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Manni Dee
The Residue

After a few years dropping EPs on labels like Perc Trax, Leyla and Earwiggle, Manni Dee mak...view item »

Donato Dozzy
Filo Loves The Acid

Everyone's favourite Italian lake-dweller sloshes about in the waters and then readies a new LP for Tresor. Filo Loves the Acid is a homage to the Roland TB-303 bass synth; they've given him homework to make some proper workouts with it. For someone who made a whole record out of mouth harp experiments, it should be a cake wal...view item »

Force + Form Remakes

Late 90’s hard techno business from master of this-sort-of-thing Surgeon. Force + Form Remakes accompanies the reissue of the album, with Surgeon himself providing two brand new spins on the material, as well as a ...view item »

XOR Gate
Conic Sections

XOR Gate is a new alias of Gerald Donald. If I have to tell you who this man is, then quite frankly, your existence thus far has been a monumental failure. If you’re looking for some sort of credible, valuable critique of this record, then you’ve so come to the wrong place. If someone as much as mumbles the words Dopplereffekt or Dre...view item »

Scopex 1998-2000

The collective prayers of fellow electro fiends have finally been answered as Tresor celebrate their 300th release with this almighty four 12-inch set to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Scopex label. The UK imprint released a mere three, near-mythical records between 1998 and 2000 yet managed to become the ...view item »

Thomas Fehlmann / Terrence Dixon
We Take It From Here

Long-time Tresor favourites Thomas Fehlmann and Terrence Dixon were commissioned by the label to get together and make music for the Detroit Tresor...view item »

Savvas Ysatis
Archiv #08

Tresor’s Archiv series returns with this double 12” by Greek producer Savvas Ysatis. After releasing two albums for Tresor since 1999 these four classics and two remixes have been chosen by Ysatis and Tresor themselves and remastered beautifully. This will certa...view item »

Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald
Transport Remixed

Was the superstar team-up of Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald not impressive enough for you already on their album Transport...view item »

Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland

Juan Atkins, representing Detroit, and Moritz von Oswald, representing Berlin, have teamed up for the duo project they call Borderland. Here they present two powerful and understated studio collaborations that blend their approaches with sage-like control. Angles is a 12” release ...view item »

Porter Ricks
Anguilla Electrica

I used to think nautical German techno was all about U96 - Das Boot. Then I switched to Porter Ricks. I’ve waited seventeen years for this record, and so to celebrate, I’ve climbed into my wetsuit, ripped open a packet of prawn cocktail flavour crisps and put my Finding Nemo DVD on with the volume m...view item »

Kern Vol. 4 mixed by DJ Stingray

Kern means core in German, and is a mix series from the Tresor label. The last three instalments mixed by Objekt, DJ Deep, and DJ Hell, now Detroit’s DJ Stingray (Urban Tribe) is at the helm for volume 4. Featuring cuts from Drexciya...view item »

Porter Ricks
Shadow Boat EP

Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig return as Porter Ricks, following a seventeen year retreat. The duo’s mid-late 90’s productions on Basic Channel’s Chain Reaction, Mille Plateaux...view item »

Dreamy Harbor

Over the years, Berlin techno institution Tresor’s compilations have been invaluable surveys of current developments in techno. Their latest ‘Dreamy Harbour’ is no different - a collection of tracks marking a quarter of a century of activity for the legendary label/club night. ...view item »

Force + Form

This disc surely shows Surgeon's most accessible side. Rather than the twisted ambient tracks and disassociating metallic loops found on basictonalvocabulary and Balance, which, don't get me wrong, are Mr. Child's great strong suit, he attacks here with a deeper style. Hidden beneath his powerful shuffling drum loops are spooky vocal abstraction...view item »

Terrence Dixon
From The Far Future

Berlin techno experts Tresor dig all the way back to 2000, when Terrence Dixon’s debut full-length album was first released. Of course, this is premium Detroit material for dancefloor propulsion, from a master producer on the rise. As well as the whole of From The Future pressed to two LPs, this reissue also adds ...view item »

Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland

The Borderland project combines key producers from the two international hubs of techno, Detroit and Berlin. The prospect of the two styles merging is a prospect to make beat-heads quiver, and this collaboration between Moritz von Oswald and Juan Atkins will not disappoint. Transport is...view item »

Kern Vol.3 mixed by Objekt

Kern is the in-house mix series of Tresor, the famed Berlin techno haven. Objekt provides Volume 3, a slick-mixed collection of his favourite DJ tools: think Shanti Celeste, Mon...view item »


French producer Marcelus drops his debut full-length album on Berlin’s legendary Tresor imprint. Vibrations pushes through an array of techno styles, with strange textures and counter-rhythms allowed to join the soundspace: though never straying from that crucial 4/4 for long. This is proper techno stuff on a prop...view item »

Balance Remakes

Quality Surgeon gear here from 1998, back in print on Tresor with alternate versions of tracks from his excellent ‘Balance’ album from the same year. ‘Box Version II’ dispenses with the more jacking elements of the original, foregrounding infectious polyrh...view item »

Harnessed The Storm

There are few acts in underground dance music who inspire as much reverence as the Detroit electro duo Drexciya. Their radically futuristic grooves were steeped in a mystery that was enhanced by their anti-mainstream anonymity and mythical identification with technologically advanced aquatic descendents of Africans...view item »

The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate

It's fucking hard to categorize Drexciya (& their many fantastic offshoots)! I say bloody just as well cos as a guy that has to do reviews every week, i'm bloody sick of trying! The finest tunes have their own agenda, away from idiots with little boxes. Ok, if I were to put them in a box it'd be a big thick waterproof laminated one with a thriv...view item »

Peter Van Hoesen
Life Performance

Up there in the foot of the pennines I envisage our resident techno expert Ant weeping when perusing our ham-fisted attempts to describe his favourite genre.  I will do my best to do justice to this live album by the acclaimed Belgian producer, although when I say live, you are not hearing whoops of the crowd and ‘Antwerp We Love Ya&r...view item »

Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald

Ultra heavyweight masters of techno collaboration here. It’s been some years since we had these guys on record together. ‘Borderland’ is released on CD and across three limited edition heavyweight vinyl 12”s which are limited to 500 copies so I don’t expect they’ll hang around for too long. I’ve heard th...view item »

Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald
Borderland III/III

Ultra heavyweight masters of techno collaboration here. It’s been some years since we had these guys on record together. ‘Borderland’ is released on CD and across three limited edition heavyweight vinyl 12”s which are limited to 500 copies so I don’t expect they’ll hang around for too long. I’ve heard th...view item »

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