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Nadah El Shazly

Nadah El Shazly is an exciting new producer from Egypt’s underground scene, and Ahwar is her excellent debut album, recorded between Canda and Egypt. Collaborators including Sam Shalabi and Maurice Louca helped Nadah to get her vision of semi-improvisatory avant-jazz Arabic songcraft down on tape. Ahwar really sounds like little else.

The Dwarfs of East Agouza

The Dwarfs of East Agouza is a new trio, formed of Sam Shalabi of Land of Kush, Maurice Louca of Alif, and none other than Alan Bishop of the great Sun City Girls. Recorded in Cairo, Bes is a fantastic set of grooving, psychedelic improvised pieces, North and West African sounds playing a major role. Double CD / double LP on Nawa Recordings.
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  • Nawa Recordings

Khyam Allami
As I Open My Eyes / A Peine J'ouvre Les Yeux (Original Soundtrack)

Khyam Alami has assembled the soundtrack to the impressive feature length debut of Leyla Bouzid, A Peine J’ouvre Les Yeux (or As I Open My Eyes). The film is about an alt-rock band formed by an 18-year old girl in pre-revolutionary Tunisia, and the songs of this band make up most of the soundtrack: the rest is atmospheric incidental music. On Nawa Recordings.
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  • Nawa Recordings


Alif are a five-person musical collective, combining Oud, Buzuq, bass, keyboards and drums. Oh and poetic vocals as well of course. Aynama-Rtama displays their far-reaching sound to full effect, a highly-rhythmic flurry of Arab-origin sound. The music comes packaged with full English translations of lyrics and poems used. On Nawa Recordings.

Maurice Louca
Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan (Salute the Parrot)

A follow up to his first solo album Garraya, 'Salute the Parrot' sees Maurice Louca immerse himself further into deep, wild and often improvised passages of sound. Featuring guest performances by members of Sun City Girls (amongst many others) and vocals by Egyptian Mahraganat MCs Amr 7a7a and Alaa 50, Louca's music works beyond the confines of simple description. Evocative, challenging and a must for the discerning improv/noise/world ear. Digital and vinyl.Coloured wax seals the deal for those quick off the mark.
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  • Nawa Recordings