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Teenage Fanclub
Songs From Northern Britain

Songs From Northern Britain was the 6th album by Teenage Fanclub, originally released in 1997. It was their most polished album but still found the band in fine melodic form. Ain’t That Enough and Your Love Is A Place Where I Come From are worth the admission price alone. Nick Hornby is a fan of the album and included the latter track in his book 31 Songs. Initial pressings come with a bonus 7”.
  • Vinyl LP (19075837041)
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Manic Street Preachers
Generation Terrorists

  • Vinyl Double LP (88725471251)
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A Different Forest

Hauschka, one of the piano lads who continue to dominate the world of accessible contemporary classical music, returns with his debut for Sony Classical. Best known for his work on the prepared piano (essentially filling the instrument with a bunch of variously relevant stuff), on A Different Forest he has opted for a purer approach. This album is heartfelt and imbued with narrative, but no less playful than he's known for being. 
  • Vinyl LP (19075842421)
  • CD (19075842422)

Prefab Sprout
I Trawl The Megahertz

I Trawl The Megahertz was originally released as a solo album by Prefab Sprout's  Paddy McAloon in 2003 but was pretty much ignored by everyone apart from us Sprout obsessives. Shame because it is a incredible work...the album is largely instrumental and spoken word, featuring some his most experimental work, such as the 22 minute title track and one track that, according to McAloon, sounds like a depressed Van McCoy. Now that it won't do the brand too much harm, it is now being issued as a Prefab Sprout album. 2LP (featuring an etched side) and CD on Sony.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985411061)
  • CD (88985411062)

Teenage Fanclub

  • Vinyl LP (19075837021)
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Depeche Mode
Construction Time Again | The 12" Singles

Construction Time Again - The 12” Singles by Depeche Mode includes different mixes of tracks from the band’s third album of the same name. Get The Balance Right, Everything Counts and Love In Itself all feature in various guises over 6 12” singles along with live tracks from the era. 6x12” Box Set on Sony.
  • Vinyl LP box set (19075822971)

Depeche Mode
Some Great Reward | The 12" Singles

Some Great Reward The 12” Singles is a box set featuring various mixes of tracks from Depeche Mode’s 1984 album of the same name. Mixes of People Are People, Master And Servant and Blasphemous Rumours are spread over 6 12” singles and housed in a lovely box. The latter also features live versions of other album tracks and Depeche Mode classics.
  • Vinyl LP box set (19075822981)

Planet Earth

Sony are reissuing some later albums by Prince. Here’s album No.32, Planet Earth, which originally saw the light of day via a free giveaway CD with some bloody newspaper or other. Now it’s being reissued on CD and purple vinyl (what else?!) so at last you can buy your copy without feeling the shame of buying certain publications. A few of his old cohorts played on the album, including Michael Bland, Wendy & Lisa and Sheila E. Includes the singles Guitar, Chelsea Rogers and Future Baby Mama.
  • Vinyl LP (19075910541)
  • Limited edition
  • CD (19075910022)


3121 was the 31st studio album by Prince. It was originally released in 2006. Sony are reissuing a bunch of his later albums, and this one will be pressed on vinyl for the first time. It’s weird and funky and beautiful, just like you’d expect from the small purple one. Purple coloured vinyl and CD on Sony.
  • Vinyl Double LP (19075910531)
  • Limited edition
  • CD (19075910002)


Musicology was the first of three albums Prince released in 2004 and his 28th album in all.  Prince intended the album to to be a musical education to those who listened which seems like a bit of an arrogant thing to say, but then, Prince wouldn’t have been Prince without having saying stuff like that. Anyway, perhaps buy a copy and get yourself educated. Double purple coloured vinyl and CD on Sony.
  • Vinyl Double LP (19075910521)
  • Limited edition
  • CD (19075910012)


There are so many Kasabian records in the world and the first one. It is called 'Kasabian' and sees the band take an ambitious stab at meshing the British alt rock scene into something more electronic, though basically it's the same Kasabian as the Kasabian we've got now: loud and aggressive and in your face.
  • Vinyl Double 10" (82876638381)
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Teenage Fanclub

