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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Wandering The Outer Space

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Grabar y Coagular - A History of Audio Pieces by Peruvian Artists (1972​-​2018)

We’ve really got it all here: today we have a collection of pieces of sound art by Peruvian artists, representing a time-span of more than 45 years. Grabar y Coagular is a disc of wonders, with sound works that use text, voice, language, and, in one case, the use of a turntable needle on a CD. Explorative compilation on Buh Records.

Arturo Ruiz del Pozo
Composiciones Nativas - Music for Native Peruvian instruments and Magnetophonic Tape 1978

First Published on cassette in 1984, ‘Composiciones Nativas’ was a summarisation of five compositions ‘Estudio para quena’, ‘Lago de totoras’, ‘Despegue’, ‘Noche Ashaninka’, and ‘Selvinas’. This CD reissue is part of a recovery project called Sounds Essential Collection with the aim of periodically publishing fundamental works of Peruvian avant garde music. The compositions convey a state of meditative consciousness that is relaxing and peaceful.

Miguel Flores
Primitivo (1981)

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