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Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

Everybody's favourite weirdo noise prog crew return with more of their tectonic theatrics and chaotic jubilation. They released UZU in 2013 and this is its followup, the hazardous Dirt. Drawing on "Asian disapora and Indigenous influences", it's set to be a poignant record from one of rock music's most exciting.
  • Vinyl LP (PAPER109LP)
  • Limited edition
  • CD (PAPER109)

Born Ruffians
Uncle, Duke & The Chief

Uncle, Duke and The Thief is the fifth album by Canadian indie-rock three-piece Born Ruffians. The album was produced by Richard Swift, a singer and songwriter in his own right, who has worked with the likes of Foxygen, The Black Keys, Tennis and The Shins. Two members of July Talk were creative directors for the album, a job that in this context, I don’t fully understand the need for! Despite this arguably unnecessary meddling, If it’s anything like its predecessor, Ruff, it will be a good ‘un.
  • Vinyl LP (PAPER115LP)
  • Limited edition
  • CD (PAPER115CD)

The Rural Alberta Advantage
The Wild

Canadian indie-rock trio The Rural Alberta Advantage knocked the songs for their new album into shape on the road, gigging at some of their best-loved venues in Europe and North America. Now, committed to tape in the studio and ready to be unleashed on the world, The Wild is a diary of life on the road, missing home and broken hearts.
  • Vinyl LP (PAPER113LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • CD (PAPER113CD)

You Say Party
You Say Party

Canadian, new wave, four piece dance punks You Say Party are back with their long awaited, self titled new album. Evolving over a period of four years ‘You Say Party’ is a carefully considered and deeply immersive record that builds a dream-like, unreal, sound-scape based on a melancholic sense of loss, introspective uncertainty and longing.
  • CD (PAPER102)

Young Rival
Interior Light

Old-timey garage rock fellows Young Rival like to refer to their own music as ‘croon-psych’, which is actually a great way to putting it. Interior Light sounds like songs on the radio in the mid-70’s, but also like modern groups like Thee Oh Sees. An impressive trick, pressed to pink and blue coloured vinyl by Paper Bag.

Young Galaxy

Falsework is the 5th album by Montreal’s Young Galaxy. The five-piece have gradually changed their sound from dream pop inspired by the likes of Galaxie 500 to a full-on synth-pop sound that has more in common with Human League. There are also elements of acid house and R&B. Falsework is the third of their albums to be produced by Dan Lissvik.

Frog Eyes
Pickpocket’s Locket

One of Canadian indie rock's most generous and outlandish songwriters, Carey Mercer has had a testing few years making records as Blackout Beach and Frog Eyes while battling illness and writing philosophical essays about fatality. His last record, Carey's Cold Spring, was at turns an inspiring and frightening listen, focused as every Frog Eyes record is around trembling guitar tones and that unleashed vocal yelp. Its follow-up, Pickpocket's Locket, is a light rock opera tributing Mercer's father, whose old acoustic guitar he used as a primary writing tool.
  • CD (PAPER98)
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Grey Lands
Right Arm

Ah good, a debut album that is only thirty minutes long. Often a good move for new bands to tightly focus their first full-length: indeed, Right Arm benefits from being sharply controlled. Grey Lands rhythm section punches things along while the guitars alternately simmer (as on ‘Life Itself’) and flare. Out on Paper Bag.
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  • Paper Bag

Teen Daze
Morning World

Teen Daze is the solo project of one Jamison, who has allowed some collaborators into the Teen Daze world for the first time on Morning World. Over eleven tracks, he delves into a lush sonic environment, one less hermetically sealed than on past releases. Available as CD or LP on the Paper Bag record label.

Princess Century

Princess Century is the solo project of Maya Postepski, participant in Toronto’s Austra, among other activities. The Lossy 12” accompanies recent album Lossless (geddit?), and it gives us three new tracks of vintage drum machine, shimmering synths, and dour vocals that recall Anika. Pressed to ivory coloured vinyl, on Paper Bag.

Hey Mother Death

Curiously vibed spoken word / ambient-scape record here from the new duo of Laurence Strelka and Denma Peisinger, recording as Hey Mother Death. Highway moves along with organ, drum machine and unusual guitar treatments, English and French language intonations hovering within the mix. EP on the Paper Bag label.

PS I Love You / Diamond Rings

Johan Agebjorn

Sultry Swede and frequent collaborator Johan Agebjörn brings a new solo album, Notes. It’s a lush electronic collection that’s imbued with his trademark melancholia. There’s a scandinavian sincerity amidst the hold music vibes. Features Sally Shapiro on occasional vocals. Out on CD & vinyl LP from Paperbag.
  • Label(s):
  • Paper Bag

The Rural Alberta Advantage
Mended With Gold

Three years on from their last LP, The Rural Alberta Advantage return with a new album on Paper Bag. Mended with Gold turns familiarly downtrodden themes into vigorous road-worn anthems. Loud and proud folky indie-rock in a fine upbeat Neutral Milk Hotel tradition from these Canadians, on CD and vinyl.

PS I Love You
For Those Who Stay

'For Those Who Stay' is the third record from lo-fi guitar punks PS I Love You. Frontman Paul Saulnier made the record after leaving Kingston, Ontario, though it was still recorded there. It's a more experimental record from the band, but still features their fast, noisy pop music. Recommended for fans of Japandroids.    Tracks: In My Mind At Least Advice Bad Brain Day Limestone Radio For Those Who Stay Afraid of the Light Friends Forever More of the Same Hoarders

Young Galaxy

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Sally Shapiro
Somewhere Else

Sally Shapiro is actually not one person but two living inside one name: those people are Johan Agebjörn, who produces the music, and an anonymous artist who performs vocals. Technically, then, Shapiro is our anonymous artist, who helps raise up Italo disco tunes with an immense voice. Despite Somewhere Else being predicated and then recorded around Shapiro's reclusive tendencies -- Agebjörn and Shapiro do not work together, but exchange their parts of the work outside of the studio -- it sounds like a full and perfectly calibrated collaboration. 
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  • Paper Bag

You Say Party! We Say Die!

Controller Controller

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  • Paper Bag

Sufjan Stevens, Broken Social Scene, Various
See You On The Moon