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Extra Welt Hits

I'd never come across German electronic act Extrawelt but they've been at it for fifteen years and are noted particularly for being a great live act (which is not always the case with such artists). This box set marks their fifteen year anniversary and covers each album they put out so far all newly remastered. A good place to start for people like me who have some catching up to do. 
  • Vinyl LP box set (CORLP048)
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Neil Landstrumm
Sun Universe

Neil Landstrumm first appeared on Cocoon with the track, Flesh In A Prison, his contribution to Cocoon’s compilation album S. The electronic veteran has recorded for Planet Mu, Tresor Records and Peacefrog Records in his time, but for now he's staying with Cocoon for a three-track EP, Sun Universe. It takes us back to the time in the ‘90s when speed garage was becoming the result of blending rave, jungle and house.
  • Vinyl 12" (COR12167)
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Disco Rout Remixes

Legowelt’s 2002 electro jam ‘Disco Rout’ gets sliced and diced by a trio of remixers. Tuff City Kids, Catz ‘N Dogz and Younger Rebinds all step up to the plate. The chugging thump of the original, which is also included here, lends itself well to being edited rather than completely reshaped. As such, these new entries come in varying shades of techno and stay pretty faithful to the source material. Apparently Younger Rebinds has already done a remix of ‘Disco Rout’, but either way it’s a new version that features on the Disco Rout Remixes EP.


Unclassifiable production duo and lifelong friends Arne Schaffhausen and Wayne Raabe having been concocting sounds together for twenty years. They have recorded ten albums together, however, Unknown is their fourth under the Extrawelt moniker. It’s electronic music, but then there’s other stuff in there as well, so don’t pigeon hole them. Triple LP or CD on Cocoon.

Ricardo Tobar

Referencing the new wave ghost of '80s past for a rich and yet brooding sound, Ricardo Tobar pulls Collection out of his proverbial hat, offering tunes based in the tradition of synth-punks origins. This record is more of a giddy shuffle through than it is linear album, offering wild shifts in mood but a consistent honouring of new wave pastiches. 

Fear Of An Extra Planet

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