Thirteen, Teenage Fanclub’s third album was unfairly treated by critics upon release. This may be as it followed up a bona fide classic in Bandwagonesque. Whatever the reason, it was unfair and with this reissue, it’s time to listen and enjoy with fresh ears. The album saw the band referencing their heroes Big Star with the album’s title and The Byrds with closing track Gene Clark. Initial pressings come with a bonus 7” single.
  • Vinyl LP (19075837061)
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Daniel Pemberton
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Daniel Pemberton’s score to the latest in the never-ending run of Spider-Man movies gets a standalone release. The Ocean’s 8/Steve Jobs composer does a decent job of teaching an old dog new tricks here. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’s mix of symphony and schmaltz might be enough to get Pemberton another Golden Globe nomination.
  • Vinyl LP (19075902241)
  • CD (19075902242)
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

Depeche Mode
Speak & Spell | The 12” Singles

Depeche Mode get into the reissues game in a novel way. Ever the innovators, the group have eschewed the typical remastered-LP-on-heavy-vinyl thing for a series of box sets celebrating their 12” singles. This one focuses on the three hits that were born out of their 1981 debut Speak & Spell. That means ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’, don’t you know! It also comes with a poster and a rare flexi-disc.
  • Vinyl LP box set (88985482001)

Depeche Mode
A Broken Frame | The 12” Singles

Depeche Mode were one of the first major acts to embrace the potential of the 12” single. During their heyday the group would drop luxurious vinyl releases of their hits, always with striking artwork and often featuring extended versions and remixes by the hottest producers. Now a selection of their best work comes remastered and reissued in this fetching box set. A Broken Frame also contains a poster.
  • Vinyl LP box set (88985482011)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Electric Ladyland - 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Jimi Hendrix and his Experience released their last studio album Electric Ladyland an entire half of a century ago. Any of the 321 pressings of this album archived on Discogs that you may have are now obsolete because here’s the ultimate, the one to reign supreme... at least till the 51st Anniversary. Freshly remastered and buffed with early versions and other unheard studio outtakes, a bluray documentary, a 48-page colour booklet with lyrics, poetry and essays, and, ohhh yes, the 5.1 surround version of the album we all need. It also sports the cover art that Jimi actually originally wanted, so that’s a plus as well.
  • Vinyl Deluxe LP box set (19075859041)
  • CD box set (19075859022)

James Newton Howard
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Extremely prolific film composer James Newton Howard, responsible for the music in The Dark Knight and Defiance, has been tapped to build on John Williams' Harry Potter soundtracks in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Though no one can escape the shadow of Williams' iconic work, Howard still manages to leave his own mark.
  • Vinyl Double LP (19075903021)
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine

‘Rage Against the Machine’ is the eponymously titled debut studio album by American rap metal band Rage Against the Machine. The album was originally released on November 3, 1992. It’s contains the tracks ‘Killing In The Name Of’, ‘Bombtrack’, ‘Bullet In The Head’ and ‘Take The Power Back’. It’s THAT Rage Against The Machine album.
  • Vinyl LP (88875111751)
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Teenage Fanclub
Grand Prix

Grand Prix is the album on which Teenage Fanclub perfected their chiming and charming indie rock-cum-power pop sound. Originally released in 1995 on the legendary and now defunct Creation label, the Glaswegian band stepped it up in terms of songwriting and production. Includes Sparky’s Dream and Mellow Doubt. Initial pressings come with a bonus 7” single.
  • Vinyl LP (19075837051)

Teenage Fanclub

Changes were afoot when Teenage Fanclub recorded their 7th album, Howdy. The band recorded an album themselves for the first time (in Dave Gilmour’s studio, no less), the addition of Finlay MacDonald on keyboards meant the band became a five-piece and Creation Records was in the process of being swallowed whole by Sony. The bands ear for a good song remained undiminished though - Dumb Dumb Dumb, My Uptight Life and Near You are some of the ingredients that make this a great listen.
  • Vinyl LP (19075837031)
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Carole King

