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River Yarra
#Lucky #Boy

Parisian label Antinote tend to flit between Balearic beats, New Agey experimentalia and leftfield dance fodder, but rarely do the styles match up as well as they have done on this EP from newcomer River Yarra. As you might be able to tell from the title, #Lucky #Boy is a record very much of the social ...view item »

Alek Lee

I'm still trying to get my head round this album art. It's not that I don't know what it is, it's just...why? Colours is Alek Lee's second record on Antinote, and as you'd expect, it is a brilliant sounding record that Alek creates by messing around with electronic and deep house sounds. Available on vinyl 12". ...view item »

Sign Libra
Closer To The Equator

Ahh, Libras. Passionate. Gentle. Loving. Into ballet. At least, this particular Libra is. Sign Libra is an alias of Latvian composer Agata Melnikova, and Closer To The Equator is a concept-heavy EP of music initially composed for a ballet at the Latvian National Opera. It draws on the sound world of BBC...view item »

Distant Images

Antinote’s resident house music romancer D.K. is back with a new five track EP that furthers his smooth and sexy drift into 80s tinged splendour, where the island breeze is gentle and the sun sets slow. This is fantasy music for true dreamers, with synth voices that ring out clear and true to tug at the heartstrings and pi...view item »

Reigi / Haipa

Metallic, mid-fi dancefloor moods from somebody called Slowglide. These rhythms are immediately likeable, let alone danceable. There’s a trace of throwback to early 1990s IDM in the squelchy FX on some of the pads, as well as the discreet, brooding synths beneath. Piano hooks on the a-side also colourfully suggest eurodanc...view item »

Leonardo Martelli
Menti Singole Vol. 2

This four-track mini album from Leonardo Martelli sounds as crisp as a breeze in the deep heart of a winters' night. Minti Singole Vol. 2 contains an pretty incredibly produced collection of music from the Italian, and is available on vinyl 12" EP and released on Antinote. Progressive electronic sounds. ...view item »

Radiante Pourpre
Radiante Pourpre

Radiante Pourpre are a duo spun-off from Simple Music Experience, who started their practice in a cave in Bordeaux and recorded these weird jams in a Brussels art space in 2014. Synths, a stack of cassettes and various percussions were all brought to bear in order to illustrate the Radiante Pourpre...view item »

Tolouse Low Trax
Decades Vol. III

A member of Kreidler, Detlef Weinrich’s solo outings as Tolouse Low Trax are skewed and slowed and to be quite frank, drunken. Minimal in elements but maximal in effect his third installment of his Decades EP series continues down this dark path of bringing techno heaviness down t...view item »

Alek Lee
Sfarot EP

The Sfarot EP is built around a recording of traditional songs recorded on site by a young children’s choir in Israel. That’s a good place to start when you are building interesting dubby compositions like this, and the instrumental additions that Alek Lee makes just sweeten the deal. Sfarot contain...view item »

18 Rays
18 Rays EP

Nico Motte, Zaltan and Raphaël Top-Secret have been talking about this project for years, and have now finally done it. 18 Rays takes them back to simple guitar bass and drums backbone, and they craft a sweet dreamy lo-fi pop, think of The XX but cheerier a...view item »

Five Years Of Loving Notes

Five Years Of Loving Notes shows off the artists and aesthetics of the Antinote label to date, with both label veterans (eg Toulouse Low Trax, Inoue Shirabe) and new-to-Antinote artists (eg Alek Lee, The Simplists) featured. Fourteen tracks of intriguing sonics, highly ...view item »

Leonardo Martelli

Vivid, disjointed electronics from Italian Leonardo Martelli here on Previsto, the follow-up to 2 previous releases for Antinote. House grooves and IDM convolutions kick away beneath curtains of synth-haze, unexpected samples and heavily-treated voices punch through the sound-field, and the listener is generally disorie...view item »


Succhiamo does the almost-unthinkable here on this eponymous two-tracker, by cheerfully remembering the much-lamented music of electroclash. That means two big and brash funtime bangers, with lyrics about sex and supermarkets and a tongue-in-cheek attitude. A very welcome release to see in a ‘serious dan...view item »

Tolouse Low Trax
Decades Vol. II

Founder of and resident DJ at Dusseldorf’s Salon Des Amateurs, Tolouse Low Trax (great name) throws dub, library music and industrial into his weird techno melting pot. At times the tracks resemble weird approximations of locked grooves, skipping and sputtering before getting their shit together and shuffling on to the nex...view item »

