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Coki/ Digital Mystikz
Urban Ethics

Now, this showcases the more club orientated side of the label. That slow, throbbing, malevolent post-grime end of the dubstep spectrum. Big grinding stalking android chunks of mid-range wobble ricochet through your startled mind. Then those mad monging slabs of ridiculous low-end that the DMZ collective is nowadays famed for make your stomach d...view item »

Don’t Get It Twisted

Well I must confess I've been more of a Mala head in recent times, regular readers may well be aware of my continued fixation with these spiritual godfathers of dubstep, the Diggystyle Biscuits. Coki is the one who carefully watches all these kids go insane on the grubby sticky floors of ...view item »

Digital Mystikz
Marduk / Enter Dimensions

Yikes, dubsteppaz! The enigmatik Coki and Mala have returned with another 12” to launch into your ear-flaps, and I'm in no doubt these tracks will be blazing their way into a dancehall near you in seconds flat. Coki offers up 'Marduk', a spacious, aggressive cut with a simple melody...view item »

Digital Mystikz
Education/ Horrid Henry

Well this is a special occasion in my calendar > A new Digital Mystikz 12" proper!!!!! From the first four bars I'm in it, a slightly melancholy synth hovers over solid, rolling drums, a barely decipherable Jamaican sounding vocal and then the track winds down to almost nothing then builds again this time with a gritty, gnarly bass growling a...view item »

Digital Mystikz
Return II Space

Was dreaming about a possible Digital Mystikz artist album dropping one day. After the increasingly volatile and cartoonish 12"s on DMZ (obviously attempting top kill off that zig-zagging mid range wobble by saturating their records with it) Mala arrives with a triple pack 12" called 'Return II Space'. A more considered & atmospheric approac...view item »

Triple Six / Road Rage

'Road Rage' sang Ant's old flame Cerys Matthews to him evertime she serenaded him in the bar of his local boozer The Leek & Rarebit. He just used to smile coyly at her and fall asleep in his pint of Vodka & Guinness (half & half boyo). Coki is one half of Digital Mystikz and their errant label DMZ has a new 12" out of the same name...view item »

Left Leg Out/ Blue Notez

MALA one half of DIGITAL MYSTIKZ is at the controls this time and on first listen of 'Left Leg In' I'm not entirely convinced. There is a loop that's almost like a sped up disco hook, some eeries synths, tribal-ish percussion but the bassline is really low in the mix and lacks the power we've come to expect f...view item »

Digital Mystikz
Ancient Memories

Wickeed. A new DMZ offering. I'm hoping this is gonna be a good one as the last release from the Digital Mystikz left me wanting more. Ah, I recognise this instantly, it featured as a dubplate on the ace 'Dubstep Allstars vol.2' by DJ Youngsta on Tempa. This is a really minimal cut with a rasta vocal saying 'Anci...view item »

Learn/ Lean Forward

New 12" from Digital Mystics: "Lean Forward" (DMZ) is more of the rootsy end of the dubstep genre that appeals to me more than the grimey end of the spectrum. Taking in Nyabinghi style percussive fills and a militant steppers style tempo to the riddim. High quality release again, yes I like v. much....view item »

Bury Da Buoy/ Hunter

Last from me is the new DMZ 12" by MALA. More uptempo than some recent waxings, 'Bury Da Bwoy' is one of the best slabs i've heard from this spiritual stable. An eerie, vibrant piece with a galloping technoid beat underpinning this pulsing, trippy piece of (superb) dubstep. I don't know how they get this vibe & depth to the ...view item »

Loefah & Mala
Twisup VIP / Da Wrath

Digital Mystikz are another one for me. Purveyors of the sort of deep tribal dubby end of the Grime scene that I love, this is voodoo head music for the soul. Minimal enough to appeal to a large base of dance music lovers from junglists to dubheads to more open minded garage fans, this 12" is a split between Loefah & Mala...view item »