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A-Sun Amissa
Ceremony In The Stillness

More of that West Yorkshire ambient-drone-and-more goodness from A-Sun Amissa on Gizeh! Ceremony In The Stillness is the project’s perfectly named fourth full-length, and as well as those deep dark smooth atmospheres, it also features both thick riffs and actual drums in a few places, bringing another angle into t...view item »

Julia Kent & Jean D.L.
The Great Lake Swallows

Guitarist and tape looper Jean D.L. trades some threads of thought with the esteemed experimental cellist Julia Kent and a whole album comes out. You lucky lot. A gorgeous timbral juxtaposition sees The Great Lake Swallows become a unique soundworld of its own, one combining cry...view item »

Christine Ott

Gizeh good, Gizeh good… isn’t that how that Shamen song goes? Gizeh pretty good in this case anyway, following up French ondes martenot virtuoso, pianist and composer Christine Ott’s Only Silence Remains with her soundtrack to the 2012 film Tabu, a story of the south seas. To the unfolding un...view item »

Tomorrow We Sail
The Shadows

Leeds six piece Tomorrow We Sail issue their second album 'The Shadows' which will be a treat for fans of that brand of post rock that is starting to fade away a bit these days. I'm talking full on soaring heavy duty atmospherics with nods towards Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You Black Emperor...view item »

Hundred Year Old Man

Leeds based six-piece Hundred Year Old Man delve deeply into the post-sludge sound with their second release, Rei. Drawing heavily on the likes of Neurosis, this three track 12” drags you under with their monolithic, towering sound. Walls of atmospheric and bludgeoning guitars crash into a cathart...view item »

Aidan Baker / Simon Goff / Thor Harris

Aidan Baker, Simon Goff and Thor Harris recorded Noplace in the space of a few hours at Berlin’s Redrum Studios. The album comes from an improvised jam which was then re-ordered and edited to form the cohesive music herein. Guitars and violin tussle over motorik beats to create a kind of w...view item »

Otto Lindholm

Four track second full length album from Belgium’s Otto Lindholm. Layers of bowed and scraped double bass loops interweave with electronics to create expansive ambient drone that sways softly, yet grippingly, between the light and dark. For fans of ...view item »

A.R.C. Soundtracks

The third album from A.R.C. Soundtracks is Dereliction / Mirror, hewn together over the course of a residency at the Islington Mill. Dark, dread-heavy post-industrial synths mix with vintage hauntological vibes, with rhythmic aspects and spoken word occasionally rearing their heads up into the mix. Limited edition of 17...view item »

Astrid & Rachel Grimes
Through The Sparkle

Here is an interesting sounding collaboration between French ensemble Astrid and Rachel's founder and pianist Rachel Grimes. Following years of email correspondence the two hooked up in France to collaborate and the result is this an album of miniature symphonies, gentle and cinematic sound...view item »

With Our Heads in the Clouds and Our Hearts in the Fields

A collaboration between Belgium base chanteuse Chantal Acda and Adam Wiltzie, the latter famed for his work as one half of droopy Texan ambient masters Stars of The Lid. The typically long and some may say pretentious title marks this out as one of those certain to have appeal amongst the Sigur Ros brigade. The music is heartfelt, swooning at ti...view item »

Brave Timbers

Brave Timbers began life as a solo project for multi-instrumentalist Sarah Kemp but on Hope Andrew Scrogham joins to flesh out her subtle compositions with mournful piano. This vinyl LP from Gizeh draws on ambient and neo-classical forms, the piano and violin create a dream-like a...view item »

Aidan Baker & Karen Willems

Nadja drone-guitar lord Aidan Baker spent a day in the studio with drummer and Inwolves leader Karen Willems last year, improvising and following one another into interesting musical corners. Nonland is a subtly developing beast, audiby the product of two serious talent...view item »


