of vinyl. It’s like an enormous black splodge on some off-white wax.   Initial listens to opener reveals the Seven Twenty operating at the acceptable edge of the unacceptable stuff, on opener ‘Corridors’ the grain in th...view item »

Two Ragged Soldiers

I don't know too much about these two sonic explorers other than they are from the North of England. A fact which in a perfect world would see them earn them an extra point on their review score - sorry Southerners, but the North must rise again. They are also dads. Dads from the North. They make delicate sound collages that are both pre...view item »