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Prophecy + Progress: UK Electronics 1978 - 1990

Spanish label Peripheral Minimal (Spatial Relation, Doric) release a selection of Thatcher-era electronics. While you could charitably term most of Prophecy + Progress synth-pop, the thirteen tracks here are a far cry from your Dead Or Alives and your Depeche Mo...view item »

Beta Evers / Spatial Relation
Split EP

New York duo Spatial Relation and Augsburg’s Beta Evers contribute three tracks a-piece here for Peripheral Minimal. The trio from Evers are tinny, lo-fi tracks which jump between dark electro (‘Hiding’) and synthwave (‘Soundtrack For A Tomorrow’). Doppleref...view item »

Mitra Mitra
The Flood

A marvellous meeting of minds has resulted in this EP, which blends techno, electro, dark wave and robotic funk into a dystopian party piece. Violet Candide's cold vocal delivery adds a distinctive human touch to the militant groove and swirling synth pads, a strange, sultry and misanthropic combination....view item »

Philippe Laurent

As Philippe Laurent's second release on Peripheral Minimal records, Phoenix is a three-track EP that harps back to the producer's early days as much as it looks forward. Influenced mainly krautrock pioneers Kraftwerk, his wave of electronic is minimal yet bold with retrofuturist themes....view item »

Synthétique: A French Synthwave Compilation 1982-2016

Dig in to the juicy synthesiser sounds of the French nation, recorded in obscurity over the course of a three-and-a-half-decade period. Synthétique is a labour of love from the Peripheral Minimal label, being full of rare (and in some cases entirely unreleased) material. Fabulous sparky synth-pop from the archives! CD release on ...view item »

Oppenheimer MKII
Another Nightmare

Andy Oppenheimer of Oppenheimer Analysis (not the Manhattan project) and Mahk Rumbae of Konstruktivists joined forces in 2012. On Another Nightmare they revisit two tracks from their debut album, tear them apart and completely remake them. This will be the first time th...view item »

Paradox Obscur

The second record from Paradox Obscur follows on from where the first left off: ice-cold coldwave, where the drums machines hit like a slap and the vocals come with a thousand-yard stare. Anacrusis was recorded without overdubs or software, so it’s as direct as can be. Dark synth-fun on Peripheral Minimal, limited...view item »

Mad Masks
Mad Masks

Mad Masks are an enthusiastically dark propositions, working the old-obscure-horror-soundtrack and the gothic vibes equally well. Drum machines, eerie guitar, unknown synth. Their self-titled debut album is available in a limited edition of 200 copies, along with 2 badges so you can wear your appreciation! On Peripheral Minimal....view item »

Spatial Relation
Beyond The Zero

Spatial Relation pitch themselves somewhere between vintage electro-pop and IDM. Beyond The Zero is their debut full-length. The drum and synth programming is tight and precise, and although I found the vocals and lyrics to be so affected as to seem a parody of electro-pop, I guess they do fit in quite well. 300 vinyl c...view item »

Demonstro: 1982 - 1985

CD with 8-page booklet, limited to 300 copies. A definitive collection of 20 of the rarest ATTRITION songs...; With previously unreleased tracks, demos and alternate versions. Experiments with analogue synths, drum machines, tape loop, bass guitar and effects. Many of these tracks were released on cassette compilations at the time, and 2 of them...view item »

Hidden Place
Retrospettiva: 2004-2014

Retrospettivia: 2004-2014 is a career-spanning best of and features three songs from each of Hidden Place’s four albums. The Italian electronic four-piece take their cues from other electro greats such as Kraftwerk, OMD and Depeche Mode fused with the ethereal 80s...view item »