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Uneven Paths (Deviant Pop From Europe 1980 - 1991)

Even by the standards of Music From Memory, this is an oddball. Label founder Jamie Tiller gets together with Parisian crate-digger Raphael Top-Secret to comb the annals of 80s/early 90s European music and find the weirdest stuff they can that still has a hint of a pop sensibility about it. Unsu...view item »

Private Life II

A lot of people are guesstimating that Garrett is the secretive alias of boogietronica legend Dam-Funk. While this has been neither confirmed nor denied at the time of writing (17:00, 29th October, Year ...view item »

Kuniyuki Takahashi
Early Tape Works (1986-1993) Vol. 2

The excellent Music From Memory (Gaussian Curve, Richenel) drop the second part of their Kuniyiki Takahashi retrospective. These seven tracks were originally only available as highly limited runs, but Takahashi had great ambitions for his music. From his home studio in Sapporo h...view item »
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Joan Bibiloni
El Sur

El Sur is a premium example of the jazz-ambient-fusion-synth-experimentalist-groove sound produced by Joan Bibiloni during the 1980’s. He set up his own label, Blau, to showcase both his own work and the work of others across the Balearic islands, and this was one of the jewels in the Blau crown. Reissue LP with a...view item »

Roberto Musci
Tower of Silence

Roberto Musci collected the source field recordings for the music presented here on a wide array of international travels many decade ago. When he got home, he built on those sounds with synthesisers to make curious new hybrid musics. Very exploratory. Tower Of Silence is a double LP on Music From Memory....view item »
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Amerikan Dread

Satoshi Yamamura has dug this one out the crates for a reissue on the excellent Music From Memory (Dip In The Pool, Richenel). Previously only available as an ultra-rare 7”, ‘Amerikan Dread’ is a disco-funk strut topped with an aching vocal from Victor...view item »

Workdub EP

Some late 1980’s cuts from Workdub, a project that seemed to disappear as quickly and as enigmatically as it surfaced. These tracks are beautifully spacey leftfield synth-work, really something to behold. Originally released by the equally mysterious Dubit label, this EP is now being reissued by Music From Memory, to the i...view item »

Kuniyuki Takahashi
Early Tape Works (1986-1993) Vol. 1

Versatile house/techno producer and sound designer Kuniyuki Takahashi (aka Forth, Hrr Five, Koss and others) has had some charming early material exhumed by Music from Memory, with a second instalment on the way as well. This volume begins with serene, beatless atmospheres (&lsq...view item »
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Improvisational Loops

Terekke, whose work is usually heard on the banging L.I.E.S. label, here takes a meditative approach for Music From Memory. Improvisational Loops is as it claims to be: an organically-developed suite for digital synthesiser and looper. The album grew out of some yoga classes, so the music is appropriately new age tinged...view item »
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Joel Graham
Geomancy / Night

Joel Graham originally self-released the material on this release in the mid 1980s, on two private press cassettes. Not much of an impact was made, and it is only down to Orpheu de Jong and Music From Memory that we are hearing Geomancy / Night in 2015. Early groovy electronics: archivally interesting and fun too!...view item »

Becker / Stegmann / Zeumer
Ich Traume So Leise Von Dir

Ich Traume So Leise Von Dir is the insular and off-kilter works of experimentalists Becker / Stegmann / Zeumer. Clotted with funky bass prods in tandem with sporadic spoken word, the one-off Germany-incepted project amounts to a heavy dose of Kraftwerk-inspired krautrock, kicked off ...view item »

Gaussian Curve

Amsterdam’s Music From Memory label continue their journey around Europe (Italy, the UK and the Netherlands are all represented here) but buck their own trend by releasing some brand new music rather than an archival treat. Clouds is the debut album of Gaussian Curve, a set of one-take improvised recordings in a g...view item »
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Geoffrey Landers
1 By 1

Never mind your big names or your new revivals of past glories: listen to the sounds of Geoffery Landers instead, recorded and released with little to no fanfare or attention between the years 1979 and 1987. What you hear across these twenty rare cuts is a variety of experimental approaches to electronic music, with a playful fe...view item »

G.B. Beckers

Trading for major money on Discogs (for original copies) and much less money on Normanogs (for the Music From Memory reissue), this 1982 LP from G. B. Beckers is a strange collection of art rock. The gen...view item »

Gaussian Curve
The Distance

Gaussian Curve’s second album, recorded in Amsterdam, finds the trio dealing with a whole new way of making music: this time, they have an eager audience waiting to hear what they’ve got. The Distance should do an excellent job satisfying old fans (and new), being a sweet and emotional set of rich widescreen...view item »

Perfect Stranger

Six more tracks released by Music From Memory by the Dutch art-disco singer Richenel. The songs on Perfect Stranger are from Richenel's 1982 cassette only debut album La Diferencia. This is disco in the post-punk vein, all aust...view item »

Orquesta De Las Nubes
The Order Of Change

The Music From Memory label continue their unearthing of spanish musician Suso Saiz, after releasing Rainworks in 2017, they look into one of his groups, Orquesta de las Nubes. The Order Of Change is a compilation of their experimental and minimalist ambient/world sound with tracks taken from t...view item »

Fast Forward

Information on this one has been kept close to the chest. The mysterious Vincent released this EP on cassette in 1987, and Music From Memory have managed to dig it out for a vinyl repress. Who is it? Well if you like your electro 80s and your Yamaha RX grooves pushed out to the max, this one’s for you. Morning Love...view item »