Carole King not only made her most successful album with Tapestry but also curated her own greatest hits. The album was only her second solo album after a previous life as songwriter to hire but showed her on top of her game and contains a remarkable number of songs which have since become standards. 
  • Vinyl LP (88875170161)
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

Judas Priest
British Steel

While Priest were certainly very commercially-minded at this point, only the churlish or terminally False could turn their nose up at the leather-clad, stud-bedecked joys on offer here. Breaking the Law and Living After Midnight might be played to death but remain agreeable artefacts of metal entryism. Rapid Fire and Steeler bookend the album with speed metal paciness, while Metal Gods and Grinder are crushing mid-tempo monsters. Even quasi-reggae experiment The Rage is a triumph. Priest matched the energy and simplicity of the NWOBHM kids and world domination ensued.
  • Vinyl LP (88985390951)

Paul Simon

Paul Simon's career was a bit in the doldrums before he collaborated with/stole ideas off (delete where appropriate) African musicians on what would be come his biggest selling record. The album is a marvellous blend of styles and re-invigorated the pint-sized songwriter. Also highly influential to bands like Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend.  
  • Vinyl LP (88985422401)
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

Michael Jackson
Off The Wall

Thriller may have been better known but Off the Wall was Jackson at the top of his game. This was the pre-surgery, pre- being 'friends' with children Jackson when he was fully focussed on music and had a point to prove. Although his fifth solo album it was his first with Quincy Jones at the helm and the first where he had complete creative control. Features a host of his best known work such as the self penned  'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough' and the brilliant Rod Temperton duo of 'Rock with You' and the unsurpassable title track.  
  • Vinyl LP (19075866411)

Tyler Bates
Deadpool 2 (Original Motion Picture Score)

You know that bit in The Simpsons where Nelson laughs at the tall man in the small car, and then the man pulls Nelson’s trousers down and makes him march down the street while shouting to the crowd ‘hey look, it’s that boy who laughs at everyone! Let’s laugh at him!’? Well, that same phrase comes into my head any time I come across anything to do with Marvel’s ‘comedy superhero’ Deadpool. The fact that I haven’t seen either of the Deadpool movies either says something about me or him, but I’m not sure what that is yet. Anyway, here’s a recording of the score, which was penned by John Wick composer and Marilyn Manson guitarist Tyler Bates.
  • Vinyl LP (19075858921)
  • CD (19075858922)
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

Band Of Gypsys

The last full-length recording by the obscure and unpopular Jimi Hendrix. This was Hendrix's first recording without The Experience giving him the chance to test his genius in a different context. Don't worry, his guitar playing is as searing as always. Worth it if only to hear Hendrix wish you a Happy New Year 1970. 
  • Vinyl LP (88697623991)

Jimi Hendrix
People, Hell & Angels

  • Vinyl Double LP (88765442851)

Everything Everything
Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread

Manchester’s resident art-rockers Everything Everything follow up the singles Distant Past and Regret with Spring, Summer, Winter, Dread. The limited 7” vinyl version is taken from their commercially successful and critically lauded album Get To Heaven which soared to number 5 in the album charts.
  • Vinyl 7" (88875130927)
  • Limited edition

Everything Everything
No Reptiles

Everything Everything’s latest album Get To Heaven has had one of its strongest tunes extracted for release as a single. No Reptiles is a bright but tense number, with vocals that mix between the high-pitched-babble style and the broader croon style that the band specialise in. Edition of 500 7” vinyl copies, on Sony.

