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The Dean Ween Group

The second LP from The Dean Ween Group arrives hot on the heels of the band’s last LP, but that doesn’t mean rock2 sounds rushed. Rather, the record brims with ...view item »

Nick Oliveri
Human Cannonball Explodes

Big sweaty pop metal from Queens of the Stone Age related dude. The picture on the sleeve has posed the query why do they need to take their tops off? You don’t get Tindersticks taking their tops off but in this genre it seems ok to do such a thing. Th...view item »

Pure Guava

One of the more weirder albums from Ween, Pure Guava, is definitely up there with one of there best albums of all time. Timeless classics such as "Push Th' Little Daisies","The Stallion (pt. 3)", "Touch My Tooter", and of course the prog-rock specialty "Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)". The great thing about this album is that it is so loose an...view item »

The Dean Ween Group
The Deaner Album

Dean Ween makes his debut as a solo artist. Ween’s skills like in his classic rock style guitar playing, but it is his backing band that really give him the vehicle in which he can shine. I mean, multiple members of Parliament-Funkadelic and a Meat Puppet are all involved,...view item »

The Moons
Live At Bush Hall

The Moons have been happily and skillfully emulating those well-loved 60s and 70s sounds for several years and three albums now: high time for a live album! Live At Bush Hall has the group on form, no doubt about it, with a keen crowd and an up-for-it band. The red and white coloured vinyl comes with a CD version too, t...view item »

Live In Chicago

Here we have a DVD/CD set from Ween, Live in Chicago. Kind-of the ultimate Ween set this, spanning their whole career. Different tracklistings on the two formats here, and loads of material culled from a couple of performance in 2003. The DVD is NTSC Region 0, so check before you buy this offering on Sch...view item »

Nick Oliveri's Uncontrollable
Leave Me Alone

Heavy rock dude Nick Oliveri has made his name playing in bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss, but on 'Leave Me Alone', his first record as Nick Oliveri's Uncontrollable, he's all on his own -- with some special guests. The record shows off Oliveri as a one-man band, producing, strumming, singing and drumming, though he is also joi...view item »

The Moons

'Mindwaves' is the new long player from The Moons. A rich sounding, 21st century, psychedelic space odyssey, it's full of well-crafted songs and infectious rhythms, steeped in love and destruction, peace and paranoia. Classic pop melodies brim with tight harmonies and layered guitars resulting in a rich and varied collection of songs....view item »

The Moons
Body Snatchers

A 7” of the single Body Snatchers by The Moons. It’s got quite a theatrical feel to it with some synths bubbling away on classic B-movie horror film soundtrack type themes. It actually sounds like the theme tune to a rubbish American horror flick. It’s unhinged, spooky pop at its finest. The B-...view item »

La Cucaracha

I'm rather taken with Ween, so keep that in mind. This album rates about 3 1/2 stars compared to their other output, but rates higher compared to the stale mainstream pop radio you'll hear today. Personally, I think that the highlights outshine some of the warts on this record. "Learning To Love", "Blue Balloon", the sublime "Your Party", Deaner...view item »

The Pod

Didn't expect to see a fresh copy of this to come through the golden gates of Norman towers...I should pay more attention. So Schnitzel are taking care of a repressing of 'The Pod' much to the delight of almost everyone in the world. Recorded to four track whilst whacked out on goof balls and silly string Dean and Gene Ween's efforts on The Pod are...view item »


Dean Fertita's new solo project Hello=Fire is a selection of fresh tracks that show us a different side of the man's exploits as part of QOTSA and The Dead Weather.Enjoy an intimate psychedelic session of airy syths high on drugs and vibrant guitars, stringed to nostalgic lyrics to deliver the energy of a Colonel Parker. (...view item »

Shinola Vol. 1

This record has a lot of great songs; well-produced, well-written tracks from the brothers Ween. As far as I can tell, the only reason why they weren't included in other albums would be that none of them seem like they would `fit' in the context of anything previously released. Solid songs from start to finish. They're the kind of songs that Wee...view item »