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The Mattson 2

There’s two of ‘em and they’re both called Mattson. The Mattson 2 are twin brothers Jared and Jonathan Mattson. They are known as a jazz duo, reinterpreting John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme being one of their projects, but on their 8th album, Paradise, they create a warm psych/jazz/pop fusion which is melodic and blissful. This is the first time they’ve sung on any of their records, too. LP and CD on Company Records.
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  • Company Records

Astronauts, etc.
Living In Symbol

Anthony Ferraro sounds like an interesting guy. He was studying to be a classical musician until arthritis put pay to those plans. His search for a new life path led him to designing a generative music algorithm which sold for $5,000. He’s mates with Chaz Bear. And he makes a mean music. Living In Symbol, his second LP as Astronauts, Inc., finds Ferraro bringing together Whitney-style retro-pop, some Serge Gainsbourg chansons and the woozy dreaminess of Lee Hazlewood. It makes for a charming listen. Comes with stickers!
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  • Company Records


A nice bit of shoegaze from Hannah van Loon’s project Tanukichan, channeling those Sundays vibes into some proper dreamy, though never lightweight, songcraft. The sound is very Californian and dreamy, with extra instrumentation beyond van Loon’s vocals and rad guitar handled by producer Chaz Bear of Toro Y Moi. Out on Company Records.

Madeline Kenney
Night Night At The First Landing

Madeline Kenney presents her debut full-length album, which she wrote, arranged and recorded entirely herself and mostly at home. Night Night At The First Landing might initially come across as a straightforward indie songwriter album, but that would be before Kenney’s wild guitar starts properly flaring up. Night Night At The First Landing is out on Company Records.

Vinyl Williams

Inspired by the Brunei dollar, Lionel 'Vinyl' Williams has created an Islam influenced pop opus to help try to spread harmony across the world. He is joined by Company boss Chaz Bundick (aka Toro Y Moi) and together they have made a dream pop opus which hopes to expand on Williams previous hit and miss effort 'Into'. You can't argue though with a guy whose grandfather is John Williams and father was in Air Supply.  
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  • Company Records

Vinyl Williams

Remarkable album this for the solo project of a 25-year-old. Although to be fair Vinyl Williams gets that surname from John Williams the film composer. That would explain some of the impressively grand sprawl that he has managed to pull together for Into’s fourteen tracks, none of which contain a note not written and performed by Williams himself. My my.

Les Sins

Chaz Bundick is better known as Tori Y Moi, professor of chillwave, but Les Sins sees him in a more overt, outward-reaching dance mood, making instrumental tunes inspired by '90s hip-hop and characterised by the very rare vocal melodies you can latch on to. 'Michael' is recommended for fans of mainstream dance music, such as Daft Punk, as informed by a variety of different avenues, including techno and electronica. 
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  • Company Records

Keath Mead
Sunday Dinner

Dipping into your daydreams with Keath Mead. Sunday Dinner is the debut full length from the South Carolinian musician. Definitely a revivalist, Mead evokes the summer of love and also the slacker indie pop sounds of the 90s. It's infectious psyche-indie-pop full of trippy guitars, swaying drums and Meads melodic croon. Out on vinyl LP and CD from Company Records.