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DJ Lilocox
Paz & Amor

Principe (DJ Marfox, DJ Nigga Fox) return with their deepest release yet. DJ Lilocox has patiently waited his turn to drop on the Lisbon imprint, and he seizes the moment with this impressive five-track EP. Of course the core genre of Paz & Amor is the label’s...view item »

Nidia Minaj
Nidia E Ma, Nidia E Fudida

Nidia Minaj is the nineteen year old Portuguese producer who cares infinitely more about making the dancefloor move than she does about copyright law. Nidia E Ma, Nidia E Fudida showcases her addictive and creative production style over a whole LP’s worth of quick-fire tracks: her rhythms are so strong, she can ev...view item »

Álbum Desconhecido

Soul and electronica are what you can expect from this new odd mix, I know. Or maybe it isn't. Who knows? But I tell you who will know. You. If you get this record. Álbum Desconhecido is the new album from P.Adrix and it should be something pretty cool to listen to if you're in the mood for some odd dance musi...view item »

K30 / DJ NinOo / Puto Anderson
Firma Do Txiga

The Lisbon based label Príncipe specialises on their city’s homegrown talent. Here they have basically found a whole crew, and have released three of the producers in one set of three 7”s, each taking a disc. Each have very different styles, but each have incredible groove - from the more abstracted DJ K30, to...view item »

DJ Lycox
Sonhos & Pesadelos

The opening to the leading track from this full length 'Solteiro' sounds almost like This Mortal Coil, but the comparison ends pretty much there, as percussive lead 4/4 beats come in, lifted by multisampled vocal cries and smooth bass hits. Deep and lovely stuff from DJ Lycox, a lush meeting of worlds....view item »

Blacksea Nao Maya
Calor No Frio

Blacksea Nao Maya brings together DJ Kolt, DJ Perigoso, DJ Noronha (and, for one track, DJ Joker) in various combinations, consistently providing furiously rolling batida, funaná and kuduro tracks. I found Calor No Frio’s rhythms irresistib...view item »

Normal Nada
Transmutacao Cerebra

Hard-hitting metakuredo music from famed Lisbonian Normal Nada, who you also might know as Erre Mente or Qraqmaxter CiclOFF (that last one really rolls of the keys…). The 7 tracks that make up Transmutaceo Cerebra roll fast and frantic, but with a joyous good vibe. Released as an...view item »

DJ Firmeza
Alma Do Meu Pai

DJ Firmeza delivers a spanking workout of elastic rhythms and afro elegance with Alma Do Meu Pai. A perfect encapsulation of the joyously original sounds emanating from present-day Lisbon, it’s a cacophony of tribal exuberance and dancefloor-friendly jams. Out on vinyl 12” from Principie....view item »

Tia Maria Producoes
Ta Tipo Ja Nao Vamos Morrer

This collaboration features a team brought together by Puto Márcio (20, ex-DJs Di Puro Ritmo) in 2012. The group includes DJ B.Boy, DJ Télio and DJ Lycox, a group of geographically distant DJs and producers. The record is varied in sound due to its myria...view item »

DJ Marfox
Eu Sei Quem Sou EP

  African-influenced Electronica made in Lisbon, Portugal. Marlon Silva aka DJ Marfox has been gaining prominence in Lisbon's 'ghetto' dancefloors for the past 10 years. This unsettling and rousing vinyl 12" is out on Principe.  Tracks: A1. Eu Sei Quem SouA2. Bit Binary B1. Mitolog...view item »