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DZ Deathrays
Positive Rising: Part 1

'Positive Rising: Part 1' is the fourth studio album from Brisbane noisy rockers DZ Deathrays. Not that noisy mind, yes they can scream and shout but there's is quite a streamlined noise rock. 'Positive Rising' offers an altogether more rounded and bigger sound than 'Bloody Lovely', it quite obviously suggests a second part to come soon and a more ambitious future for the band. 

Art Brut
Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!

Berlin-based indie rockers Art Brut are back together for their first album in 7 years. Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! comes after lead vocalist Eddie Argos has lived a bit. In the intervening years he has been hospitalised, had a son, a relationship break-up, written a comic, a memoir and a musical. All this has informed the the upbeat post-punk that harks back to their 2005 album Bang Bang Rock and Roll. LP and CD on Alcopop!
  • Vinyl LP (ALCOPOP175X)
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  • Alcopop

Gaffa Tape Sandy
Family Mammal

Always happy to see a record with a dog on the cover. Gaffa Tape Sandy fresh from featuring in NME's 100 Artists to Watch in 2019 unleash their debut following a string of summer festival appearances at the likes of Glastonbury and Truck. Their garage rock style is probably some of the best ever to come out of Bury St Edmonds and you can get a first taste of it by purchasing this eight song extended player. 


You won't believe this by RKTN #3 is the band's third album! Belgian rockers Raketkanon are no on Alcopop! and have shown no signs of slowing down. Crunch basslines and slick drum beats make for a slightly more controlled take than some of their peers. But not too controlled mine, this is still the sort of music precision built to generate the sweatiest mosh pits.

Oh Dearism

The name itoldyouiwouldeatyou sounds like a potential collaboration between iamamiwhoami and Thom Yorke, but is in fact an NME indie band from London: Los Campesinos! meets Titus Andronicus, that sort of thing. Their debut album Oh Dearism is pressed entirely using leftover bits from other vinyl jobs, which is a great idea.

Strange Entertainment

Twee-grungers Kagoule return to the fray with their sophomore LP Strange Entertainment. Now on Alcopop! after a stint with Earache, the band settle into their new surroundings with a playful record of loud-quiet-loud fare. Tracks like ‘Bad Saliva’ have a sort of pumped-up Trust Fund vibe to them. This one was recorded with Hookworms’ MJ at his Suburban Home studio.
  • Label(s):
  • Alcopop

Sunset Blush

Kississippi! This project that Zoe Reynolds has been working with since 2014 at last reaches the fruition of a full-length debut album, and she’d reckon that Sunset Blush is exactly where she wants her music to be. Zoe’s intimate indie-rock comes covered in lovely reverb, and arrives just in time for the summer. Vinyl release on Alcopop.

DZ Deathrays
Bloody Lovely

The latest LP from Down Under’s answer to Royal Blood is as Aussie as a Kangaroo eating Vegemite out of a cork hat. It’s called Bloody Lovely because singer Shane Parsons considers the phrase “brutal and beautiful, and super Aussie”. You could kind of apply that description to the record too. Lots of riffs, lots of choruses, lots of fun. At the time of writing, the top comment on the lyrics video for single ‘Total Meltdown’ just reads ‘yeah c*nt’. Too bloody right mate!

Evolve Or Die

Evolve Or Die is the debut EP from Brighton trio Tigercub. The band mark this EP as the end of an era, hence the title. They want to keep moving on, keep fans guessing how their next record will sound. For now, we’re here and this EP was produced by Alex Newport. He has worked with the likes of At The Drive In, Bloc Party and Pissed Jeans. This is probably your biggest clue to their sound: Raucous yet sharp and tight all at the same time.
  • Label(s):
  • Alcopop


Weirds make heavy grungey psych-rock in Leeds, DIY style, in a manner that takes no prisoners. Swarmculture is a strong expression of how Weirds sound live: big, loud, fast and riffed to fuck. With this release, we can look forward to Weirds spreading their word beyond the bounds of West Yorkshire. Swarmculture is released by the Alcopop label.
  • Label(s):
  • Alcopop

Abstract Figures In The Dark

Tigercub is a hard-hitting grunge outfit from Brighton. After teasing with three 2016 single releases, Abstract Figures In The Dark is the trio's promising debut LP, which is packed full of fuzzy riffs, relentless drums and poppy hits. Much of the record's impact lies in the well-executed recording and production, which gives a raw, powerful, and animalistic feel to the music. Released as Vinyl LP and CD on the Alcopop label.
  • Label(s):
  • Alcopop

Johnny Foreigner
Mono No Aware

Album the fifth from Birmingham’s Johnny Foreigner, who still sound as hopped-up and energetic as ever, somehow. Mono No Aware barrels along with bouncy riffs and those unbeatable of all dual vocals keeping the fun levels high. Premium noisy indie-pop-punk. Released by the Alcopop! label. Yes come on!

Happy Accidents
You Might Be Right

The latest band to bubble up through the UK’s fertile DIY indie-punk scene is Happy Accidents. Several of the songs on debut full-length You Might Be Right deal with social anxiety, but they do so in a totally non-anxious way: this band sound confident in their own powers. Out on the Alcopop! label.

The QI Elves
No Such Thing As A Fish

The QI Elves is a spin-off podcast series derived from the popular Stephen Fry-hosted quiz show on TV. These researchers turn out to be good at delivering unusual information too, and the podcasts are so successful that this (never broadcast) exclusive episode has been pressed to wax! You also get a download for 52 other shows too: bargain.

The Spills
Collecting Dust

The Spills are an indie rock four-piece from Wakefield in Yorkshire. Their debut album, Collecting dust marries youthful exuberance with classic American guitar pop that recalls mid-era Pavement and Weezer. It's one of those records that rewards the listener with repeated listens, there's more to hear with each spin. The vinyl is very limited, so be quick!

Hope Fading Nightly

Tellison have their third album to show to the world: another twelve tracks of indie pop-rock! The band seem to have held the sound of the mid-2000s indie boom close to their hearts, and Hope Fading Nightly sounds pretty tightly of that era. They know what they are doing though, with all the anthemic choruses in the right places. On Alcopop.

This City
We Move

  • Vinyl 7" (ALCOPO018)
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Emperor Yes
An Island Called Earth

Emperor Yes is a trio moulded from producer Ash Gardner (known for work with singer-songwriter Emmy the Great), Adam Betts of math rock crew Three Trapped Tigers, and Hugo Sheppard, who was one half of indie pop duo Summer Camp. They come together in a new incarnation to make some truly cosmic rock that focuses on the blustery vocal harmonies and lush arrangements. That's what happens when you get three eccentrics together. 

Matt Pryor
Wrist Slitter

Former frontman of The Get Up Kids, Matt Pryor was attempting to write a sad album when conceiving Wrist Slitter but he believes that it ended up being exactly the opposite. Matt Pryor has recorded an album that holds dear all of the melodic tendencies of The Get Up Kids and is sure to please fans of the band. Wrist Slitter is available on vinyl LP.

Say Hi To The Band

  • Vinyl LP (ALCOPOP088LPX)
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Go Faster
A Modern Education

  • CD (ALCOPOP023)
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  • Alcopop

Sam Isaac
Sticker, Star &; Tape EP

  • CD (ALCOPOP020)
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The Family Machine
You Are The Family Machine

  • CD (ALCOPOP011)
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