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Green Seagull
Cloud Cover

Their name deriving from a mis-heard Rolling Stones lyric, London neo-psychedelic band Green Seagull return with their second album Cloud Cover. Expanding on their songwriting team since their 2016 debut Scarlet Fever, they bring in mellow Seventies Laurel Canyon vibes into the mix this time around. 

Green Seagull
Simeon Brown / Belladonna

Green Seagull are one of them there London psychedelic pop groups. New single ‘Simeon Brown’/‘Belladonna’ is an immaculately-turned-out duo of 60’s-inspired ditties. The former is very (very) Magical Mystery Tour, while ‘Belladonna’ offsets the McCartney-isms with a little more garage bite. One for those of you still mourning the breakup of Ultimate Painting.

Icarus Peel’s Acid Reign
The Window On The Side Of Your Head

Icarus Peel’s Acid Reign take their cues from classic rock trios such as Cream, The Groundhogs, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Taste. Icarus Peel himself felt that a different home was needed, away from his band The Honey Pot and his collaboration with Crystal Jacqueline, for new material to thrive. The Window On The Side Of Your Head is the new album and as the album cover may suggest, this man likes a guitar solo. Limited edition 180g yellow vinyl LP on Mega Dodo.

The Honey Pot
Bewildered Jane

With a name like The Honey Pot you’d expect them to be some forgotten ‘60s band or a modern band heavily influenced by the past. They are the latter. They play psychedelic folk rock that is likely to please fans of early Fairport Convention or Mellow Candle. Bewildered Jane is their new album LP and CD on Mega Dodo, CD features bonus track.

The Honey Pot
Lisa Dreams

The Honey Pot are that rarest of things: an actual band from the rural West Country! Here they preview the vibe of their forthcoming second album Inside The Whale with this exclusive, non-album single. Lisa Dreams is a bright and melodic: funky and psychedelic in that special 1960’s way. 7” on Mega Dodo.

Octopus Syng
Victorian Wonders

The members of Finnish group Octopus Syng may be nearing middle age now, but their advancing years haven’t caused them to lose too much of their enthusiasm for the childlike wonders of psychedelic rock. Latest LP Victorian Wonders is another exercise in primal psychotherapy from Jaire Pätäri et al. The sweet, simple lilts of numbers such as ‘Sunday’s Jackdaws’ and ‘One Day At The Amusement Park’ recall Syd Barrett.

Crystal Jacqueline

A live album comprising an unauthorised bootleg from Sonic Rock Solstice Festival 2017, since reclaimed and cleaned up by Jacqueline Crystal and Icarus Peel themselves. Now fit for official release via the band’s frequent collaborators Mega Dodo, it’s a chance to hear their psych-folk ballads in a more raw and vulnerable setting.
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Us and Them
When I Was Walking

Having put out a lilting psychish-folkish album with Mega Dodo Records in 2015, Swedish duo Us and Them return to the label with a lilting psychish-folkish double-A. I’m going to take a punt and guess that they’ve lifted their name from the Pink Floyd song. 7”. Sleeves are hand-numbered so it’s a good job they’re only making 150 of them because any more would likely mean cramping for the numberer in question.
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Us and Them
On Shipless Ocean

On Shipless Ocean is the second record from pysch-rock band Us and Them. What makes this record even more special is that it is available on a limited pressing blue vinyl. Available only as an LP and released on Mega Dodo. Apparently, when you listen to this you feel like you're in a warm 'liquid bubble'. Interesting. 

Green Seagull
Scarlet Fever

Green Seagull take their influences from ‘60s bands such as The Left Banke, The Association and The Kinks, forming part of the growing neo-psych scene in London. Their authentic take on freakbeat and baroque pop makes Scarlet Fever one of the more interesting releases to look forward to in 2018. LP and CD on Mega Dodo.

Us and Them
From The Corner Of My Eye

Us and Them, over and over again. That’s where the LCD Soundsystem comparison ends, mind. The latest single from the Swedish dream-folk duo is a stately, vaguely psychedelic procession of guitars, strings, harmonies and lightly-pattering drums. 'From The Corner Of My Eye' brings to mind Gillian Welch and Vashti Bunyan.

Alison O’Donnell
The Road We Know

Dubliner Alison O’Donnell began her career in the late sixties with folk rockers Mellow Candle. Her prolific recent years have included work with United Bible Studies, The Owl Service, The Fieldmouse Conspiracy, and even Cathedral. This limited 7” features a track from her new album Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace, recorded with fellow UBS member David Colohan, boasting the lyrical and gently psychedelic folk we’ve come to expect from both musicians.

62 Miles From Space
Time Shifts

62 Miles From Space is a project by Neil Davidson and Roman Kutnov. The fact that they both live in Moscow doesn’t mean they ever meet up, play live, jam together or anything daft like that. This is a virtual music project with the two protagonists communicating by email and playing virtual instruments. Time Shifts is their debut 4-track EP on Mega Dodo. Red vinyl 12”. Surely you’re intrigued?

Mordecai Smyth
The Mayor of Toytown is Dead

The Mayor Of Toytown Is Dead is the second album from Mordecai Smyth. On his debut album, Sticky Tape and Rust he inhabits the same world as Syd Barrett, Kevin Ayers, Vivian Stanshall and Ivor Cutler writing short, hooky retro-pop songs. Following this, Smyth wanted a change of direction. On The Mayor Of Toytown Is Dead, he stays in the same world but explores prog rock whilst retaining the catchy hooks.

