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Dark Strands
Unknown Truths

This is the debut album from Dark Strands AKA Tony Beardsley (no relation as far as we can tell to impudent geordie footballing genius Peter). Tony has been inspired by warehouse parties of the late 80s where no particular style or genre dominated. A free for all musical journey where anything goes, varying between rhythmic styl...view item »

Osynlige Mann
Airports / Exodus

Gothernburg bass player Osynlige Mann of URAN GBG and The Exorcist returns with two new tracks on Höga Nord. The a-side, 'Airports' reimagines Kraftwerk as slightly sexier, and more brood. The b-side meanwhile, 'Exodus', has Ma...view item »

Andrew Weatherall

Andrew Weatherall is back already for another album, which means the less danceable Andy is out to play. Well, that's how the press release made it sound anyway; the previews tell a different story. Hoga Nord provide hosting duties this time, bringing his latest soothing, major-key opus to wax, complete with its references to such opposing poles...view item »

Treble Rebel

Rich, zany club tunes from Tel Aviv’s Autarkic, which looks like what a parrot might say if it heard the word ‘Autechre’ once. It does not, however, sound like anything of the sort. The...view item »

Golden Bug
Viaje A Tenderlion / Hitodoma

Golden Bug, texture like sun. The latest 7” to emerge on Höga Nord Rekords (Andrew Weatherall, Flowers Must Die) is a trippy two-track from the one born Antoine Harispurus. On ‘Viaje A Tenderlion’ and ‘Hitodoma’ he aims for a sound that is at o...view item »

Church Music

Swedish producer Mythologen aka Alexander Palmestål is back with second twelve Church Music - probably short for Church-converted-into-a-nightclub Music. We have one of those here in Leeds! Bursting with rather euphoric electro-dance, big smiles all-round, the EP shows Palmestål’s great fondness for Lo...view item »

Convenanza 2018

Are you ready to get really, really psyche-d? In various ways? Well, the artists on the latest compilation from Swedish label Höga Nord hope so. It's Convenanza 2018, after the festival of the same name. It's a pretty varied collection of artists to reflect the fun times; they include: electro supremos ...view item »

Druk 11000
Zamboling / Sibsoo Bazaar

Gothenburg’s Höga Nord Rekords (Andrew Weatherall, The Brian Jonestown Massacre) drop a new 7”. This one comes from new group Druk 11000 which has been formed by the Swedes of Silverbullit and Fontän along with Bh...view item »


Ved is a vast, ever changing musical collective which began as a solo project for Mattias Nihlén. As you probably guessed from ‘collective’, on Omikron the group make a varied prog rock that borrows from electronic music, German kosmische sounds and the stranger reference poin...view item »

Ultra Satan
Freedom Rock / Anti-Clock

Gothenburg’s Höga Nord Rekords (Andrew Weatherall, Dungeon Acid) drop their second 7” by Ultra Satan. The follow-up to ‘USA’/‘USB’ sees the maverick artist streamline his approach without losing any of his potency. It’s still cosmic...view item »

Vox Low
Loving Hell EP

Vox Low are a versatile sounding band that fuse together so many different styles of music. At first these sounds may seem daunting, hostile almost, but what makes Loving Hell so dynamic is the way it gives you the opportunity to restart your thoughts and open your mind. A charismatic mix of psychedelic ...view item »

Rickard Jäverling
Album 3

Rickard Jäverling is a Swedish musician working in and around psych, prog, and Swedish folk. Album 3 is... wait for it.. his third solo album and released on Höga Nord. The album is more of a compilation than a conventional album, each track containing its own beginning, middle and end, makin...view item »

The Overview Effect

Swedish astral travellers Hoga Nord Rekords have put out some neat wax over the past few years. Their journey into the cosmic groove continues with this full-length from Tross. The ten tracks on The Overview Effect are cut from the same cloth as recent HN releases by Mythologen and ...view item »

The Exorcist GBG
The Exorcist GBG

Not, in actual fact, the soundtrack to the classic horror, but a Swedish trio. Exorcist GBG play a giallo-tinged kind of techno. And they are a real band too, using bass guitar, drums and synths to make floor-fillers, though they are floor-fillers with a bit of a psych-rock flair. Self-titled debut LP on Hoga Nord....view item »

Moebel / Autobaba

By day, he’s just an ordinary Swede like anyone else named Jerker Jarold. By night, he’s Västlänken, the underground psychedelicist Gothenburg deserves. Associated with Uran GBG and Lava among others, this moniker is Jarold’s first foray into ambient/minimal techno. H...view item »

Bird Of Paradise
Smoking Holiday EP

UK producer Jo Howard's latest EP contains for varied tracks from the retro-tech diaspora. Opening with a paranoid, down tempo number before moving onto the 80s futura of 'Joy-Rides', side A is all atmosphere. Side B brings in a steady hypnosis on the title track, before the pummelling 'Breather Resist' closes things on a faster...view item »


This lovely disc of sketchy paints comes from Finnish band Jesse, whose recent collaboration with DJ Sotofett came right out of nowhere. The cosmic crew continue to play with disco and psychedelia by laying down simple ideas and then positing a more developed galaxy they could live in. Pretty enou...view item »

