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Along with Tomorrow Syndicate, this is one of two releases in August from Polytechnic Youth. Dialectric have released Phase on vinyl LP and is very limited to 300 copies. This record is a mish-mash of electronic sounds and sweet melodies that the label Polytechnic Youth has become rapidly renowned for.&...view item »

Tomorrow Syndicate
Future Tense

The second release in August from this label comes from Glasgow's very own Tomorrow Syndicate called Future Tense. They are robots from the future so you can expect sci-fi sounds, space-tronica, lots of vintage synths and every drum beat taken from the Neu book of repetition. This record is available on...view item »


Combing the whole world for electronic sounds, Polytechnic Youth has now turned to Spain for this project from Jordi Navarra who blends space rock and primitive electronic sounds. Here he concentrates on simple electronic pieces that reference Hans-Joachim Roedelius but also have some pretty severe nods towards post punk and minimal wa...view item »

Mitra Mitra

Here's a new thing on the ever popular Polytechnic Youth label this time from this Austrian duo who play icy electronic pop reminiscent of the early days of Mute Records although the band claim not to be influenced by a particular style. Serene and melodic the album contains eight tracks and is a one time pressing of 300 only. ...view item »

The Assistant / British Experimental Rocket Group
Death Line Vs Quatermass 2

Last year's EXCLUSIVE Polytechnic Youth/Horror Pop 7" sold out in under 8 minutes, so please don't sleep on this. Again, it's a split of sci-fi horror sounds featuring the talents of the Assistant with some cool lounge twisting, whilst over on the flip British Experimental Rocket Group re-read the scary sci-fi originally heard on the 1950s BBC a...view item »

The Home Current
Another Way Of Falling Apart

Another one of them there Polytechnic Youth things this time from the Home Current AKA Martin Jensen a bird-loving Dane now resident in Luxembourg. This is his debut LP after a series of singles and collaborations. This is an eclectic work of electronica and analogue compositions reflecting the protagonist's 25 years of record c...view item »

Wakayama / Mejiro

That album art is so pretty. So simple, yet so pretty. Another brilliant 7" from the label Polytechnic Youth. This time from the Hungarian artist Alpar and his new record: Wakayama / Mejiro. If pulsating loops and easy to listen to dancey-type music are your thing then this record could be the one for you. 7"/Polytechnic Youth/l...view item »

Adam Leonard
Entkommen Pt. I & II

Polytechnic Youth and their 7"s ey? Super musician Adam Leonard has blessed the world with Entkommen Pt. 1 & 2. This is limited to 250 hand-numbered copies so they'll probably sell out super fast. Without just copying the press release, Adam has been nominated for numerous awards over the years so it's worth the punt even if...view item »

Detox Twins
In The Hospital Garden / Transformation

I love 7"s, they're like the younger siblings of 12" vinyl. In The Hospital Garden / Transformation by Detox Twins is (apparently) going to be something that'll fly off our shelves super fast. You can get lost in music like this, even if it is only for a few minutes (*cough* 7" *cough*). Released by Polytechnic Youth and limited...view item »

Dream Division

Take a look at that cover. Now try the font on the back. Would it surprise you if I told you that Dream Division’s Bandcamp page has a header that’s meant to look like an old horror movie VHS? No, it wouldn’t, would it. Mosura used a Moog and a Juno 6 to make this Garth Marenghi-ass LP, and if...view item »

No Home

It takes a lot of confidence to pull off extreme minimalism, and a decent amount of talent. MIDDEX's debut album, No Home, is aiming for these extremes. Synth lines repeated longer than you'd believe, rendered with a hardness of tone that makes this a text book 'punishing listen'. Limited to 300 copies....view item »

Australian Testing Labs
Music for Aircooled Motoring

Australian Testing Labs, whoever they are, apparently designed this album to accompany the in-motion sounds of a specific kind of VW van: Music For Aircooled Motoring will blend with the engine and road-rumble frequencies to form a vivid sound experience. But don’t worry if you don’t have a 1981 VW van, beca...view item »

Heartwood Institute
Secret Rites

After previously only releasing material on cassette and CDR, Jonathan Sharp takes his Heartwood Institute project to the next level by releasing Secret Rites on vinyl via Polytechnic Youth. When listening to Secret Rites you’ll hear the influence of Throbbing Gristle, Kosmische and Krautrock and 70’...view item »

The Impossibility

The latest on the ever collectible Polytechnic Youth is this much anticipated album from Polypores (aka Stephen James Buckley).  Like a lot of people out there makes haunting electronic music inspired an ever growing batch of vintage equipment. The album has also been inspired by the destruction of the planet Earth by ...view item »