Green Seagull
Scarlet / They Just Don’t Know

Green Seagull (who feature members of Hidden Masters and New Electric Ride) are a band in love with the psychedelically-coloured, brightly-baroque, jangle-pop sound of the late 1960’s, and they’ve done their damnedest to channel the vibes of that music here on their debut single. The Scarlet / They Just Don’t Know 7” is released by Mega Dodo Recordings.

Alison O'Donnell
Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace

Dublin’s Alison O’Donnell has been performing with folk bands for years, from Mellow Candle when she was 15 to Unite Bible Studies and The Fieldmouse Conspiracy. Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace is her new solo album, recorded in collaboration with Dave Colohan and blending traditional folk with subtle touches of electronica. Released by Mega Dodo in an edition of 300.

Richard Bone
Age of Falconry

After initially working in his own band, Bone, and new wavers Shox Lumania in the late 70s and 80s Richard Bone set up Quirkworks Laboratory Discs and went solo to experiment with ambient electronica meeting jazz and lounge. Landing somewhere between Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Bayonne there’s lots of lush acoustic and semi acoustic repetition and chord structures.

Crystal Jacqueline
Await The Queen

As one of the most successful singers on the neo-psych scene, Crystal Jacqueline is developing a stellar reputation for her immersive technique. Await The Queen couldn't showcase her talents better; it's a perfect example of the beauty made from ambitious songwriting and sensual vocals.

Mark & The Clouds

Mark & The Clouds are a modern band who pull of a remarkably strong impersonation of a 1960’s British jangle-pop group. Cumulus is their second album of vintage sounds, on which every detail sits in just the right place. Released by Megadodo on CD and vinyl, with the CD version containing an extra three bonus tracks.

Icarus Peel
Forget-Me-Not Under Pussy Willow

Icarus Peel is the leader of The Honey Pots, but he has a busy little sideline in solo albums, of which Forget-Me-Not Under Pussy Willow is the fourth. It sounds as old-tyme English as the sleeve art looks, with an eccentric darkness that feels like a twingle in Peel’s eye. 180g vinyl LP release on the Mega Dodo label, limited to 250 copies only.

The Orange Drop
Stoned In Love

As a heady, melting blend of neo-psych and garage-rock drunk on reverb, The Orange Drop transports listeners back to the summer of love in this edition. Stoned In Love, its 180 gram vinyl limited to only 250 copies worldwide, is the luscious produce of a Philadelphian outfit not nearly at their peak.

The Luck of Eden Hall
The End Of The Lane

The Luck Of Eden Hall have been flying solidly below the radar of Chicago’s rock scene for two and a half decades now, delighting those in the know with the kind of warm psychedelia we hear on new single The End Of The Lane. The song was inspired by a Neil Gaiman book, and the author kindly contributed a drawing to be used as cover art. A tightly-limited edition of 150 7” copies, released by Mega Dodo.

Octopus Syng
Hollow Ghost / Rochelle Salt

Octopus Syng are a band deeply in love with all the different kinds of psychedelic music, from the heavy distorted stuff to the acid-on-a-summer-afternoon acoustic stuff. It all comes together on new album Hollow Ghost / Rochelle Salt, a strangely-surreal set of darkly groovy tunes. CD and blue vinyl editions, on Mega Dodo.

Octopus Syng
Reverberating Garden No. 7

Octopus Syng are a Scandinavian band deeply in love with all the different kinds of psychedelic music, from the heavy distorted stuff to the acid-on-a-summer-afternoon acoustic stuff. It all comes together on new single Reverberating Garden No. 7, which is as colourful and welcomingly hazy as that throwback sleeve art suggests. Only 150 copies out there, on Mega Dodo.

The Honey Pot
To The Edge of The World and Beyond

The Honey Pot are total 60’s lovers, their music being full of flaring psychedelic guitar riffs and the exact kind of vocals that were prominent at that time. Though they come from the West Country, they sound San Francisco through and through. To The Edge Of The World And Beyond is out on Mega Dodo.

Le Super Homard
Maple Key

Le Super Homard are a three-piece electronic pop band. They were formed by Christophe Vaillant, who was previously in ‘60s-style beat group Pony Taylor. The lineup is completed by Vaillant’s brother, Olivier and Pandora Burgess.  They wear their influences, such as Stereolab and French pop artist Medhi Zannad, on their sleeves. Maple Key should appeal to fans of Stereolab, Broadcast and the solo work of Gruff Rhys.

Icarus Peel vs Mordecai Smyth
Barnburner EP

A woozy sway from Icarus Peel vs Mordecai Smyth. Barnburner EP is the new 6 tracker with each artist taking 3 for themselves. Full of soaring vocals, reverby guitars, funfair organs and grooving bass lines. It's somewhere amongst Nick Cave, Bowie, Tom Waits and Magical Mystery Tour era Beatles. Pick it up on 10" vinyl from Mega Dodo.

Beautify Junkyards
The Beast Shouted Love

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The Honey Pot
Inside The Whale

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Us and Them
Summer Green and Autumn Brown

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Crystal Jacqueline

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