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Kalmykian Archaic and Soviet Folk

Ored Recordings are a fine label who chronicle the traditional musics of Russia, the Caucasus and the surrounding regions. Back in 2015 they released 'Kalmykian Archaic and Soviet Folk', a collection of songs by the pair of Tatiana Dordzhieva and Maria Beltsykova. This elderly duo are Kalmyks, a group of Oirats (ethnic Western Mongols) who now live in Russia, and their songs reflect the turbulent history of their people. Deportation to Siberia in the 1940’s, Buddhist songs, wedding music and 19th Century wartime ballads all feature on 'Kalmykian Archaic and Soviet Folk'. Now given a new edition courtesy of Sub Rosa, this is a fascinating collection.

Institute Of Sonology 1959-1969

Compilations with dates in their title are always the best compilations. Fact. Compilations with dense, dry scientific language in the title, even more so. This is why 'Institute Of Sonology 1959-1969' is a delicious prospect. Full of early electronic music experiments done in a studio complex at the Institute of Sonology in Utrech, this double LP sounds like a thrilling trip back in time to when the idea of music made by machines promised a truly brave new world. 

Spectra Ex Machina: A Sound Anthology of Occult Phenomena 1920-2017 Vol.1

Here’s something that ought to be unlike anything else in your collection: a Sound Anthology of Occult Phenomena. In the case of Volume 1 (of a proposed three-part series), these phenomena are represented through audio recordings of seances, hauntings and other spiritualist activities, spanning almost 100 years. Features Arthur Conan Doyle and (supposedly) Oscar Wilde. On Sub Rosa.
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Ami Shavit
Yom Kippur 1973

A wonderful piece of electronic sound magic, recently unearthed from the archives and now released for the first time ever. Yom Kippur 1973 is the work of Israeli artist Ami Shavit, and it's a deep spiritual trip through worlds of vintage synthesisers and shimmering flutes. Reminded me of a few moments from Tarkovsky soundtracks. It’s Sub Rosa who have done us all the favour of releasing this one.

Maurice Louca

On Elephantine, Maurice Louca and his 12-piece ensemble bring together the cosmic jazz of Sun Ra and a variety of influences from Louca's own Egypt. The result is something majestic and sublime, anchored by Louca's piano and guitar playing, and occasionally loosed into free jazz ecstasy. Released on Sub Rosa.

An Anthology Of Greek Experimental Electronic Music 1966-2016

Those smart people over at Sub Rosa here provide a great overview of Experimental Electronic Music made by Greek artists over a fifty year period. There is a great deal to love and discover here, from the bossman Iannis Xenakis himself to contemporary practitioners like Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga and Free Piece Of Tape. A very high-grade anthology, whatever your starting point.

Sylvain Chauveau

Pianisme collects together piano pieces by French-born, Belgium-based musician, Sylvain Chauveau. Many of the pieces were written for films by director Sebastien Betbeder and there one minimal piece written for choreographer Christian Rizzo. Chauveau also plays in 0, avant rock band, Arca and On. LP on Sub Rosa.

John Cage
Early Electronic & Tape Music

Sub Rosa continue with the vitally important task of keeping a wide range of John Cage’s extensive works available. Here we have a collection of some of his earlier works with electronic mediums, as newly realised by Langham Research Centre. Quite a good approach I’d say, as the open-ended, indeterminate nature of some of these pieces means that every realisation is different!

Octavian Nemescu
Gradeatia - Natural 1973-83

How many artists can say they released a record on the only label active in Soviet-era Romania? Not many, that’s how many. But Octavian Nemescu did. 1984’s Gradeatia - Natural (1973-1983) brought together two compositions Nemescu had chipped away at over the preceding decade. The combination of electroacoustic techniques, abrasive concrete and alien electronic drones makes for eerie listening. Now the LP has been reissued by Sub Rosa (Bill Laswell, Merzbow).

Univers Zero
Ceux Du Dehors

Ceux Du Dehors was the third album by Belgian prog band Univers Zero. The album is heavily influenced by American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, whose short story, The Outsider (Ceux Du Dehors translates as Those From Outside) was read by each band member immediately before recording the album. The band’s sound has been likened to a darker version of that produced by classical minimalists Steve Reich and Philip Glass. Limited edition clear/red vinyl LP on Sub Rosa.

Jean C. Roche
Birds Of Venezuela

There’s surely nowt as thrilling, when getting to know the natural soundscape of an unfamiliar place, as the weird tapestry of local birdsong. This 1973 release by legendary bird recordist Jean C. Roché, sampled by Björk and cherished by David Toop, now gets the reissue treatment from the ever-dependable Sub Rosa. The dense, varying birdscapes of Venezuela, from pootoos to cornbirds, are just wonderful.

Persian Electronic Music Volume 2 / Sacred Horror In Design

A new one from the most intense and hardcore mixer of all time, Sacred Horror In Design sees Sote follow-up the unbelievable and unprecedented Hardcore Sounds from Tehran. This record comes as a commission for Sote, who is joined by Arash Bolouri and Behrouz Pashaei, the trio bridging juxtapositions of electronics and Iranian classical music in divergent patterns. Sote left many of the instruments played on the record unprocessed against their electronic counterparts.

Bill Laswell / Nicholas James Bullen
Bass Terror

You know that when Bill Laswell (of Painkiller and a thousand heavy production jobs) and Nicholas James Bullen (of Scorn and bloody Napalm Death) threaten Bass Terror, they are going to deliver on that threat. These two pieces are dense with low-end throb, pulse and thrash, and they have never before been released on vinyl. Out on Sub Rosa.

