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A Veil Of Water
Late Night Loneliness

Self-taught multi-instrumentalist Rune Trelvik releases his second full length under his A Veil Of Water moniker. Channeling the more melancholic side of his output Late Night Loneliness mixes post rock and gentle, minimal, neoclassical akin to Ólafur Arnalds’ Living Room Songs...view item »

Chihei Hatakeyama
Journey To The End Of August

Ukraine’s Hidden Vibes is a cute little label. Their highly limited releases all come nicely packaged, and they tend to contain music of tranquil beauty. Chihei Hatakeyama’s ...view item »

Endless Melancholy
The Vacation

On the fifth Endless Melancholy album listeners will find that kind of barely moving ambient music that appears to stay very still and rush at the same time. Quiet keys, the bustle of tape hiss and atmospheric recordings share the sonic environment with endless, feather light drones, perfect for far gazing nights....view item »

Wil Bolton
Night Paths

Duvet-strength warm ambient from Wil Bolton, whose previous records for the likes of Eilean, Home Normal and Sound in Silence have served as handcrafted comfort. Mastered by dronefather Ian Hawgood, Night Paths sees a return to Bolton's setup of processed guitar, synths and loops, al...view item »


Prepare for forty-five minutes of blissed-out ambience from the Hakobune Industries Blissed-out Ambience Bot 3000. Rather than a reference to the rather wacky Tim Burton film, the title Betelgeuse is of course in honour of the Orionian star. You’re in for a celestial, glistening and weightless journey across space...view item »

Olan Mill

Alex Smalley makes his music under the name Olan Mill. On Orient, guitar and organ create a backdrop for delicate melodies plucked on a violin. Elsewhere layers of vocals and harp take over creating a stunning overall listening experience. Smalley has recorded for the Serein, Dronarvim and Preservation labels in the past. CD lim...view item »
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Endless Melancholy
In The Shadow Of History

Stripping away pretty much all of the electronics and leaving skeletal piano pieces and stark string accompaniments, this is Endless Melancholy’s score for the documentary Ostroh: In the Shadow Of History. Delicate pieces that have the close personal feel of Living Room Songs by Ólafur Arna...view item »

Desolate Horizons / Endless Melancholy
Deep As The Dark Blue Sea

A water-themed split here between Ukraine’s Endless Melancholy and Desolate Horizon. Both artist have samples of the sea and a grand, abstract, sweeping approach to sounds: much of Deep As The Dark Blue Sea has the epic feel of post-rock, but conveyed by a much more ambient palette. CD release pac...view item »

Endless Melancholy
Her Name In A Language Of Stars

Endless Melancholy is the recording name for Ukrainian musician Oleksiy Sakevych. The musical project was started to showcase Sakevych’s love for minimal piano and ambient music. On Her Name In A Language Of Stars, the classical arrangements of previous recordings have all but made w...view item »
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Endless Melancholy

So what can you expect from an artist called Endless Melancholy? Fragile, the third full length from Ukrainian Oleksiy Sakevych deals in exquisite ambient piano in the vein of Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm. Makes you want to dig out Attenborough’s latest nature docs, and that’s no bad thing. Out on vinyl LP ...view item »
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A Model Kit
Invention of Love

This is really nice. I'm making a very gentle start today in the company of A Model Kit, aka Russia's Maxim Popov. He's got this ridiculously limited CD out this week in the world's glossiest digipak. I can see my face in it! There's a little booklet of mysterious art printed on thick textured card too. "May remind you of ...view item »
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