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Sad About The Times

Fed up with The Times newspaper? Hang on, no. I mean: Fed up with the times (in which we currently live)? Up for some songs about it? Here’s a tidy poultice of wistful, uplifting, cathartic and otherwise haunted tunes from the likes of Norma Tanega, David Chalmers and Jim Spencer. Sweet ’n’ sober folk rock, soft rock, psychedelia and so forth.

Unusual Sounds

Since launching in 2014 the Mexican Summer reissues offshoot Anthology Recordings have unearthed some excellent old things from the likes of Pharaoh Sanders and The Nightcrawlers. For their latest trick they delve into the world of library music. The twenty tracks of Unusual Sounds are exactly the sort of cerebral oddities that we now expect as standard from these releases. Comes with liner notes from David Hollander - this is good because he’s curated an extensive history of library music that shares its title with this compilation and as such he’s rather knowledgeable on the subject.
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Trad, Gras och Stenar
Djungelns Lag

First released in 1971, and reissued as part of an Anthology Recordings project, Djungelns Lag is a live recording of this Swedish psychedelic rock collective. Trad, Gras och Stenar make a free-form progressive hard rock that has become the stuff of legend. The Anthology label are making this recording available again with new material and stunning packaging.

Follow The Sun

Compiled by Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring) and Keith Abrahamsson of Anthology Recordings and Mexican Summer, Follow The Sun traces the lesser known rock/pop/folk that came from Australia during the 70s. Ranging from psychedelic to the garage pop it’s a grand voyage of the undiscovered. Comes with download code.

F.J. McMahon
Spirit Of The Golden Juice

First released way back in 1969 in limited circles around the California coast, the charming but mysterious Spirit of the Golden Juice was the solitary studio album by F. J. McMahon, and has slowly become a treasured cult favourite as the decades have gone by. Re-press includes 8.5"x8.5" Risograph booklet with liner notes and never-before-seen photographs. 

Trad, Gras och Stenar
Mors Mors

Mors Mors is part of Anthology Recordings major Trad, Gras och Stenar reissue series and was released originally in 1972, at the the Swedish prog group’s most ferocious. The label have done justice to this obscure counterculture group with new material and a beautiful double vinyl LP. Now you can experience the psychedelic jams properly.

The Nightcrawlers
The Biophonic Boombox Recordings

Late 70s kosmische from *checks notes* Philadelphia and New Jersey? The Nightcrawlers were a trio from the States making music that more than happily finds a place among kosmische greats like Tangerine Dream. The two discs of The Biophonic Boombox Recordings issued by Anthology Recordings were painstakingly curated from a collection of over forty tapes worth of all-night recordings.

Paul Major: Feel The Music Vol. 1

Paul Major, the man behind the band Endless Boogie, has been collecting and distributing weirdo music rarities for decades now, focusing on those individuals operating from outside the established industry. Feel The Music Vol. 1 compiles twelve favourite cuts from this intriguing catalogue of unique performers, forming a fascinating listen. Out on Anthology Recordings.

Trad, Gras och Stenar
Trad, Gras och Stenar

Anthology Recordings reissue material from the definitive lost Swedish prog rock band, Trad, Gras och Stenar. Six vinyl LPs or three CDs of fuzzed out jams and psychedelic rock from the golden-age. This set focuses on the band’s ferocious live performances, but also includes albums from 1971 and 72 at the peak of the bands counterculture freak-out. It also looks phenomenal.

Tamam Shud

The original 60’s-70’s Taman Shud band were at least as much surfers as they were musicians: Evolution was recorded as the soundtrack to the surfing film of the same name. Apparently they projected the movie in the studio and then jammed along to it: the resulting funky hard-garage rock is full of life and joy and good times. This reissue on Anthology Recordings includes a 16 page booklet.

Love Me Crazy

Ilian’s Love Me Crazy is a lovely piece of 70’s guitar rock songwriting, and one that has been almost lost to the world due to its out of print nature. But this Anthology Recordings reissue (the first authorised by the artist) solves that problem, opening up the free-flowing vibes (the album was recorded quickly and keenly) to new listeners. CD or LP editions.

Andrew Kidman
Litmus Original Soundtrack / Glass Love

Andrew Kidman is both filmmaker and musician, and this luscious box-set contains the soundtracks to two of his avant-surf films, Litmus and Glass. Kidman is represented under his own name and with his band The Val Dusty Experiment, with a few other artists like Galaxie 500 rounding things out. 2CD or fancy 2LP-and-book edition.

Litmus Original Soundtrack

Andrew Kidman is a filmmaker and a musician: here is the soundtrack to his avant-surf cinematic classic, Litmus. Kidman is represented via his band The Val Dusty Experiment, and a number of other artists, including Galaxie 500 and The Screaming Orphans also contribute tracks. On Anthology Recordings.

Andrew Kidman
Glass Love

Andrew Kidman is both filmmaker and musician, and this release contains his self-composed soundtrack to his 2006 film Glass. Kidman apparently made the music first and then let the film (which centers around surfing) follow the sound, which is an admirable approach indeed. LP release on Anthology Recordings.

Mike Sena
Bali High

Great little curio here: the soundtrack to a 1981 surf film quickly put together by Mike Sena after the filmmaker realised that using pre-existing music might lead to legal difficulties. Sena does an excellent job with Bali High, his soundtrack carrying great energy and excitement, with genre flavours from all over the place. On Anthology Recordings’ Surf Archive series.

Robert Lester Folsom
Ode To A Rainy Day: Archives 1972-1975

The folk music of Robert Lester Folsom remains unsung in modern times, probably because he was a little too out there for his time to be assimilated into the canon. His sweet, vulnerable acoustic compositions are matched with a dosage of psych folk and cerebral instrumentals. Ultimately, though, Folsom had a lot of affection for folk traditions, shown by his frequent covering of Neil Young tunes. This record shows off recordings from Folsom in his early days as a musician recording from the comfort of his own home.

Robert Lester Folsom
Music And Dreams

Understated folkie Robert Lester Folsom conjured up the pastoral sounds of the deep American South from his Georgia home state. 'Music and Dreams' was initially released back in 1976, and hinted at his psychedelic inclinations more clearly than ever before. This is chilled out, breezy folk rock, full of good times and southern comfort.

The Stroke Band
Green and Yellow

Here is a rarity from the mid 70's featuring a bunch of names who went on to do other stuff namely Bruce Joyner (The Unknowns), Don Fleming (Gumball, Sonic Youth producer) and Mark Neill (Black Keys producer). Its a fully authorized re-issue of a privately pressed album and includes downloads of demos and their only live performance.  Initially an art-punk aberration only heard by in-the-know freaks around at the time,  the albums blend of Talking Heads/Roxy Music/Pere Ubu style 70's is sure to find a wider audience, the label Anthology being part of the Mexican Summer axis of labels. 

Rudiger Lorenz
Invisible Voices

Rüdiger Lorenz was a part-time producer of New Age music, and 'Invisible Voices', initially released in 1983, shows that he could've gone full-time in a fairer world. Lorenz made lush and overstuffed works, and 'Invisible Voices' is no exception, taking different elements of minimal synth and electronic work and maximising them.