FOUDRE!, a remarkable quartet including members of Saåad, The Rustle Of The Stars, Extreme Precautions and I Pilot Dæmon, performed this piece (in a Gothic church!) as a live accompaniment to Ho Tzu Nyen’s film Earth. ...view item »

The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun Nor Carved with A Knife

Nadja, the long-running heavy ambient guitar duo of Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff, have a new album of typically dense sonics out on the Gizeh label. The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun Nor Carved With A Knife is good for blasting away what ails you, and is available both on CD and on viny...view item »

Shield Patterns
Mirror Breathing

Manchester duo Shield Patterns return with a second album of downbeat, cinematic tunes. Recorded in their studio high in the Peak District they produce the kind of evocative compositions that would appeal to fans of Bat for Lashes and Zola Jesus. Ethereal and hypnotic, the album has an other wor...view item »

Anders Brørby

Leeds-based ambient drone label Gizeh have a new outlet for their work: the Dark Peak series. Norwegian artist Anders Brøby is a perfect fit, given that Nihil is a shadowy collection of tracks, exploring emptiness and darkness with just enough melody to pu...view item »

Christine Ott
Only Silence Remains

Christine Ott (a long-term member of Yann Tiersen's touring band) is a rare talent with the Ondes Martenot, a strange and remarkable early electronic instrument. On Only Silence Remains she pairs it with piano, harmonium and tubular bells for a sensitive melodic suite. Ott’s first...view item »

Last Harbour
Paler Cities

Last Harbour follow up their recent full-length album Caul with this single, which contains 2 brand-new tracks. Paler Cities has a strong, brooding feel to it, with vocalist K Craig sounding distant and troubled while the band propel themselves on, on. 7” single on Leeds’ own Gizeh ...view item »

The Roman

These dark and atmospheric drones from Æmaeth form the soundtrack to silent film The Roman. Composed from improvised guitar and piano, not only are they powerful accompaniments to the film, but beautiful long-form compositions in their own right. The glacial pace slowly reveals Æmaeth’s subtle ...view item »

Tomorrow We Sail
For Those Who Caught The Sun In Flight

Tomorrow We Sail are from Leeds and there are seven of them. They play the kind of earnest and epic music which the Guardian will probably describe as "soaring", kind of like Dark Dark Dark, The National and Sigur Ros all stopped being so li...view item »


How do you pronounce Gizeh? Is it like how Yosser Hughes would once have requested, in casual earnestness, for a job? Or is it a little more distinguished and pretentious than that? And are these post-rock releasing types aware that they share a name with both a smoking accessories firm f...view item »

Aidan Baker
Half Lives

Returning after Aidan Baker’s previous album Already Drowning, Half Lives is two albums on a CD each and continues his experimental approach to music, with the music described as “constructed” due to different experiments being woven into each other to create some moody, b...view item »

Last Harbour

Gloomy rock from Last Harbour in their latest release, Caul. After taking some time out from their last album and tour, they have created another beautiful album which merges bleak experimentation with moments of joy and transcendance. Featuring the band’s most epic piece yet, a 13-minute epic cinematic piece. CD and vinyl...view item »

Cartographer / Explorer

Anna-Lynne Williams has made some of the most soft-spoken and supremely gentle slowcore of the modern era, both as part of Trespassers William and alone under the alias of Lotte Kestner. Now, she joins forces with Robert Gomez for 'Cartographer/Explorer', another twilit record in which their vocals are constantly conjoined against a dramatic bac...view item »

Chantal Acda
Live In Dresden

Chantal Acda is a singer-songwriter of the folk persuasion, but her version of that cliché is a little bit different: under the name Sleepingdog, she's collaborated with drone artist Adam Wiltzie to make sparse, ambient-leaning records such as 'Polar Life'. Her first solo record (made with contributions from Nils Frahm), 'Let Your Hand Be...view item »

