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Cherrystones Presents Critical Mass Vol. 2 'Hearts Of Champions'

Producer, DJ and archivist Gareth Goddard - a.k.a. Cherrystones - curates a second 'Critical Mass' compilation for Touch Sensitive, this time entitled 'Hearts of Champions'. Consisting of eighteen tracks and arriving five years after the first volume, Goddard once again charts the almost limitless creative possibilities offered by the post-punk and new-wave eras. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (TSR19LP)
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David Holmes & Brian Irvine
Ordinary Love (Original Soundtrack)

Set in Northern Ireland and directed by Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D’Sa, Ordinary Love is soundtracked by Brian Irvine and the legendary producer David Holmes. Taking an unusual inspiration in the shape of the mathematical theory ‘The Game of Life’, it’s a perfect backdrop to the quiet tragedy and drama of the film itself. 
  • Vinyl LP (TSR17LP)
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Lady With The Ring

Documenta had been working on the third instalment of their Drone Pop trilogy, but a chance flurry of inspiration caused them to veer off-course and come up with this five-track EP. Lady With The Ring is inspired by a legend of an Irish woman who had to be buried twice after being raised from the dead. If you want a more in-depth account of the legend of Margorie McCall then you’ll have to listen to the record - Spiritualized/Spacemen 3 bassist Will Carruthers gives a detailed synopsis on the eponymous title track. The rest of Lady With The Ring is a mix of folk-rock, post-rock, free-jazz and drone styles. Think Sparklehorse, Mogwai and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.
  • Vinyl 12" (TSR14EP)
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Ai Messiah
Sentience & Sapience

Touch Sensitive (Barry Lynn, Autumns) get spooked by how near the singularity is and decide to drop a record that imagines a totally assimilated future. AI Messiah’s sound is a digi-psychedlia of drones, ambiences, tape loops and processed guitars. Boundaries between organic and synthetic are purposely deconstructed on Sentience And Sapience, an album of Boards Of Canada-style electronica that balances the beautiful and the dystopian to good effect.
  • Vinyl LP (TSR15LP)

David Holmes
Mosaic (Music From The HBO Limited Series)

Mosaic is the latest powerhouse TV series from HBO, directed by big-screen big-dog Steven Soderbergh. Of course, such a production needs a suitable soundtrack, and David Holmes has done the honours here with a set of alternately smooth, eerie, tense and avant moods. This CD and vinyl release is out in the world courtesy of Touch Sensitive.
  • Vinyl LP (TSR12LP)
  • Limited edition
  • CD (TSR12CD)

Dyslexia Tracks

Autumn is upon us. Furthermore, Autumns is upon us. That’s Christian Donaghey of Derry, Northern Ireland, dropping the lengthy vinyl “EP” Dyslexia Tracks via Touch Sensitive. Over forty-odd minutes, Donaghey chucks into the cauldron influences from post-punk, noise and dancefloor experimentalism. The results are as aggressive and filthy as anybody familiar with his previous work would expect.
  • Vinyl LP (TSR11EP)

Group Zero
Structures and Light

Structures and Light is the intricate and esoteric works of synth-harnessing artist Group Zero, aka Cathal Cully. Its abrasiveness is not for the faint hearted - this is an artist not interest in making an appeal to the mainstream. The album "brought the naivety and spontaneity back to making music", according to Cully, whose playfulness is truly a diamond in the rough. 
  • Vinyl LP (TSR08LP)

Gross Net
Quantitative Easing

Gross Net is Phillip Quinn of Girls Names, though it used to also by Christian Donaghey of Autumns. Quantitive Easing is the debut full-length of the project, which trades in queasy-feel industrial pop: cold-wave synths and drum machines, grey drones and vocals. Quantitive Easing is released on vinyl by Touch Sensitive.
  • Vinyl LP (TSR06LP)

Cherrystones: Critical Mass / Splinters From The Worldwide New-Wave, Post-Punk and Industrial Underground 1978 – 1984

Get away from here with your overly Anglocentric narratives of post-punk! As Cherrystones: Critical Mass / Splinters From The Worldwide New-Wave, Post-Punk and Industrial Underground 1978-1984 demonstrates, incredible stuff was being made all over the place, pushing the envelope ever further. The first track, from Rheingold, is especially wonderful.
  • CD (TSR002CD)
  • Vinyl Double LP (TSR002LP)

David Holmes
'71 - Original Soundtrack

Electronic artist and film scoring man David Holmes is behind the soundtrack for '71, a new feature-length by Yann Demange about a soldier who gets lost in Belfast. Holmes decided the best way to go about recording the music for the film was to pre-record, having most of the music done before he'd seen a single scene of Demange's work. That way, Demange was able to shoot with the music in the back of his mind.
  • Vinyl LP (TSR001)

The Host
Esalen Lectures

The Host’s new record, The Esalen Lectures, is essentially a fake record, taking as its conceit the idea of visiting a psychedelic retreat. This slightly sinister hippy environment is conjured up through New Age synth sounds and all manner of whooshing and hissing. This could certainly make you feel ‘altered’. On Touch Sensitive.
  • Vinyl LP (TSR003)

Barry Lynn
Taurus Tapes Vol. II

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Barry Lynn
Taurus Tapes Vol. I

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Drone Pop #1

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