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EJ Marais

Including the blissful, lo-fi lead single ‘Love.mp3’, Brighton-born bedroom artist EJ Marais delivers his first full-length album, titled Cuts. In keeping with the post-modern approach to genre-hopping suggested by his Insta description (“folk / dubstep / country”), Marais explores the struggle to keep creativity flowing in the modern world. 

The Jay Vons
The Word

Channelling a love for vintage Sixties rock and soul music but not falling into the trap of simply regurgitating the past, New Jersey-New York band The Jay Vons ready their debut album The Word. Fuelled by the lead single and title track and featuring ‘Days Undone’, included on the soundtrack for Creed, it’s set to be one of the better retro-rock albums in recent times. 

Juramento Mantarraya

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Drawing on the American primitivists like John Fahey, as well as the guitar music tradition of his native Spain, Isasa has created the quieltely introspective Insilio. Where much classical guitar music is complicated and knotty, Isasa is not afraid to let notes sing out and breathe, creating his own distinct type of minimalism.

Just Calm Down

Here haveth we the debut LP from Madrid-based Yawners - originally the solo project of one Elena Nieto that has expanded to include Martín Muñoz on drums. Just Calm Down is a 2019 album with a 1999 sensibility. The tracks here straddle the grungey alt-rock sound of groups like Breeders and Weezer with a little of Millencolin’s big-hearted pop-punk. Yawners are one to file next to yer Snail Mails and yer Courtney Barnetts.

Sense EP

Desert are the Catalan duo of Cristina Checa and Eloi Caballé who count dream pop legends like Cocteau Twins, Insides, Kate Bush and Julia Holter as just some of the inspirations for their synthetic electronic pop. Their new music was recently sent into space by the people at Sonar to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the festival. Martians way well be listening to this as we speak.     

Clase media

Valencia’s Fernando Junquera, performing as Negro, is a solo guitarist whose mastery of his instrument allows his music to smoothly encompass a world of sounds, from American primitive to Tortoise-tinged post-rock to deep Loren Connors style ambience. Clase media is the third Negro solo album, and it is out on the La Castanya label.

The Zephyr Bones
Secret Place

The Zephyr Bones are a part-Chilean, part-Catalonian band who make blurry psych rock and dream pop that they have labelled ‘beach wave’. Now based in Barcelona, the birthplace of the band’s rhythm section, they have set up their own recording studio there. This all lends itself to the debut album, Secret Place, being one of an intimate and personal nature.

The Van Pelt
Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves

As heroes of NYC's indie-rock scene in the 90's, The Van Pelt only thrived in the world's concrete jungle for four years; but their lasting impression still burns away. Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves was their thwack of a debut, and here it is repressed from original recording for the first time.

Me and the Bees
Menos Mal

Me and the Bees are a Spanish indie pop band with the enviable power to summon up sheer joyous vibes with every one of its quick little two minute tracks. Menos Mal is happy hedonist summer music, built out of sweet vocal harmonies and cool chords. Ooh it's lovely stuff this is. CD / LP on La Castanya.

The Van Pelt
Sultans Of Sentiment

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Los días

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Adieu or Die

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Beach Beach
The Sea

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