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The Future Past

Drone Rock Records, eh? Wonder what Fanatism’s The Future Past has in store for us. Yep, you guessed right. It’s a psychster. Fanatism - an off...view item »

Culto Al Qondor

After a brief stint in the mid-2000s under the name Qondor, members of Peruvian psych-rock groups La Ira de Dios and Serpentina Satelite reform as Culto al Qondor and drop an LP on Drone Rock Records (GNOB, Stupid Cosmonaut). ...view item »

From Nothing To Eternity

Hold your horses, this isn’t some nihilist-punk rendering of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds’s debut LP. Indeed, From Nothing To Eternity is pretty far away from musical nihilism, with CB3’s sound a proggy mix of psych-rock, cosmic drone and Krautrock. There’s also shredding a-plenty...view item »

Fight, Cry, Fight

Berlin-based post rock trio Caudal complete a loosely connected trilogy of albums with Fight, Cry, Fight. This one is released through Drone Rock Records, whilst previous albums, Forever In Another World and Ascension were released on Oaken Palace Records and Consouling Sounds respectively. Whilst you can expect their usual post...view item »

Electric Dream Demon

East London trio Gnob team up with Drone Rock Records to release their debut album, a 9-track vinyl packed with ear-shredding songs that meld exotic, Eastern-influenced psych, gnarly riffs and exhilarating stoner rock. And with John McBain at the mastering helm, the record perfectly captures the band's phenomenal live energy....view item »

Stupid Cosmonaut

Straddling the line between expansive synth scapes and compact, washed-out electronica, Stupid Cosmonaut’s second vinyl release on Drone Rock Records, “Digitalis”, lends itself particularly well to dark, introspective days. Six tracks of dystopian, electro-gloom to soundtrack any catastrophes you may befall....view item »

Hive Mind

Stereocilia is John Scott from Bristol, using the reliable tools of guitar, loops and and synths to make supersonic psychedelic drone pieces. On Hive Mind ...view item »

Minds Electrix

Drone Rock Records (who mistakenly called themselves 'Drone Drone Records' in the press release) are back with their 11th release of spacey psych jams. Stepping up this time is Domboshawa, the alternate name of Swedish one man band Anders Brostrom, recording it all in Stockholm to please fans of Carlton Melton, Kandodo, and Font...view item »

The Space Spectrum
Drone Jams Vol. I

No prizes for guessing what Drone Jams Vol. 1, the new release from Drone Rock Records, sounds like! But really, why beat around the bush? German band The Space Spectrum have a knack for slipping into smooth long space-jams, and fans of such will very much enjoy this. Limited clear vinyl repress edition....view item »

The Space Spectrum
Drone Jams Vol. II

Drone Jams on Drone Rock Records? The audacity. These swirls of psychedelia come courtesy of the appropriately titled Space Spectrum, who make grinding, overdriven rock music known far and wide for resembling those blank dots that reside between the planets. Super repetitive guitars wahing ...view item »

Kozfest MMXVI

Brighton group ZOFFF engaged in a full kosmische-psychedelic live ritual at Kozfest MMXVI, the results of which have been captured here on wax by (appropriately enough) the Drone Rock Records. Glorious space-rock jamming with sweet synth and trumpet action in the mix, all riding off the extra energy of the crowd. Editio...view item »

Stupid Cosmonaut

Stupid Cosmonaut make their full-length debut on the aptly descriptive Drone Rock Records. Algol is spacey in way that lots of ‘spacey’ music isn’t: sometimes it actually feels like you are lost and drifting in an empty void. Ace! But Stupid Cosmonaut don’t deny you the heavy gui...view item »

Earthling Society
Zen Bastard

Taking material from their first two albums, Earthling Society return with an injection of energy and grunt previously missing, sending gritty space rock timbres hurtling into a fizzing stratosphere. The UK outfit have received praise from luminaries of the scene and evidently have responded with this slab of wax, issued by Drone Rock Records an...view item »

Kill West
Raw Desire

Drone Rock Records’ last release of 2016 comes from Agrentinian psych-garage-rockers, Kill West, whose debut, the Kill West EP, was also the debut release for Drone Rock Records. Their latest album, “Raw Desire”, sees both a change in the band’s line-up and a new sound. The fresh and energetic album will be jointly releas...view item »

Magnetic North

Showcasing some of the north of England’s finest contemporary psych groups, developing on a tried and tested formula with a fresh approach. Spider-webbing Manchester, Chester, Newcastle and Fleetwood with songs by Dead Sea Apes, Vert:X, Blown Out, and Earthling Society. Go...view item »

Psychic Lemon
Psychic Lemon

Cambridge psych-rock released via Brighton’s Drone Rock label. The name Psychic Lemon really is a name to live up to, and this band happily deliver on their obligations. Wah, fuzz and reverb is draped all over these jams: proper tune-in-and-drop-out kind of stuff. And the record is pressed to, yep, ‘Psychic L...view item »

Kill West
Kill West EP

Take your blues, burn it with a load of droney noise, and then douse it with a twinge of surf rock. That’s how you get Kill West, these Argentinians sounding like Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club on an ayahuasca trip. Their first self-titled EP is limited to 250 pressings (only 200 for the outside world!) so we suggest it...view item »

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol
Live 2010 Dominion Tavern

The band who call themselves The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol played a frenzied, totally psyched-out gig at the Dominion Tavern in 2010, and the sound of the show has travelled the spaceways to reach the here and now on grey vinyl. A mighty 9-member line-up go rea...view item »