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Maria W Horn

Kontrapoetik is a response to the fascinating history of Maria Horn's home region of Ångermanland. It's been subject to witch-hunts, to military suppression of workers and is currently facing a crisis of inequality. Using field recordings, radio broadcasts as well as a church organ and a Buchla synthesiser, Horn has created a work that captures the dynamism of Ångermanland landscapes and its heritage.

Circular Ruins
The Thorned Maze

Hazy electronics from Berlin resident Marijn Degenaar, operating under the rather Borgesian name Circular Ruins. The Thorned Maze builds elaborate and spacey synth structures that tend towards darkness, and then leaves the listener to wonder around within them, with captivating results. Thirty minute cassette tape on the Portals Editions label.

The Prophet’s Blood Is Boiling

Beauty and decay from Arik Hayut as Arikon. Hayut draws parallels between contemporary excess and the beasts found in Jewish scripture, creating music that is immense and wasting away. He calls his style 'drum & drone', using the rhythm of drums and the texture of drone to dig deep into hopelessness.  
  • Vinyl LP (PRTLS016)
  • Label(s):
  • Portals Editions

Death Qualia
Intention Versus

Death Qualia is Jonathan Baruc’s twisted-up rave project, in which he delves into themes of dark madness and inner lives. Intention Versus is an intense listen and no mistake, so make sure you don’t take it lightly. Intention Versus is a 12” EP released on the Portals Editions label in a tightly limited edition of 300 copies.
  • Vinyl 12" (PRTLS010)

Black Manual
Mordendo Remixed

Black Manual released Mordendo in 2013 through Brigade Commerz. Fusing life tribal percussion and destructive electronics the result was a distant flurry of experimentation and rhythm fighting with each other. The pieces have been palmed over to the fitting hands of Cut Hands, EmptySet’s James Ginzburg (Bleed Turquoise), Format01, and KETEV. Punishment.
  • Vinyl 12" (PRTLS009)
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Silver Waves

Straight out of Bristol comes the shiny neo-noise of Silver Waves, a project that runs in the same scenes as the prolific Young Echo collective. The tracks on EP3 are plenty harsh, but also rhythmically informed by bass music. More hi-fi and crystal clear than most of yer noise too. 2 new tracks, with a remix of each by Ossia and the excellent Giant Swan.

I Know No Weekend

Berlin based Yair Elazar Glotman is constantly blurring the lines between sound art and contemporary music. With his KETEV project his create lush, almost glittery spacious sounds with multiple whirring tape loops, with slow percussive pounds that create voids in beautiful tapestries.  A definite must for fans of anything from Blackest Ever Black, Opal Tapes and acts such as EmptySet, Raime and Andy Stott.
  • Vinyl LP (PRTLS006)
  • Label(s):
  • Portals Editions

Elevated Noise

Gainstage present a series of overblown sound-slabs here on Elevated Noise. It sounds like whatever source-material they started with (sometimes abstract, sometimes beat-led) has been pushed through so many processes that digital distortion and gain-artefacts are the dominant textures. Fierce. Cassette release on Portals Editions.

Exosomatic Artifacts

Noumeno throws a disorientating array of digital sound at the listener, as interested in exploring texture and socio-philosophical themes as in making you dance via his broken beats. New EP Exosomatic Artefacts also includes a ‘Wall of Crystal’ reworking from Fis and another remix by the excellent Shapednoise. 12” released by the Portals Editions label.
  • Vinyl 12" (PRTLS005)

Black Narcissus

Consulate construct experimental house / techno that is all about the bleak. Influences were apparently taken from “European football culture”, “Flare smoke” and “the Cold War” among other things: no wonder they are feeling bleak. Black Narcissus stays compelling though, blasting forward with a classic, slightly acidic pallet. Cassette on Portals Editions.
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  • Portals Editions

Circular Ruins
North of the Sun

Circular Ruins move North of The Sun and into regions of unearthly ambience with this release on Portals Edition. All about the arpeggiating synthesiser sequences on this one, a well-worn path, but one that can still bring enticing results when pulled off well, as it is here. Cassette tape with risograph printed inserts.


Gainstage make an electronic music that appears bequeathed upon them by a post-apocalyptic future. After a driftingly atmospheric opening, the record kicks into gear with a really indecently brutal beat, and goes from there. Includes a remix from Cut Hands, and one from Orphan Swords. 12” on Portals Edition.