Peace, Love & Earth: Mental DJ’s Vol. 2

Geena goes fully New Age on this Antinote release: the title Peace, Love & Earth and the stunning sleeve art should leave little doubt about that. Balearic-flavoured psy-ambient for when you end up partying long into the next day. 12 inches of “yeah, man” tunes and atmospheres, pressed to wax by Antinote...view item »

Tolouse Low Trax
Decades Vol. I

Any fans of Toulouse Low Trax will find reason to rejoice with this release: Mr Trax has rifled around in his archives of unreleased material to give some choice gems a chance to see the light of day at last. So that’s five tracks that dig deep into the project’s many preoccupations, constructed with...view item »

Domenique Dumont
Comme Ca

The identity of Domenique Dumont seems to be unknown and/or uncertain, but it doesn’t much matter when the music is as compelling as the material on Comme Ca manages to be. Odd-pop for sunny evenings is the name of the game, the cheap keys and beats submerged in a quantity of dub reverb. Nice. LP on Antinote....view item »

Mind Lotion
Altitude Attitudes

Debut release of Mic Newman’s keyboard pre-set exploration project Mind Lotion. He’s playing some exotic games here on Altitude Attitudes, splashing around in the digital waters of some tropical beach here, deploying some ‘tribal’ synth-flute there. He does do a good job taking s...view item »

Island of Dreams

D.K. has always been a producer of electronic music with a nostalgic, beloved 1980’s video games twist, and Island Of Dreams is certainly no exception. The difference is that the producer allows himself to leave danceability out of the equation for this set, focusing entirely on the sun-drenched digital atmosphere...view item »

Raphael Top-Secret & Nelson Bishop
Love So High

To begin with, let's please note that Raphael Top-Secret and Nelson Bishop both have excellent names. They sound like just the people to lead you on a summer-night groove party adventure, and the 3 groovy cuts they serve up on Love So High will do an excellent job providing the soundtrack. 12” on ...view item »

Stephane Laporte
Fourrure Sounds Vol. 2

This vinyl 12” on Antinote is both harsher, but also more danceable than Stephane Laporte’s previous work. Fourrure Sounds Vol. 2 blends clanking industrial drones with crystalline synthesizers and blissful arpeggios. There’s even some drum machine programming to tie together t...view item »

Inoue Shirabe
Gravitation of Acidtree / Function of Spring

Japanese producer Inoue Shirabe releases his third vinyl 12” on Parisian label Antinote. Gravitation of Acidtree/Function of Spring draws on percussive music for bells and woodblocks, but then forces those minimal sounds into tight house and techno rhythms. Bright synthesizers and loose dr...view item »

Liquid Silver Dream

French electro-pop. That term may either have you immediately buying your Eurostar tickets for the next train to Paris or reaching for the epipen and the insulin to counter the sugar overload. But Liquid Silver Dream by Syracuse is bitter-sweet. It’s moody electronics with sultry vocals and a cryst...view item »

Nico Motte
Life Goes On If You Are Lucky

Nico Motte, who is one half of the graphic design duo Check Morris, also produces some pretty slick Balearic house tunes in his spare time. Life Goes On If You Are Lucky is faintly menacing in title, but warm and groovy in sound, rea...view item »

Inoue Shirabe
Down Into The Black Church / Camping In Your Soul

Inoue Shirabe has two new tracks of his patented brand of synth-dance jams, out on the Antinote label. Both Down Into The Black Church and Camping In Your Soul (what an excellent track title) have a closely interlocking relationship between the synth-lines and drum machines, making movement irresistible....view item »

Leonardo Martelli
Menti Singole

Menti Singole contains four tracks by Leonardo Martelli, each named as though it were a person (friends of Martelli? Who can say…). Each track wanders through synth-scapes with firm drum-machine tracks as their guide, although as the cover art suggests, things can slide out of focus from time to ...view item »

Paki & Visnadi
Imaginary Choreography

Reportedly one of those ‘unheard-until-now’ gems, Imaginary Geography was apparently discovered in demo tape form at a Paris flea market. It’s creators, Paki & Visnadi, of 1980s Venice, deal in guitar / synth ambience, apparently made with dance classes in mind. Well worth restoring! 12” on A...view item »