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Palace Winter
Keep Dreaming, Buddy

Recorded via a long-distance exchange of demos between Carl Coleman and Caspar Hesselager while the former was living in Tenerife last winter, ...Keep Dreaming, Buddy is the third studio album from Palace Winter. Drawing down on hip-hop rhythms and soulful hooks for inspiration, it’s a beautiful listening experience. 
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  • Vinyl LP (TAMB282LP)
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School of X

School of X is the experimental art-pop project of Rasmus Littauer. If I had an excellent name like Rasmus I’d probably release music under that name, but ho-hum. Destiny is an intimate record about how and why choose what ultimately controls where we end up. Recorded with a band that features his two brothers, Jakob and Simon along with singer, Soleima.
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Vanilla Shell

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Chorus Grant
Vernacular Music

Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter Chorus Grant presents his third full-length album Vernacular Music. Melding regular instruments, most prominently the classical guitar, with newer elements such as recorders, violins and saxes, this new effort was created in league with Polar Bear’s Seb Rochford among other collaborators. 

Diamond Grid

Copenhagen’s IRAH (Stine Grøn and Adi Zukanovińá) bring in the illustrious Seb Rochford for percussion duties on their second album Diamond Grid. The album is a fairly sumptuous blending of dream pop, trip hop and a kind of misty, haunting lounge. Not altogether unlike a less electronic Purity Ring.

Efterklang & Karsten Fundal
Leaves - The Colour Of Falling

After extensive touring of Piramida the Danish dreamy electronic indie group Efterklang took a hiatus to reimagine themselves. And here they are, back with their first release since then, reimagined and more orchestral than ever. Leaves is made up of compositions with Karsten Fundal and performed with The Happy Hopeless Orchestra and was an opera they toured in 2015.

The Entrepreneurs
Noise & Romance

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Spit and Image

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Palace Winter

Tambourhinoceros (Iceage, Efterklang) drop the sophomore LP from Copenhagen duo Palace Winter. Singer-songwriter Carl Coleman sees his dreamy balladry fleshed out the keyboard and studio chops of Caspar Hesselager. The result is an LP that recalls MGMT as much as it does 80s pop royalty like Tears For Fears. For a brief second the song ‘Take Shelter’ threatens to turn into ‘Feel’ by Robbie Williams, but alas, that doesn’t come to pass.

August Rosenbaum

August Rosenbaum has been a fairly major session player in the Danish music scene for some time now. Playing as part of electro-soul duo Quadron’s live set-up, and recording with Canadian/Danish R&B duo Rhye. His prodigious ability as a pianist saw him playing tunes by the likes of Thelonious Monk and Wu Tang Clan and pieces by Erik Saite at school concerts. Vista is his debut album on which he mixes elements of jazz, pop, classical with a cinematic reach and soulful delivery.


Cancer is Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild and Kristian Finne Kristensen, of When Saints Go Machine and Chorus Grant respectively. Totem is the first public release of their work together, exploring human relationships, especially through the prism of darker moments (hence the band’s name). Almost an hour of music here, split across two LPs. Out on Tambourhinoceros.

Palace Winter
Waiting For The World To Turn

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Palace Winter

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Frisk Frugt
Den Europaeiske Spejlbue

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