The Exorcist GBG

Swedish dark funk trio return to Höga Nord Rekords for their second full length album, aptly named II. Take yur favourite funk licks and add in a bit of OvO madness, s...view item »


Continuing a creative channel forged by the band Pistol Disco, Alexander Palmestål’s solo moniker is a lesson in solid groove, lush swirling atmospheres and plenty of momentary chaos and magic to lift the whole thing above our heads. This vinyl LP contains tracks that would be at home at the Haçienda in the late 80s, p...view item »

Dungeon Acid
Dog Acid / Sex Beat

Dungeon Acid is Jean-Louis Huhta, who has been at the core of some of the most interesting music made in the Swedish scene over the years, from Cortex to The Skull Defekts. This 7” is titled Dog Acid b/w Sex Beat, and it delivers on its dirty dancefloor p...view item »

Minami Deutsch
Tunnel / New Pastoral Life

Two different and distinct takes on the Krautrock formula from Japanese Psych-ists Minami Deutsch. New Pastoral Life slowly shimmers into life with mantra like charm and delicate repetitiveness and on the flipside a more straight up kraut rock affair with pulsing drums locked with bass as whirls of guitar and electronic...view item »
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Pete Bassman
Lost In Space

Known for his responsibilities and rhythm on the bass in Spaceman 3 and The Darkside, Peter Bain, or, more applicable, Peter Bassman is finally returning to places beyond our atmosphere. After a brief sojourn on earth, the Bassman is once again Lost in Space, with peace...view item »
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Max Von Sydow
Insecto / Cardboard Pope

Max Von Sydow is of course the pseudonym of Jocke Åhlund (Les Big Byrd, Caesars). Here’s a rare treat: a single from him featuring his own particularly wild take on the far-reaching psych sound. Yet he puts a lot of thought into these explorations -- arrangements reflect sounds from many continents; ...view item »
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The Convenanza Remixes

Swedish post-Pink Floyd psychedelic prog rock band Fontän get the full remix treatment from a diverse selection of contemporary electronic artists. The name taken from them being asked to play at Andrew Weatherall’s festival of the same name, it features remixes from Pardon Mo...view item »

Pardon Moi
Power To The People / Touch 2 Much

Pardon Moi is producers James Brook and Thomas Freudenthal. Teaming up and making Kraftwerk inspired, techno-like electronic pop. There’s an uplifting future-retro warmth to it all and, well, fun. After releases on Emerald & Doreen, Nein, and Vocoder Electro, the pair ...view item »
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Ultra Satan

A two-track maximalist blast from Ultra Satan, who seem to tapping into the same sort of epic ecstatic tropical psychedelic groove world that Zun Zun Egui used to inhabit. USA / USB seems to have condensed a huge quantity of sound into this little two-track 7” single, making this a quick but poten...view item »
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Timothy J. Fairplay
Mindfighter EP

Sounds to match a dystopian Europe or a European Dystopia: it's Timothy J Fairplay. His latest four-tracker, the Mindfighter EP, as ever picks up on many contrasts and colours. The sounds and grooves within follow a natural trajectory through house and techno but are also informed by krautrock and even psychedelia....view item »


After taking a break in 2009, Swedish duo Jesper Jarold and Johan Melin’s Fontän returned in 2016 with two EPs for Höga Nord Rekords and have already got a full length coming in self-titled form. Follow their artwork and you’re in the right place, they make colourful, somet...view item »

Al Lover meets Cairo Liberation Front
Nymphaea Caerulea EP

In which psychedelic DJ DJ Al Lover gets Egypt-by-way-of-Amsterdam collective Cairo Liberation Front on board for a very sweet six tracks of musical exploration. Nymphaea Caerulea sizzles with colour and energy, pushing together a proper melting pot of styles into a compelling brew. All pressed to pictu...view item »

Flowers Must Die
Montana / Nusrat

Flowers Must Die turn out fetching space rock super-jams, inspired by the classics but with the drive that youth can bring. Two tracks, Montana and Nusrat here, that are at once tight and loose, in the way that only this kind of psych stuff can truly be. Pressed to a beautiful picture disc no less, by Höga...view item »
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High Boys
World Numbination EP

You might know Joachim Nordwall and Jean-Louis Huhta from their work in the intense experimental group Skull Defekts, but their first project as a duo, High Boys, moves in very different territory. World Numbination is a four track power-pack of acidic electro-acoustic ...view item »

Jamie Paton
Telefuture / Blind Summit

Jamie Paton (of Cage and Aviary) presents two tracks of what he likes to call ‘slouchy techno’, a style that speaks for itself. True to the term, this music takes it slow and easy, laying down a pleasing groove with none of the strut and posture of more ‘serious’  techno. Telefut...view item »
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Impulse / Inversion

Tentakel is Pontus Torstensson, who plays in acts like The Exorcist GBG. As a drummer, Torstensson is percussion mad, and this recorded debut for the Tentakel project is packed to the brim with rhythms and counter-rhythms: enough to drive dancers to happy madnes...view item »

