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Adam Coney

Inspired by his stint working as a carer, Pavilion is the second studio effort from Ramsgate-based composer Adam Coney. Following half a decade on from his striking debut The Fall of the Flamingo Gardens, each of the nine instrumental tracks was built in the studio upon a core of a single live performance. 
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Keir Vine

London’s Trestle Records (City Shepherd, Adam Coney) drop a record from famed keyboardist/hang player Keir Vine. The Instance EP is rather different to the plush post-jazz that Vine dishes up as part of Portico Quartet. These eight tracks are built around droning church organs, field recordings, found sounds and little snippets of piano. They've got a bit of a Ghost Box flavour to it. It all adds up to a really nice listen.


Wow ok. This one blows your head off. Noon are a London-based trio that bring together free jazz, free rock and free everything else. They’ve taken seven years since the release of their debut EP in 2011, but Disquiet was worth the wait. The guitar playing recalls Adrien Belew and St Vincent at their very zaniest as well as packing an additional crunch that pretty much consumes the sound. The drums and bass are at once titanically massive and groovily nimble even when operating at sluggish tempos. It's a bit like Zammuto ... a bit.

Amoral Avatar
Amoral Avatar

Instrumental rock label Trestle Records (Noon, Karras) drop another envelope-pusher. Amoral Avatar are a duo who take post-rock about as far as it can go before it turns into, like, music concrete or something. It’s not ‘post-rock’ in the vast, glacial, Explosions In The Sky sense, though there are moments - ‘AA6’, for instance - of stillness and beauty. But there are also tracks like ‘AA2’ which could be something by Pierre Schaeffer. The fact that this record was tracked in a day (!) makes it even more impressive.

Municipal Dances

Karras is the pairing of two members of Maximo Park and The Rakes, stepping away from the smart indie rock their ‘main’ bands are known for with a debut album of instrumental pop, bustling with kitschy disco and pulsing krautrock influences. Municipal Dances show that the gambit has paid off: the sound is joyous and fun and brightly-textured. Out on Trestle Records.

David Coulter & Seb Rochford
Good Friday

Good Friday is a document of a single day of improvisation between 2 generously talented musicians. Mostly using the unusual pairing of jaw harp and drums, David Coulter (collaborator with Damon Albarn and Charlemagne Palestine) and Seb Rochford (Polar Bear, Acoustic Ladyland), stretch out into some strange, ecstatic lands. On Trestle Records.


Third is an instrumental album of folky tunes which sprawl out vast landscapes before your eyes, some evoking the far West with blues inspired guitar work, and others keeping in Tout’s native England, with whimsical folk features such as a double bass and violins. The tunes build and grow and always seem fresh upon every listen.
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  • Trestle Records
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Matthew Swinnerton

'Lampenfieber' is the new record from Rakes' guitarist Matthew Swinnerton, who has branched out into solo pursuits such as producing and scoring. This record is far and away from the indie rock of his previous band, a collection of instrumental tracks based in the sounds its title suggests - Krautrock, motorik and experimental. It hints at the influence of bands such as Neu!. 
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  • Trestle Records