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Like a lot of electronica artists Timmy Vanhamel has worked under a multitude of aliases but Millionaire is his first love. He reconstituted the brand in 2017 for a series of sold out shows and now presents his second full length album which he claims is pronounced Apples Not apples. Like a lot of us Tim has been influenced/appalled by the recent political landscape but wants the music to exist on its own terms so you can dance to it and escape the daily sludge.  

Flying Horseman
Rooms / Ruins

Antwerp’s Flying Horseman set up shop as artists in residence in a Flanders venue, and followed up this process with a tour, allowing them plenty of opportunity to develop the material that would become Rooms / Ruins. These eleven tracks make up a vivid post-folkish suite, with the rich dark baritone vocals leading the listener deep into the compositions. Released by Unday Records.

Intergalactic Lovers

Third LP from Belgian indie-rockers Intergalactic Lovers. Frontwoman Lara Chedraoui’s vocals recall Cat Power or Karen O, delivering delicate lyrics over substantial guitar riffs and staunch Interpol-style basslines. The sound of a well-travelled band returning slicker than ever. From Unday Records, available on limited gatefold vinyl.

Hydrogen Sea
In Dreams

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Go March
Go March

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Dans Dans

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