The Dirty Beat / Cirklar

If a heady mix of funk, electro and dub is your thing then Dirty Beat by F.A.T.M.A. may just be the thing you’ve been looking for all year. Whilst the Swedish band are an enigmatic bunch, we have gleaned enough to say that this could well be worth investing in. 7” backed with Cirklar. On Hoga Nord.&...view item »
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Dark Strands
The Last Ride EP

Leeds’ own Antony Beardsley is Dark Strands, and after releasing his first EP way back in 2013, he has been filling our ears with cleverly crafted slow paced dance music ever since. The Last Ride is no different, and combines slow rhythms with catchy and repetitive electronic...view item »

Polar Star EP

Fontan are a neo-psych band from Sweden. On Polar Star EP they begin in the vein of Barrett-era Pink Floyd before taking us on a journey through Philip Glass-style polyrhythms, assured guitar work, breakbeat disco and haunting harmonies and organ. Elsewhere the EP is has melancholy with...view item »

Mental Health

Albert Sjöstam and Christoffer Fransson are a duo based in Gothenburg who call themselves SPR, which is an abbreviation of Skills for Psychological Recovery, which is sort of a type of therapy or something. So it would make sense that this record is called Mental Health then. Psychotic episode inducing limited white vinyl. ...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
La Façon Dont La Machine Vers l'Arrière

Anton Newcombe’s boys are back. On this vinyl 7”, titled La Façon Dont La Machine Vers l'Arrière, The Brian Jonestown Massacre make an overdriven stomp with distorted breakbeats and melodica riffing. As always they are predictably unpredictable. The A1 Lover remix on th...view item »
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The Walrus EP

Tross is a project of former Spacemen 3 bassist Pete Bain, who has also gone under the name of Pete Bassman. True to his personal heritage, The Walrus EP is a on tripped-out, spaced-up psychedelic vibe, chugging onwards into the rainbow infinity. Pressed to picture disc...view item »

Timothy J. Fairplay
The Cat Prowls Again / A Strange Servant

Timothy J Fairplay is an erstwhile Andrew Weatherall collaborator, in various combinations including their group The Asphodells. Some of the Weatherall penchant for pleasant psychede...view item »

Babylon EP

On the Babylon EP Fontan create a jazzy, balearic kosmische that has the lushest synth arpeggios you’ve ever heard. The guitar playing clearly worships at the altar of Manuel Göttsching, but this Gothenburg duo experiment with the form, adding Animal Collective-inspired vocals and ele...view item »
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Higamos Hogamos

Unashamedly synth-tastic instrumentals from Higamos Hogamos’ Steve Webster. What is interesting though is that there is unclear how much synth is actually present on Spacerocks… Apparently an improvised talk box is playing a major role? Either way, good and spacey. Four track picture disc on Hoga Nord....view item »
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Al Lover
Zodiak Versions

Al Lover is a San Francisco-based producer. In recent times he has been exploring the links between psychedelic music. On Zodiak Versions he combines what he believes to be the two defining styles of underground music: Jamaican dub reggae and ‘70s krautrock. What we have here then, is rumbling dub bass lines and m...view item »

Come On / We Hold You Responsible

Nondescriptly named trio Paper are a furious proposition, thrashing their way through two quick sides of hardcore-inflected kraut-pop with Come On / We Hold You Responsible. Lots of melody in play as well though, and a few dashes of synth have been spotted around the edges. 7” single on the Hoga Nord label....view item »
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Osynlige Mann
Snake Eye / Electrodes

Osynlige Mann is the solo business of URAN-man Timo Lundgren, in which he wanders through curious territory. This 7” single’s two tracks are full of treats: Snake Eye has a dark groove, recalling bold horror themes, whereas Electrodes has said electrodes jammed stra...view item »
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Robert Leiner

Robert Leiner has been producing highly acclaimed techno / house / acid more or less since the birth of all three of those genres, and Melomenia represents the first we’ve heard from him in quite a while: and this time, he’s also working with a band! Nine tracks spanning multiple electronic genres, and the l...view item »

Les Big Byrd
Liquid Sky

Hoga Nord are a nice little Swedish label releasing things mainly of a psychy persuasion, and Les Big Byrd is no exception. Liquid Sky has four tracks, all imbued with a winter melancholy whilst still being flamingly psychedelic. All on a 12” picture disc that is striking to say the least (nude warriors of some ki...view item »
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Dungeon Acid
Northern Acid / All-Nighter

Dark and raw techno from Dungeon Acid a.k.a Jean-Louis Huhtas. Associated with Skull Defekts, Anti-Cimex and Lucky People Center, this dirty two-tracker hits on a paranoid acid sound with distinctly analogue equipment pushed to the fore. Northern Acid/All Nighter is a throbbing duo of Nordic electronica. Out on 7”...view item »
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Space Normal Speed / Seabass

This 7" documents the prog rock geek/freak-outs of Lamagaia, a band of genre-fusing scientists from Gothenburg, Sweden. It's comprised of two tracks, including "Seebas", a weird tribute to psych rock and with endlessly hypnotic grooves, as well as "Space Normal Speed". Bless Lamagaia for making no frills prog rock that's all about getting up to ...view item »
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