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A Veil Of Water
Late Night Loneliness

Self-taught multi-instrumentalist Rune Trelvik releases his second full length under his A Veil Of Water moniker. Channeling the more melancholic side of his output Late Night Loneliness mixes post rock and gentle, minimal, neoclassical akin to Ólafur Arnalds’ Living Room Songs...view item »

Chihei Hatakeyama
Journey To The End Of August

Ukraine’s Hidden Vibes is a cute little label. Their highly limited releases all come nicely packaged, and they tend to contain music of tranquil beauty. Chihei Hatakeyama’s ...view item »

Endless Melancholy
The Vacation

Not ‘Endless Vacation’ (don’t we all wish) as I just typed into our site’s beautiful search engine, but in fact this cd is The Vacation by the (endlessly melancholic) Endless Melancholy; perfect for the start of another sad day in the office. Blame the too-many-staff-to-cafetiere-capacity ratio: I’ve not ha...view item »


Prepare for forty-five minutes of blissed-out ambience from the Hakobune Industries Blissed-out Ambience Bot 3000. Rather than a reference to the rather wacky Tim Burton film, the title Betelgeuse is of course in honour of the Orionian star. You’re in for a celestial, glistening and weightless journey across space...view item »

Wil Bolton
Night Paths

Following a slew of lush and tranquil releases for the likes of Hibernate, Sound In Silence, Dronarivm and Home Normal, comes Wil Bolton’s latest missive from the depths of his duck-down duvet. This release, on Kiev’s tiny Hidden Vibes label (operated by Oleksiy of ...view item »

Endless Melancholy
In The Shadow Of History

Hello. My name is Jamie and I am Norman Records’ resident ‘sad and/or elegiac music’ specialist. Today your correspondent is over the [super]moon to discover this little gem in my review pile; so I’ll endeavour to report on the latest disc from that happiest of campers, Kiev’s Endless Melancholy (Oleksiy Sakevych) -...view item »

Desolate Horizons / Endless Melancholy
Deep As The Dark Blue Sea

The sea. That unending expanse of water which your eyes follow to the horizon. Standing on a South Kent clifftop on a misty morning at dawn, or gazing out across a lemon yellow sparkling estuary in North Lancashire at dusk; there it is, the water lapping at your feet, the sound of crashing waves and the smell of seaweed drawing you in like no ot...view item »

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