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Nowhere Now Here

The mighty MONO return to Pelagic Records (The Ocean, God Is An Astronaut) with their tenth...view item »

Who Do You Love

On the noisiness-scale of Norwegian music, right in the middle between Mayhem and Kings of Convenience, you’ll find Årabrot, which is just to say that they use electric guitars but not pigs’ heads. Reminiscent in artsiness of Of Montreal [si...view item »

Arms and Sleepers
Find The Right Place

Though originally a post-rock group, the intercontinental duo Arms & Sleepers have been releasing much more focussed and concise music of late. This trend continues on Find The Right Place, a pretty LP that fuses the sounds of dream-pop, downtempo ambience, plunderphonics and glitchy electronica. The result is an al...view item »

The Ocean
Precambrian (10th Anniversary Edition)

Seriously the best album ever made. Thematically superb and conceptually brilliant, the lyrics are spot on, the best packaging you'll ever see and most importantly the instrumentation is almost disturbingly good. One of the few albums these days that is actually that, an album to be consumed in its entirety, rather than a collection of songs to ...view item »

Emil Amos

Playing in a wide range of bands - OM, Grails, Holy Sons, and Lilacs and Champagne, multi-instrumentalist Emil Amos puts out his first full length as a solo artist. Set out as music written for film, the LP stylistically touches base with each of the projects he...view item »

Wang Wen
Sweet Home, Go!

Sweet Home, Go! is the new album by Chinese post-rock six-piece Wang Wen. As the band embarked on the album they wanted the music to be free and filled with feeling and life, exploring depths and shallows, contrasts and nuance. The producer however wanted to make a sequence of music. The two parts came together to ...view item »

Requiem For Hell

An album by Japanese post-rock heavyweights MONO, titled Requiem For Hell, was always going to be a crashingly epic experience, and the band don’t disappoint. Strings are prominent within the sound here, coaxing the band’s grand crescendos into yet-more-ecstatic territory. CD / double LP editions on the Pela...view item »


A blast from the post-rock past! pg.lost tend to bring the heavy side of beautiful, while also implementing songwritten affectations and treated vocals. On Versus they ditch that and go a lil' bit electronic, utilising synth to offset their muddy, heartbroken sound. For fans of the more guttural...view item »
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Cult of Luna / The Old Wind

Cult of Luna and The Old Wind face off on Raangest, an old-school noisy split EP available on 12” vinyl and CD. Post-metallers Cult of Luna reinterpret a hardcore classic with their customary abrasiveness and slow riffing. Thankfully The Old Wind (who...view item »

Takaakira 'Taka' Goto
Classical Punk and Echoes Over Beauty

After aging for 12 years, the solo album by MONO frontman Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto is finally here - it was originally composed and recorded back in 2003! Featuring what will hopefully continue in the direction of engrossing, tension-filled compositions, Classical Punk and Echoes over Beauty ha...view item »
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MONO / The Ocean

This split pairs highly respected post-rock young guns The Ocean with highly respected post-rock elders Mono. One track each, both beyond ten minutes (of course), and both suitably tremendous in scale. The Ocean’s track is inspired by Gaspar Noe’s Enter The Void...view item »
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Wang Wen
Eight Horses

China's primary post-rock act Wang Wen recall minimalists Tape, the star-gazer Michio Kurihara, lost emotive soldiers Explosions In The Sky, and the plain wanderers *shels -- plus a bunch of other admirably profi...view item »
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The Last Dawn

Stripping their sound back from the grandiose orchestral pomp of their recent albums, Japanese post-rockers Mono return this week with two separate single LPs rather than their usual double. 'The Last Dawn' and 'Rays Of Darkness' explore the opposing themes of light and dark, joy and pain, with 'The Last Dawn' perhaps unsurprisingly being the li...view item »
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Rays of Darkness

Mono return without the orchestra for their latest tag-team of albums, with 'Rays Of Darkness' providing a scorched and blackened companion piece to the more redemptive 'The Last Dawn', with the two being released simultaneously. In contrast to that more uplifting LP, this one provides a devastating wall of crumbling distorto-drones and harsh no...view item »
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