Ramin Djawadi
Game of Thrones: Season 7

Season 7 of Game Of Thrones was an action-packed ride of a watch wasn’t it? Loads of dragons and icemen and murdering. And of course this blockbuster business was backed up by big grand themes, as composed by Ramin Djawadi. This collection sums up all the themes and melodies of the series, presenting the music over two LPs. On Sony Classical.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985488841)
  • £19.49 £11.69 (saving: £7.80)
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  • Label(s):
  • Sony

Jimi Hendrix
Experience Hendrix: The Best Of Jimi Hendrix

Which is the best Jimi Hendrix album? Probably this one as it contains all the best of his songs including 'Crosstown Traffic', 'All Along the Watchtower' and 'Foxy Lady'. Anyway if you are new to the guitar maestro then this would be a good place to start. They've spread it across a double album too.   
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985447871)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Everything Everything

Another Everything Everything album (Get To Heaven) lies just over the horizon, so to whet your appetite we now have this single, Regret. The track has the band’s usual busy arrangements and swooningly high vocals, and on the B-side lurks the exclusive track ‘Magnetophone’. 7” single on Sony.

Hans Zimmer & Ben Wallfisch
Blade Runner 2049

If making a sequel to the film Blade Runner wasn’t enough of a challenge already, how about composing the sequel to its Vangelis soundtrack? Hans Zimmer and Ben Wallfisch have answered that question with big booming bass throbs and snatches of Vangelis-esque synth electronics. It sounds great on the big screen, and it’ll probably sound great played loud on your stereo too. Blade Runner 2049’s soundtrack is released by Sony Music Classical.
  • Vinyl Double LP (19075803641)
  • CD (19075803092)
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

Call Me By Your Name

Immensely popular soundtrack from the critically acclaimed 2017 coming-of-age drama directed by Luca Guadagnino. Features John Adams, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Loredana Bertè, Bandolero, Frank Glazer, Alessio Bax, Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito, André Laplante, Sufjan Stevens, F.R. David, Marco Armani, Franco Battiato, The Psychedelic Furs, Valéria Szervánszky & Ronald Cavaye.
  • CD (88985484392)
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

What's That Noise?

Spin your ears back to 1989 and enjoy the debut album of Coldcut once again! The bouncy good-time cut-up party people got started with What’s That Noise?, a particularly lively swirl of breaks, acid house and hip-hop. The guest vocalists on the album includes both Queen Latifah and Mark E. Smith, which has got to be a first. Reissued by Sony.
  • Vinyl LP (88985459671)

Leonard Cohen
New Skin For The Old Ceremony

Cohen’s fourth album sees him adopting a richer sound palette than the more spartan and downbeat trio of records that preceded it. Chelsea Hotel #2 is the one everyone knows, but the 1974 disc is full of fan favourites such as Who By Fire, Field Commander Cohen and Lover Lover Lover. The lyrical content ranges from the intimately personal to the broadly existential, leavened with plenty of deadpan humour. This vinyl reissue includes a download code.
  • Vinyl LP (88985435331)

Michael Giacchino
Spider-Man: Homecoming

The newest Spider-Man franchise movie relaunch has been a success, depicting just the right balance of Spider-characteristics that the fans like to see. Now the Spider-Man: Homecoming soundtrack, composed by Michael Giacchino (Lost, Call Of Duty) is available to purchase, and in fancy picture disc format too! From Sony Classical.
  • Vinyl LP (88985450501)
  • Label(s):
  • Sony


Oh my God remember this lot? So '80s in approach that they've now adopted the mid period shades and bowler hat look. To be fair their emotional brand of electro rock has done very well for them indeed particularly on the continent so expect more big music with hi-end X Factor production and easi-remember tunes.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985431951)
  • £19.49 £14.62 (saving: £4.87)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy
  • CD (88985420282)

Wu-Tang Clan
Legend Of The Wu-Tang: Wu-Tang Clan's Greatest Hits

GZA, RZA, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Method Man, do I need to say more? Double vinyl reissue of the greatest hits compilation actually put together by Wu-Tang Clan. Includes an the “Bloody” version of Protect Ya Neck, a remix of Method Man with alternate verses, selected tracks from film works.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985438411)

Fool's Gold
Leave No Trace

  • Vinyl LP (65660578911)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Bob Dylan
The Essential Bob Dylan