Alexandre Bazin
Sun Dog Trail

Alexandre Bazin is a member of Paris’s legendary GRM electronic music studios, and his new album Sun Dog Trail mixes some of the electroacoustic abstractions of the studio’s legacy with a rich emotio...view item »

Dream Vision
Dream Vision EP

Next up on Polytechnic Youth's always busy release schedule is another of the label's pre-arranged / timed release lathe cut 45s, this time featuring the debut on vinyl of west London synth / electronic fetishists DREAM DIVISION. Essentially the one man project of Tom McDowall, who offers up 4 Carpernter-esque, slow burning, lo-fi synth ...view item »

Faten Kanaan
Pleiade Hex 6

The synthesiser meanderings of Faten Kanaan’s Pleiade Hex 6 have many influences: the ambient synthesiser works of Brian Eno; Wendy Carlos’s score for A Clockwork Orange; the curious freeform experimentation of Boards of Canada. What makes Kanaan&rs...view item »

Hologram Teen
Between the Funk and the Fear

Hologram Teen is the solo project of Stereolab’s Morgane Lhote. Between The Funk and The Fear is described by Lhote as “the soundtrack to the trippiest horror movie ever” and in that respect, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The album combines varied genre to create a ter...view item »

Soviet System

New on the ever prolific and ever popular Polytechnic Youth is this project from French musician and photographer Isthmael Baudry. Here he fluctuates between the type of icy synth pop found on early Mute records and the post industrial clatter of Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. Expect lots of synths...view item »

Minor Activity

Dark , and truly authentic sounding 80’s synthwave pop from Berlin’s Vorderhaus. Brain-child of Mark Vorderhaus whose previous incarnation was The Detox Twins. A record for purists, but also just synthwave lovers who like it done really well. Heavy Kraftwerk inf...view item »

Vic Mars
The Consumer Programme

Previously releasing on the excellent Clay Pipe records, this is Vic Mars second LP which playfully builds on earlier acclaim utilising influences from early synth experimenters, children’s tv shows, BBC Radiophonic Workshop and indeed all the things that make you buy records in 2017. Unlike a l...view item »

Listening Center
Example One

Previously a cassette- only release this is a first vinyl pressing of the 2012 debut full length from Listening Center. Utilising influences from library music, kosmische, early day analogue synths and lost soundtracks this contains all the elements that makes you love the sort of records you get on the likes of the e...view item »

Pye Corner Audio & Faten Kanaan
The Darkest Wave

Right then here is a biggie. A 7" collaboration between label mates Pye Corner Audio and Faten Kanaan on the increasingly collectible and high profile Polytechnic Youth imprint. The A side features Kanaan's New York narrative over some ice cool synths with a John Carpenter/Umbe...view item »

XAM Duo / The Au Fait
Tisch Tennis / French Wrestler

EXCLUSIVE TO US!! The good folks at Polytechnic Youth and Horror Pop Sounds have combined to deliver a split lathe cut limited to just 100 copies. Representing Polytechnic Youth we have French duo the Au Fait who play synthy psychy pop goodness like Serge Gainsbourg fronting Cluster.  ...view item »

Faten Kanaan
The Botanist and The Archaeologist

First full-length record from Faten Kanaan, who manually arpeggiates her way through her collection of vintage synthesisers to produce massive, thickly-textured electronic pieces with a tangible humanity. Edition of 300 LPs, each of which comes with a unique, hand-crafted Cyanotype print. On Polytechnic Youth....view item »

The Home Current
That Summer / Gelb

Polytechnic Youth continue to deliver quality 45s, this 7” from Martin Jensen’s The Home Current. “That Summer” sees its timely release to a crowd still craving and reminiscing of the colour of summer, its grooves driving and characterful. On the flip there’s the self-described Yellow Magic Orchestr...view item »

Tomorrow Syndicate
Into The Void / X for the Unknown

Tomorrow Syndicate play a form of pulsing electro-pop that has learned the lessons of both krautrock and komische. Their new single, which appears to be their first release, marches serenely through an old sci-fi movie’s interpretation of space, and it does so melodically too. Into The Void / X For The Unknown is ...view item »

Billy Cote
Excerpt: Place (GirlGhost1)

Billy Cote, the guitarist in Madder Rose, recently demonstrated another side of his work with an electronically-treated soundtrack to an art installation. This 7” provides an excerpts of the full piece, which pulses along delightfully: is that a marimba I hear in there beneath the synths? Lathe cut 7&rdquo...view item »

Polytechnic Youth

Here we have a poster to promote the Polytechnic Youth label, fine purveyors of library and electronic sounds. This handsome item, designed by Nick Taylor, has been screen-printed onto high-quality orange card, and makes a striking, public-information-film-from-the-70’s style impact to any living room wall...view item »

