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A-Sun Amissa
For Burdened and Bright Light

Richard Knox’s A-Sun Amissa drop their fifth LP through a mixture of Consouling Sounds and Manchester drone merchants Gizeh. For Burdened And Bright Light is a mournful and monolithic LP that combines that weight of Sunn O))) with the Gothic majesty of Prurient. The end result is like a more sonorous version of fellow Gizeh act Several Wives.

Several Wives
Göldi Fell

Mancunian label Gizeh (Loscil, Tomorrow We Sail) drop Göldi Fell, an LP by the experimental drone act Several Wives. This is a highly unsettling blend of horror movie sound effects, empty-warehouse atmospherics, electro-acoustic techniques and warped chamber strings. Think Muslimgauze composing for a film from the Saw franchise.
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Aidan Baker / Faith Coloccia / John Mueller
See Through

See Through is the product of a three-way collaboration between Aidan Baker (of post-metal band Nadja), experimental rock drummer Jon Mueller and Mamiffer member Faith Coloccia. As you’d expect, mammoth, hypnotic arrangements of drum machines and electric guitars blend into each other. Released by Gizeh.
  • Vinyl LP (GZH088LP)
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Some Became Hollow Tubes
Keep It In The Ground

Some Became Hollow Tubes is a collaboration between Eric Quach of Thisquietarmy and Aidan Girt of the legendary Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The LP contains six improvised drone pieces, heavy on the pedals and the loops,  that follow the quiet/loud dynamic as drums appear and subside. Surely one for Normanites to get excited about!

A Porthole (I)

The first installment of a double album release scheduled for 2019, Astrid’s newest effort A Porthole (I) is conceptually built around the idea of a cabin on a sea voyage. Each of the four tracks is named after a different kind of seaweed, and the French modern-classical quartet drive each musical exploration with typical virtuoso showmanship. 

Manta Ray (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

As alumni of Yann Tiersen and Tindersticks, the duo of Mathieu Gabry and Christine Ott, working here as Snowdrops, are well prepared to make sweet soundtrack music for the film Manta Ray. They’ve got both an Ondes Martenot and a Mellotron, as well as an MS2000, so they are really something to be reckoned with. On Gizeh,

Julia Kent & Jean D.L.
The Great Lake Swallows

Guitarist and tape looper Jean D.L. trades some threads of thought with the esteemed experimental cellist Julia Kent and a whole album comes out. You lucky lot. A gorgeous timbral juxtaposition sees The Great Lake Swallows become a unique soundworld of its own, one combining crystalline guitar, aching cello and acousmatic sound. Gizeh rule!

A-Sun Amissa
Ceremony In The Stillness

More of that West Yorkshire ambient-drone-and-more goodness from A-Sun Amissa on Gizeh! Ceremony In The Stillness is the project’s perfectly named fourth full-length, and as well as those deep dark smooth atmospheres, it also features both thick riffs and actual drums in a few places, bringing another angle into the Amissa world. A very atmospheric record.

Christine Ott

Gizeh good, Gizeh good… isn’t that how that Shamen song goes? Gizeh pretty good in this case anyway, following up French ondes martenot virtuoso, pianist and composer Christine Ott’s Only Silence Remains with her soundtrack to the 2012 film Tabu, a story of the south seas. To the unfolding unease of the film, about forbidden love on the island of Bora-Bora, Ott contributes great tension, as well as an almost supernatural, indistinct antagonism.

Tomorrow We Sail
The Shadows

Leeds six piece Tomorrow We Sail issue their second album 'The Shadows' which will be a treat for fans of that brand of post rock that is starting to fade away a bit these days. I'm talking full on soaring heavy duty atmospherics with nods towards Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You Black Emperor. 

Hundred Year Old Man

Leeds based six-piece Hundred Year Old Man delve deeply into the post-sludge sound with their second release, Rei. Drawing heavily on the likes of Neurosis, this three track 12” drags you under with their monolithic, towering sound. Walls of atmospheric and bludgeoning guitars crash into a cathartic sludge.

Otto Lindholm

Four track second full length album from Belgium’s Otto Lindholm. Layers of bowed and scraped double bass loops interweave with electronics to create expansive ambient drone that sways softly, yet grippingly, between the light and dark. For fans of Deaf Center, Richard Skelton etc.. Limited LP on Gizeh.

Astrid & Rachel Grimes
Through The Sparkle

Here is an interesting sounding collaboration between French ensemble Astrid and Rachel's founder and pianist Rachel Grimes. Following years of email correspondence the two hooked up in France to collaborate and the result is this an album of miniature symphonies, gentle and cinematic sounds and haunting neo-classical.  

Aidan Baker & Karen Willems

Nadja drone-guitar lord Aidan Baker spent a day in the studio with drummer and Inwolves leader Karen Willems last year, improvising and following one another into interesting musical corners. Nonland is a subtly developing beast, audiby the product of two serious talents opening up with each other. Edition of 300 LPs in Gizeh.