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Sense EP

Desert are the Catalan duo of Cristina Checa and Eloi Caballé who count dream pop legends like Cocteau Twins, Insides, Kate Bush and Julia Holter as just some of the inspirations for their synthetic electronic pop. Their new music was recently sent into space by the people at Sonar to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the festival. Martians way well be listening to this as we speak.     
  • Vinyl LP (LC56LP)
  • CD (LC56)

Clase media

Valencia’s Fernando Junquera, performing as Negro, is a solo guitarist whose mastery of his instrument allows his music to smoothly encompass a world of sounds, from American primitive to Tortoise-tinged post-rock to deep Loren Connors style ambience. Clase media is the third Negro solo album, and it is out on the La Castanya label.
  • Vinyl LP (LC55LP)
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  • CD (LC55)

The Zephyr Bones
Secret Place

The Zephyr Bones are a part-Chilean, part-Catalonian band who make blurry psych rock and dream pop that they have labelled ‘beach wave’. Now based in Barcelona, the birthplace of the band’s rhythm section, they have set up their own recording studio there. This all lends itself to the debut album, Secret Place, being one of an intimate and personal nature.
  • Vinyl LP (LC54LP)
  • Label(s):
  • La Castanya

The Van Pelt
Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves

As heroes of NYC's indie-rock scene in the 90's, The Van Pelt only thrived in the world's concrete jungle for four years; but their lasting impression still burns away. Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves was their thwack of a debut, and here it is repressed from original recording for the first time.
  • Vinyl LP (LC49)
  • Label(s):
  • La Castanya

Me and the Bees
Menos Mal

Me and the Bees are a Spanish indie pop band with the enviable power to summon up sheer joyous vibes with every one of its quick little two minute tracks. Menos Mal is happy hedonist summer music, built out of sweet vocal harmonies and cool chords. Ooh it's lovely stuff this is. CD / LP on La Castanya.
  • Vinyl LP (LC51LP)

Los días

In a world of so much music, it remains a treat to find a record carried on instrumental ability alone. Isasa is a wonderful player who moves between electric, acoustic and lap steel guitars on Los dias. This is a plaintive record, and it places itself in the lineage of Spanish guitar music not just in style but in name. Two tracks reference streets in Madrid; opener ‘Aina’ takes its name from a 90s Catalan D.I.Y. group; and ‘La bien pagá’ is an arrangement of a popular Spanish folk song. Comes as either a CD or a vinyl and both have a lovely cover.
  • Label(s):
  • La Castanya

Mrs Magician
Eyes All Over Town / Do You Wanna Walk Around In The Dark?

John Reis of Rocket From The Crypt (among other bands) and label head at Swami Records brought Mrs. Magician to the attention of the world when his label released their first album of ‘60s pop, garagey surf guitar played with a punk sensibility. With the permission of Swami, the La Castanya label are overseeing the European release of Mrs. Magician’s new single Eyes All Over Town/Do You Wanna Walk Around In The Dark? The band have added a touch of Paisley Underground and power pop to their already catchy formula.

Adieu or Die

Aries is the solo project of Isabel Fernández Reviriego, who is responsible for every little detail of these rich productions. Her Spanish-language vocals, harmoniously multi-tracked, fly around the centre of the mix, surrounded by stacks of shiny sound. Adieu Or Die has that sugar-rush effect of great pop, but with the interesting unusual details of DIY productions. Lovely stuff.

Beach Beach
The Sea

So good they named themselves twice, Spanish four-piece Beach Beach are as jangly and sun-soaked as their title suggests. Relocating from Mallorca to Barcelona, they’ve crafted a fine collection of radio-friendlies infused with West Coast melodies and unrelenting happiness. Surf's up. Out on CD & vinyl LP from La Castanya.
  • Label(s):
  • La Castanya