Bastian Void
Canopy Void / Ray Tracing

DIY lathe-cut vinyl release here from the Polytechnic Youth label. They’ve picked out two lovely little synth miniatures from previous Bastian Void tape releases, and have used them to fill two sides of five inch vinyl (yes, five). The records are housed in booklike sleeves and are very limited in number: only 99 copies of...view item »

They Make No Say: A Polytechnic Youth Singles Collection

Here is a much needed compilation which collects together all those hopelessly limited edition, impossi-buy records released by the London micro label Polytechnic Youth. The label focuses on the kind of minimalist synth pop that was in vogue between the years of '78 and '83 and has become highly collectible. You won't get these tracks anywhere e...view item »

The Fialka Transmissions

Remember when everything was all about soundtracks for films that don't exist? Well that's still going on and on this latest release on the ever collectable Polytechnic Youth, Preston resident Stephen James Buckley presents science fiction influenced vignettes that sound like John Carpenter and italo-house filtered through a bro...view item »

In The Lab / Anguarian Humblingbird

2 slices of churning electronic tune-power from TheFreqDesign. In The Lab and Anguarian Humblingbird will satisfy synth-fans in a trice. Please note that these are special lathé-cut 7” records, produced in a limited edition of 123. Only 20 in our stock-room however, so don’t wait about! From ...view item »

The Assistant

Enigmatic, DIY machine music from The Assistant and the exciting Polytechnic Youth label/co-operative. The Gristleizer of the title might refer to the homemade synthesizer made famous by Throbbing Gristle, and this vinyl 12” shares much of the sound of that group; clanking...view item »

Brick Wall Takes to Air / Sirrius

Who is MIDDEX? We don’t know, although they are obviously a pretty skilled producer, as these 2 tunes are both top-quality pieces of underground synth-pop with that seedy Chris & Cosey kind of feel. Brick Wall Takes to Air / Sirrius is a 7” limited to only 250 copies, packed with a fold-...view item »


What can we tell you about the music of Kehrschleife? Very little. The material presented here originally crept out on various German TV and radio shows in the 1980’s, but is only with us today as the result of some diligent Berlin flea market exploration, where the tapes were dug up. 8 quick restored tracks, on Polytechni...view item »

Listening Center
Aural Assignments

After jumping between Ghost Box and Deep Distance, Listening Center finally land on the Polytechnic Youth label. Aural Assignments is a collection of stark, no-wave electronica written for drum machines and analogue synthesizers. It is focused on improvisation a...view item »

The Assistant
Ways of Seeing

Polytechnic Youth have only pressed 125 copies of Ways of Feeling by The Assistant. This extremely limited lathe-cut 5” vinyl comes complete with insert and stickers and as well as being a wonderful physical object, the sounds contained are great too. Hailing from Sussex, The Assistant mak...view item »

Mitra Mitra
Indecisive Split Decision / Heat

The Polytechnic Youth label are all about sharp minimal synth numbers, released in tightly limited editions. This new lathe-cut 7” from Mitra Mitra is no different, with aloof vocals over a cold sheen of synth and drum machine. Delicious. Indecisive Split Decision / Heat is limited to 99 copies, move fast if you w...view item »

Diane Cools and the Distortion
Time is Now / Klang You

NYC’s Diane Cools and the Distortion contribute the first 5” vinyl release from micro-label Polytechnic Youth. The label's manifesto is to produce small presses of electronic ditties and radiophonic experiments. Thankfully the music here is as wonderful as the label. The group spew out a kitchen...view item »


Space is a pair of sparse and direct synth-works from MIDDEX. Really cuts to the core. By the way, this is a very exciting package: the 7” is lathe cut in an edition of just 77 copies, and comes with a special 45 adaptor that glows in the dark and is personalised for MIDDEX. Naturally, only one pe...view item »

J.G. Wright
Sorcerer of Sound

Polytechnic Youth is of course the label started by Dom of Great Pop Supplement and Deep Distance (I mean how many record labels does one man need? This is just greedy). Its intention was to provide very limited LPs which would appeal to collectors and the very lonely (not mutually exclusive). This new release by Expo 70 twiddler Justin Wright h...view item »

Formatory Apparatus

Polytechnic Youth is a new label concentrating on experimental / minimal synth / library sounds and primitive electronics. Billed as being a “micro label for vinyl heads”, it’s only means of contact is via it’s facebook page and it’s private press inspired releases might run from 5 copies of a 7&rdquo...view item »

Guided Busways | Undercroft

Polytechnic Youth is a new label concentrating on experimental / minimal synth / library sounds and primitive electronics. Billed as being a “micro label for vinyl heads”, it’s only means of contact is via it’s facebook page and it’s private press inspired releases might run from 5 copies of a 7” to 100 LPs vi...view item »