Say no more: it’s The Essential Bob Dylan. It can’t have been easy to determine which parts of the old legend’s huge catalogue were ‘essential’ and which weren’t, but these 23 tracks do a pretty good job, showing us a good few different sides to Dylan’s never-ending journey, including the ‘reedy-voiced beat-poetry’ and the ‘deep-voiced country’ years. 2LP on Sony.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985309551)

Life In Film
Cold Wire

The debut single from much-hyped London band Life in Film proves that sometimes, hype is well deserved. This young indie band look like they could go far with this tight, well-crafted single, with elements of Johnny Marr’s guitar and Nick Cave’s angst. Keep an eye out for the album dropping in early May 2015. Vinyl 7".
  • Vinyl 7" (88765428387)
  • In stock and ready to ship

Singles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Deluxe Edition

Released in 1992, and set in the middle of grunge heaven Seattle, Singles starred Bridget Fonda and Matt Dillon but more importantly for us, it’s soundtrack. Including tracks from Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Citizen Dick, Mudhoney, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains this is a hell of a compilation, nevermind what the film is about. Both versions come with a bonus CD with 18 rare and unreleased tracks from many of the same artists.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985315511)
  • CD (88985315502)
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

Leftism 22

Leftfield’s definitive statement, their debut album Leftism, is now twenty-two years old (sorry to break it to you guys), so a reissue is very much in order. Leftism 22 has been entirely remastered for this release, to make sure that those big beats hit as hard as they possibly can. This reissue comes accompanied by some brand new remixes, served up on a bonus disc to the CD version and as a download code for the triple LP vinyl version.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (88985388501)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy
  • CD (88985388502)
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

Jeff Buckley / Sly & The Family Stone
Everyday People

Thought you were familiar with all the material Jeff Buckley recorded in his brief career didn’t you? Well you were wrong: a forthcoming compilation gathers together a selection of previously unheard covers, and this single pairs his take on Sly & The Family Stone’s Everyday People with Sly’s original version. 7” vinyl.
  • Vinyl 7" (88875144827)
  • Limited edition

John Williams
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Just can't beat that high-drama Star Wars score can you? This might be one of John Williams’ biggest achievements in a long career of scoring films: Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope introduces all the key themes that would go on to reign over the series. High resolution mastering, pressed to 2 audiophile-grade 180g LPs: gold ones!
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

John Williams
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (picture disc)

Not only do you get a high resolution copy of John Williams’ film/series/genre/life (to some) defining soundtrack over two 12” vinyls, but you’ll see the death star, vader, and chewbacca’s face spinning on your plate. What a world we live in. They are pretty stunning to be fair, matches the music upon them.
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

David Bowie
A Reality Tour - Live

A Reality Tour - Live is both a live album and a greatest hits from the star king of our hearts, David Bowie. The setlists for this, his final tour, span the range of that enviable career, so you get fresh spins on all your favourites. And the presentation for this first-time-on-vinyl edition is grand: 3 translucent blue vinyl LPs in a big grand box, with some posters too. Luxury Bowie.
  • Vinyl LP box set (88985348411)

James Newton Howard
Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Based around the colossal tale of a young legendary wizard, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (Original Motion Picture Sountrack) is the audio companion to the highly-anticipated prequel in J.K Rowling's wand-waving world. James Newton Howard composes this sprawling journey, which is simply a must for Potter fans.

Philip Glass
The Complete Sony Recordings

Ah, yes, Philip Glass - one of the most salient composers of music with repetitive structures. He’s going to be 80, you know, and what better way to celebrate than by diving into this mammoth CD box set? Inside you’ll find the Glassworks ‘cassette mix’ digitally available for the first time, various collaborations including his album with the late, great Ravi Shankar, plus all sorts of key contextual material. A comprehensive introduction or prime mode of revisitation, no doubt.
  • CD box set (88985337612)