The System
The System EP

Dedicated re-issue specialists Music from Memory take us back to France in 1983 for this lost electro-synth-pop gem from The System. 3 tracks from the LP Logic and one track that is completely unreleased. These songs are for some lazy afternoons, subdued beats and orchestral pads back layered vocals washed in reverb. A ...view item »
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Denis Mpunga & Paul K

Music From Memory present an EP made up of a collection of tracks made by Denis Mpunga and Paul K that were initially spread out over several very rare compilations released in the 1980s. All put together with a few unreleased tracks from the master reels these tracks push together traditional African music with...view item »
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Denis Mpunga & Paul K

Mixing beats with Belian electronics, some of Denis Mpunga and Paul K’s work has been taken up by a load of producers and they’ve put together this remix compilation EP. With an added bonus unreleased track from the duo. Includes remixes from Prins Emanuel, Androo, ...view item »

Digital Reggae

Music From Memory continue to position themselves as heirs to the Soul Jazz throne with another excellent reissue. Caliban’s only single was cut in 1984 as a response to lack of black cultural artefacts included in the first payload from the U.S. space station. That said, the combination o...view item »

Michal Turtle
Return To Jeka

Dutch imprint Music From Memory gather eight tracks from the archives of Michal Turtle. 'Return To Jeka' is the label's third release in collaboration with the English artist. Previously, they raided his tapes for the 'Are You Psychic?' EP and 'Phantoms Of Dreamland' 2LP. Like those records, this rewinds back to the 80s and feat...view item »

Vito Ricci
I Was Crossing a Bridge

Vito Ricci, another under-appreciated cool-dude of the mid-80’s New York underground scene. Only a few releases ever put out by the guy in the first place, and you’d better believe they are hard to find. Thankfully, Music From Memory are bringing out this double LP compilation! I Was Crossing a Bridge shows ...view item »

Dip In The Pool
On Retinae

On Retinae is a bright and pleasing slice of Japanese pop music recorded in the heart of the 1980’s. The track, the work of Dip In The Pool, glides forwards on a stately melody line for plucked synth lines, delicate vocals and unexpected (but thoroughly welcome) clarinet completing the picture. The entrancing tune...view item »
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La Diferencia

A hit in his native Holland throughout the 1980s, Richenel was originally an art-school squatter in Amsterdam making lo-fi bedroom pop tapes before that was a proper thing. This album has been circulating in the lost-gems end of the blogosphere for some years, and now re-issuers extraordinaire Music From Memory ...view item »
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Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1978-1992

Archivist wonderkids Music From Memory spread the love with their first compilation, sourcing tracks from a golden era of Brazilian electronics. Lapping from the late seventies to early nineties, this release spans upheavals both political and musical, as reflected in the different approaches and innovations made to electronic music -- cons...view item »
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Suso Saiz

Having not released anything since 2008, Music From Memory released a compilation of Spanish ambient electronica producer and composer Suso Saiz. Known for his work with Orquesta de las Nubes and Música Esporádica as well as recording with Steve Reich, he has retur...view item »

Dub Oven
Skin 'N' Bones

Music From Memory have announced the final 12" in their schedule for 2017: it's a reissue of Dub Oven's self-released, one-off, 1983 EP 'Skin N Bones’. Gary Miles and Blaise Smith met at San Francisco’s notorious 181 Club in 1982. This was music for the dance-floor, influenced by the riotous local patro...view item »

Michal Turtle
Phantoms of Dreamland

Music From Memory just can’t stop themselves from digging through obscure old archives can they? Their latest discovery is one Michael Turtle, a teacher, composer, producer and jingle writer. Phantoms Of Dreamland mixes tracks from his rare 1983 solo LP ...view item »
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Private Life

A new(!) one from everyday synth archivists Music From Memory sees ambient rocker Garrett mix wahing guitar signals with oscillating synths, combining washy chord overtures with thrilling rhythmic pulsations. Private Life comes with little information contextualising it, presenting the "mysterious" L...view item »
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Suso Saiz

Odisea is a retrospective compilation that looks back on the solo works of Spanish electronicist Suso Sáiz, known for his work with Orquesta de las Nubes and Música Esporádica...view item »
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Napoleon Cherry
Walk Alone

Napoleon Cherry originally private-pressed the material presented on Walk Alone in the 80’s and 90’s, his outsider electro-funk’n’soul apparently not ordinary enough for the mainstream labels. Shame, as this compilation reveals a compelling swing at the heart of his work. LP on Music From Memory....view item »
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Leon Lowman
Liquid Diamonds

Liquid Diamonds is a collection of works from US East Coast surfer and synther Leon Lowman. Highlights from his two private press albums and some further, even rarer material from his personal archives are gathered up here, and what a trip through early 1980’s beach vibes it makes. On Music From Memory....view item »
LP (MFM 001, £15.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Michal Turtle
Are You Psychic? / Astral Decoy

Michael Turtle produced these tracks in the early 1980’s: now they are highlighted as part of Music From Memory’s series of 12”s. Are You Psychic? was recorded in the family living room aged 22, but both it and Astral Decoy sound fully-developed despite Turtle’s limited ...view item »
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Gigi Masin
Talk To The Sea

Nobody ever seems to have heard of Gigi Masin, so much respect due to Music From Memory for recovering so much material from his archive of unreleased sound. Talk To The Sea is full of curious minimal pieces, that loop vocal fragments and quiet electronics to form a quite beguiling whole. Deserves more recognition, no d...view item »
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