Loscil / Fieldhead
Fury and Hecla

This is a second pressing of the long sold out collaboration between Vancouver-based musician Scott Morgan as Loscil and Newcastle Upon Tyne based Paul Elam as Fieldhead. Both musicians are known for creating droning icy soundscapes. Loscil has previously released a series of well-regarded albums on Kranky citing krautrock greats Cluster, Gavin ...view item »

Shield Patterns
Contour Lines

I’ve been reading a lot about this lot on the internet but typically I  managed to miss them when they played my local auditorium as I was too tired to leave the house. Its probably a good job I stayed home and napped as no doubt I would have nodded off in public to their narcoleptic electronic tunes. Not that this is a bad thing...view item »

Charles-Eric Charrier
Petite Soeur

Here's an interesting and beautiful record. Charles-Eric Charrier leads his quartet in a series of contemplative minimal jazz pieces, often blurring the lines between jazz and ambient in the stark and skeletal sonic spaces he chooses to create, a softly brushed drum putter here, some sadly squeaking reeds or bluesy guitar there, the notes hang i...view item »

A Correction

On the ever dependable Gizeh records, first up it must be said that the packaging is spot on superb, on delicious 180 gram vinyl with download code and when you open it all up, loads of bits of card etc fall out. Tremendous. ...view item »

A-Sun Amissa
Desperate In Her Heavy Sleep

This is a new project straight outta that Northern metropolis we call Leeds and features a few folks already known to many for a particular brand of dark bewitching ambience. Particularly Richard Knox, Gizeh founder and Glissando man is here, stretching his wings with this new collaborativ...view item »

Richard Knox & Frederic D. Oberland
The Rustle Of The Stars

Here's a record that wasn't released especially for the obsessive collectors' mad scramble that was “Record Store Day 2012” and isn't being sold by anyone on eBay at hugely cynical and exploitative prices. Wahey! It's a really lush neo-classical/post-rock outing consisting of ...view item »

FareWell Poetry
Hoping For The Invisible To Ignitel

Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite is magnificent. The music is maybe a little too pretty and polished for my taste: they're making a lot of noise but often very controlled and perfected noise. Musically the band is more in the tradition of the Velvet Underground than the D...view item »

Conquering Animal Sound

Coming seemingly out of nowhere (actually Glasgow, Scotland) Conquering Animal Sound are one of those bands who if you see live you'll fall in love with immediately. The man spends his time looping up a multitude of instruments, fingerclicks into mikes, technofied beats, dreamy synths and simple guitar chords while the lady sings intriguing lyri...view item »


Fieldhead is the work of Mr P. Elam who is a former Leeds resident now residing in Vancouver, Canada. You may be aware that Elam plays a significant role in both The Declining Winter and Glissando's Fleeting Glimpse Ensemble as well as producing experimental recordings much like the one I'm listening to now. Elam digs minimalism and has chosen t...view item »

Trespassers William
The Natural Order of Things

I'm not really familiar with Trespassers William but they've recently signed with Gizeh and this 'The Natural Order Of Things' 5 track CD EP sounds okay. It's really laid back and in my tired sleep deprived state it's almost sending me to the land of nod. The female vocals are kinda soothing. I'm not really sure what to write about this as I cant r...view item »

Other Arms

Redjetson have a new album out on Gizeh Records. They've actually split up now but the album has been released posthumously. A risky business!! 'Other Arms' is it's name and it's a massive sprawling post rock/ post pop/ post emo effort bursting with syncopated rhythms, discordant guitars, melodic vocals all wrapped up in 10 songs. It's pretty epic ...view item »

Her Name Is Calla
The Heritage

Leeds post-rock troupe Her Name is Calla have a mini album (The Heritage) of dramatic slo-core tragedy which unfurls all over your face like a mask of sadness spreading it's wings. They sort of connect the dots between early Low, iLiKETRAiNS and Galaxie 500. A little gothic, rather grave but with some beautiful touches. There's some proper classici...view item »