Dustin O'Halloran & Hauschka
Lion (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The new Saroo Brierly film Lion has Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel in central roles and Hauschka and Dustin O'Halloran on the soundtrack. O'Halloran is an experienced film soundtrack composer, whereas melodic prepared-piano tinkerer Hauschka is more often sighted in experimental music contexts, but the pairs different angles intersect wonderfully here. CD release on Sony Classical.
  • CD (88985400442)

Lou Reed
The RCA & Arista Vinyl Collection Vol. 1

A vinyl box-set that captures the absolute prime of Lou Reed’s 70’s solo career. I mean just look at the albums included here: Transformer! Berlin! Street Hassle! Coney Island Baby! All these and two more besides, pressed to 12” vinyl and presented in replica sleeves along with a detail-packed 30 page book. 6LP set on RCA.
  • Vinyl Deluxe LP box set (88985355011)

John Williams
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

"Oh go and play with a Star War". You can take Lucille Bluth's advice and purchase this exquisite vinyl re-issue of John Williams score to 'Return of the Jedi' on gold vinyl with gatefold sleeve. Everything from the original print is replicated and of course Williams soundtrack is a classic of the genre.      
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

Lou Reed
The RCA & Arista Album Collection

Please enjoy this enormous motherload of Lou Reed material: the entirety of the album-length work he produced for the RCA and Arista label over the course of 14 years. That’s 16 albums, including hits like Transformer and Street Hassle, experiments like Berlin and super-experiments like Metal Machine Music. 17 CDs, some prints, a poster and an 80-page book. That enough Lou Reed for ya?
  • CD box set (88843038032)

Miles Davis
The Essential Miles Davis

On vinyl to really get the most of his epic sound, The Essential Miles Davis covers his illustrious career with some of the defining songs, from his solo on "Generique", taken from the French film "Ascenseur pour L'echafaud" as well as songs from Bitches Brew and a Kind of Blue - one for the recent Jazz initiate. Double LP.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985357741)

Dr. John Cooper Clarke & Hugh Cornwell
This Time It's Personal

Here’s a new collaboration with a line-up straight out of the 70’s peak punk era, pairing the poet John Cooper Clarke with main Stranglers man Hugh Cornwell. This Time It’s Personal is a set of fondly loved vintage songs covered by the pair, with Clarke unexpectedly doing the singing! Out on Sony no less.
  • Vinyl LP (88985345551)
  • CD (88985345552)

Jimi Hendrix
Machine Gun: The Fillmore East 12/31/1969 (First Show)

This particular performance at The Fillmore East 12/31/1969 has never previously been fully released, even though it is a rare document of Jimi Hendrix’s Band Of Gypsys. Needless to say, the playing is top of the line from Hendrix and co., and the recording quality, newly mixed by Hendrix’s long-term recording engineer Eddie Kramer, is high-grade. CD / 2LP on Sony.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985354171)
  • CD (88985354162)

Depeche Mode
Some Great Reward

Some Great Reward was originally released in 1984. It was after its release that Depeche Mode started to gain a worldwide audience. The number of fans turning up to their gigs in the States increased noticeably and the album's biggest hit, People Are People was used by German TV as the theme song for their coverage of the Los Angeles Olympics. Some Great Reward is arguably Depeche Mode's best album as words such as "classic" and "timeless" are often used in the same sentence.
  • Vinyl LP (88985330011)

Depeche Mode
A Broken Frame

  • Vinyl LP (88985329931)

Depeche Mode
Construction Time Again

  • Vinyl LP (88985330001)

Depeche Mode
Speak & Spell

Speak and Spell was Depeche Mode's debut album, originally released in 1981. The album is notable for showcasing the talents of Vince Clarke, who was the chief songwriter. Clarke left the band after it was released. Among many of the classics on here Just Can't Get Enough is probably the most well known. Speak and Spell is available on vinyl LP.
  • Vinyl LP (88985329991)

John Williams
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Pretty swish these Star Wars soundtrack re-issues and a must by for the legions of devotees that we know are out there. This re-press of 'The Empire Strikes Back' comes on gold vinyl and has been perfectly re-produced from the initial pressing with gatefold sleeve and highest resolution restoration. 
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