Hastings Of Malawi
Visceral Underskinnings

It’s only been 35 years since their first album Vibrant Stapler Obscures Characteristic Growth, but British dadaist agitators and Nurse With Wound associates Hastings of Malawi are already coming through with the second record. Steady on, lads. As with the 1981 debut, the eclectic, concrète collagism on show here is in complete disregard of all popular music conventions - and all the better for it.

David Toop + Paul Burwell
Suttle Sculpture

David Toop has been investigating free improvised music through writing and performance for many years now: this release documents his work with Paul Burwell in the form of a 1977 session in Brussels. Suttle Sculpture has never previously been released in any form, and they offer an insight into the creation and development of music that still sounds cutting edge. Vinyl from Sub Rosa.

Otto Sidharta
Four Indonesian Electronic Pieces 1979-1984

Extremely rare sounds from Otto Sidharta, an electronic composer from Indonesia. This release, which puts to vinyl four pieces from the double disc CD edition, were recorded between 1979 and 1992, and make for astonishing listening. Pure electronics are merged with environmental recordings to create vivid pieces of sound. LP release as part of Sub Rosa’s excellent Early Electronic series.

Sylvain Chauveau & Chant 1450 Renaissance Ensemble
Echoes of Harmony - Early Music Reworked

Tireless, archive-fevered Belgian juggernauts Sub Rosa are up to their neat old tricks again. This time, seldom-heard Spanish Renaissance works of the manuscripts of Cancionero de Colombina and Cancionero de Palacio are reinterpreted by minimalist electronic heavyweight Sylvain Chauveau and Chant 1450 Renaissance Ensemble. Direction, curation, additional sound design and mixing come courtesy of Swiss tenor Daniel Manhart. The digipak includes a 12-page booklet.

Cristian Vogel
Classics Remastered 1993-1998

A very fine retrospective of important Chilean / UK producer Cristian Vogel’s forward-looking 90’s techno tracks. Classics Remastered 1993-1998 has wide-eyed high-energy club vibes for days, and each track is newly remastered for extra kick. Out on Sub Rosa in differently-tracklisted 2CD and 2LP versions.

Luc Ferrari
Tinguely 1967

Wow! This amazing musique concrete material from maestro Luc Ferrari has never previously been released! Tinguely 1967 and Dernier Matin d’Edgar-Allan Poe were composed for film and TV pieces, and show what Ferrari could do when working to a moving image. These two pieces will feature in a forthcoming 3CD compilation, but this is your chance to hear them on vinyl. From Sub Rosa.

Various (Seefeel, Scorn, Timothy Leary, Yanomami)
Ancient Lights And The Black Core

Utopian Diaries was a short lived series that acted as a sub label under Sub Rosa in the mid 90s which featured unreleased material focused around the faded idea of utopia. Featured artists included DJ Spooky, Coil, Laibach, Scanner, Oval. Here we have the third in the series, released in 1995, with tracks from Seefeel, Scorn, Timothy Leary & DJ Cheb I Sabbah. First time this has been made available on vinyl.
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Francisco Lopez
La Selva: Sound Environments From A Neotropical Rain Forest

Francisco Lopez is a real pro at recording and sequencing field recordings, and rainforests are a particular favourite of his. La Selva: Sound Environments From A Neotropical Rain Forest is a continuous 70-minute piece of amazing scale and detail. Presented on a USB memory stick accompanied, for some unfathomable reason, by a blank LP. On Sub Rosa.

Andre Stordeur
Analog And Digital Electronic Music #2 1980-2000

Previously unreleased sound-works from Belgian synth composer Andre Stordeur. Arguably Stordeur, who was using exclusively Serge synthesisers for the period covered by this compilation, hasn’t received his fair dues as a sonic innovator, but Analog And Digital Electronic Music #2 1980 - 2000 aims to adjust that by putting this wild stuff into circulation. LP release on Sub Rosa.

Keiji Haino / Jozef Dumoulin / Teun Verbruggen
The Miracles Of Only One Thing

Keiji Haino just can’t stop pouring music out of himself: on this occasion the sonic flow erupted in the presence of Jozef Dumoulin and Teun Verbruggen, two Belgian musicians on a tour of Japan. The Miracles Of Only One Thing is a strong meeting of minds, with the trio working themselves into some deep and tasty territory. CD / vinyl release on Sub Rosa.

Francisco Lopez
Anima Ardens

Francisco Lopez, usually spotted these days releasing long-form field recording epics, has been enlisted to provide the soundtrack to a dance piece for naked men by the Compagnie Thor ensemble. Lopez has turned to ritualistic recordings and jungle ambiences, mixed up into a very vivid whole. Anima Ardens is released by Sub Rosa.

Pauline Oliveros + Musiques Nouvelles
Four Meditations / Sound Geometrics

Major new work from experimental legend Pauline Oliveros, here working with orchestral ensemble Musiques Nouvelles. Four Meditations and Sound Geometrics are pieces that involve recording and relocation of the orchestras’ sounds while they perform, using Oliveros’ ‘Expanded Instrument System’: the orchestra then responds to its transformed self. On Sub Rosa.

An Anthology Of Turkish Experimental Music 1961-2014

Sub Rosa continue their sterling work unearthing little-known electroacoustic and other experimental works, this time from Turkey. So much of this brilliant material has never been released at all, and over a wide variety of music (contemporary compositions, noise, electronics) the listener will be wowed and delighted. An Anthology Of Turkish Experimental Music 1961-2014 is presented as a 2LP or 2CD set.

Dat Politics
Blitz Gazer

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Mikhail Karikis + Uriel Orlow
Sounds from Beneath

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Benjamin Thigpen
Divide By Zero

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Scanner & Dessy
Play Along

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Bump n Grind
Init Sequence

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