Miles Davis
Miles Ahead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Miles Ahead, the big new Don Cheadle biopic of Miles Davis, comes with a soundtrack that is, needless to say, stellar. 11 classic Miles tracks that span the mighty jazzman’s career are included, rounded out by some new compositions by Robert Glasper, working with Herbie Hancock and Pharoahe Monch. All on 2 vinyl LPs.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985306681)

Johnny Cash
The Essential Johnny Cash

Say no more: it’s The Essential Johnny Cash. Cash is probably the country artist with the widest crossover appeal, and this double LP compilation shows off why. Early stuff, late stuff, prison stuff and live stuff is all included, as well as duets with June Carter Cash and Bob Dylan. Firm classics all. 2LP on Sony.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88875150651)

Lubomyr Melnyk

Lubomyr Melnyk is apparently the fastest-playing pianist in the world. However, what is really impressive about him is that he avoids falling into a Steve Vai-esque carnival of boring technical virtuosity: he uses his talent to whip up storms of rich, melodic “Continuous Music”. New record Illirion is out on the illustrious Sony Classical.
  • CD (88985315582)

The Stone Roses
The Very Best Of

Many thought that it would never happen but Manchester indie Gods The Stone Roses look to be releasing new music. They’ll be also be playing some live dates which I'm sure will have middle aged Madchester casualties salivating. For now though you can relieve their past glories with a reissue of The Very Best Of The Stone Roses. It does what it says on the tin and most likely doesn't include 'All For One' On double vinyl LP, housed in a gatefold sleeve and CD.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88725406221)
  • CD (88725406222)

Miles Davis & Robert Glasper
Everything's Beautiful

Bold stuff here: Robert Glasper reworks slices of sound from the mighty back catalogue of Miles Davis into R&B-inclined new pieces. Everything’s Beautiful also includes soulful vocals from heavy-hitters like Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder(!), all paying their respects to Miles while creating something wholly new.
  • Vinyl LP (88875157821)
  • CD (88875157812)

Manic Street Preachers
Everything Must Go: 20

The first album that the Manic Street Preachers made post-Richie, Everything Must Go is one of their major statements. 20 years on, it now gets its reissue dues in the form of a hefty box: the original album on CD and vinyl, a CD of bonus tracks, and 2 DVDs worth of contemporary footage. There is also a 2CD edition with the bonus tracks.
  • Vinyl LP box set (88875189982)
  • CD (88875189992)

Primal Scream
Live In Japan

Live In Japan was recorded in 2002, which Primal Scream fans will know puts the band at the peak of their powers, following the releases of XTRMNTR and Evil Heat. Lots of that material appears here, played with aggressive vigour by a line-up that included Kevin Shields. Premium Scream. Double LP reissue with poster, on Sony.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88875188711)

Erik Satie
Erik Satie & Friends

Celebrating his 150th birthday (dude is getting on) this marvellously expansive collection brings together all the best known work from the legendary piano man from France, though as I read on the press blurb he was actually half Scottish. Within you'll hear all the prototypes for the minimalism we enjoy today as well as music he recorded for adverts, ballets and pretty much everything.  
  • CD box set (88875177492)

John Williams
Star Wars - The Ultimate Soundtrack Collection

Can you feel the promotional pressure of the Star Wars franchise boiling up to exploding point? Well this will help it build further: the Ultimate Soundtrack Collection contains all of John Williams’ epic orchestration recorded for the franchise to date, available as a 10 CD + 1 DVD boxset or an 11 LP boxset, all lavishly packaged, needless to say.
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

John Cooper Clarke

John Cooper Clarke has been referred to as The Bard Of Manchester and a punk poet. Whatever you wish to call him his performance poetry has become legendary in his near 40 year career since early days amid Manchester’s punk and new wave scene. Anthologia is the first anthology of his work and is available as a 3 CD and DVD box set or double vinyl LP.
  • CD box set (88875060832)
  • Vinyl Double LP (88875131451)

Roger Waters
Amused To Death

One of Pink Floyd's prime crooners and fretboys, Roger Waters also released a bunch of solo material, including the questionably titled Amused To Death, which dealt with every-day existential crises through intricately arranged rock that went from prog to soft. Released an age or two ago, it's now getting a reissue so you can hear all of Water's symphonic, Orwellian murmurings.


Surrender is the third album from British electronic duo, Hurts. It follows on from their commercially successful albums Happiness and Exile which made the top ten in the UK and several other european countries. It contains the singles Some Kind Of Heaven and Lights and was produced by long-time collaborator Jonas Quant along with Ariel Rechtschaid and Stuart Price.
  • Vinyl Double LP (88875100151)
  • CD (88875115112)

My Bloody Valentine
EP's 1988-1991

  • CD (88691941692)

Backyard Babies
Four By Four

Returning from a five-year hiatus, several time Grammy award winning Swedish rock band Backyard Babies release their long awaited new album ‘Four By Four’. Produced by Jacob Hellner (Rammstein, Apocalyptica, and Clawfinger) the album features nine new tracks including the latest single ‘Th1rt3en or Nothing’.

Everything Everything
Distant Past

New single from Manchester-based Everything Everything. Part of the Foals/Dutch Uncles school of slightly mathematical funk-inflected pop, Distant Past delves into synth stylings with a twitchy ear on the charts. If Calvin Harris had picked up a guitar it might sound like this. Out on 7” vinyl from Sony. Limited to 500 copies.

The Gossip
Joyful Noise

  • Vinyl LP (88691982651)
  • CD (88691982652)
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Flowers and Football Tops

  • CD single (GOWOW020)
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Hurts were formed from a creative pair who found themselves on the dole in Manchester just after the economic crash. Instead of moping in a dark bedsit, they decided enough was enough and that they should share their moping with the world. Now on their second critically acclaimed electro-pop album from which this single comes. Vinyl.

Everything Everything
Get To Heaven

Everything Everything return to your ears with a whole new album, with eleven tracks of their trademark indie complex-pop. The arrangements are busy, but arguably blended with pop dynamics a little better than on their past work. The three-part vocal harmonies backing up Jonathan Higgs’ swooning vocals also make a return. CD or LP, on Sony.
  • CD (88875061162)

Hiatus Kaiyote
Choose Your Weapon

Australian ensemble Hiatus Kaiyote present Choose Your Weapon, their second album, and by the sounds of it the weapons on offer are Soul, R&B, Funk and Future versions of all of the above. And over eighteen tracks and seventy minutes, they get the chance to deploy them all! A very accomplished work all told.
  • CD (88875062482)

Craig Leon
Bach To Moog

Oh no it isn't! Oh yes it moogingly well is! It’s Johann Sebastian Bach set to moog synthesizer. Produced by Craig Leon, with the exception of strings every sound on the album is driven out of the bizarre and wonderful moog, which celebrates it’s 50th anniversary in 2015 and also the 10th anniversary of the death of its creator, Dr. Robert Moog. Bach to Moog is playful fun, embrace it!
  • CD (88875052612)
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

Bob Dylan
The Night We Called It A Day / Stay With Me

The Night We Called It A Day / Stay With Me is a 7” featuring two songs from Bob Dylan’s latest album, Shadows In The Night. The album saw Dylan take the brave step of tackling the great American songbook, without relying on his own abilities as a songwriter. Certainly a must for Dylan fans!
  • Label(s):
  • Sony

The Gossip
Music For Men

  • Vinyl Double LP (88697529221)

Primal Scream

We’ve got reissue copies of Primal Scream’s seminal Screamadelica album to suit all tastes! As well as the 2CD and the heavyweight double vinyl editions (remastered by the band and Kevin Shields), we also have the 4CD version, which throws in remixes, the Dixie Narco EP and a live show! In a hardback book-style cover. Generous.
  • CD (88875138752)
  • Vinyl Double LP (88875138721)
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