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Suspended Youth

An album a year? No problem. Consider it done. Here’s Grand Rapids, Michigan psych/garage quartet Heaters, now on their fourth LP since 2015. Still, a lot happens in four years and the lyrics throughout newun Suspended Youth seem to reflect an increasing awareness of the passage of time. Sorry to report, band of twentysome...view item »
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Kiki Pau

Two years in the making, here’s Finnish quartet Kiki Pau’s latest offering and their first material since 2013’s Pines. Once again the glorious space rock jams are here, glooping their way across the known universe with bright, warm and deep scuzz and a fair whack of krautrock. Vocals even crop up a bit with th...view item »


Geneva jammers L’Eclair introduce Polymood, recorded in Tone Boutique Studio in the Netherlands. Everything on offer here is in solemn and relentless service to groov...view item »
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The Myrrors

Wannabe seers the Myrrors continue to front the sweltering pychedelia you so love them for. Fans of the band will surely be pleased by Borderlands which promises to be an innate retelling of their sound, using the usual fuzzy raga to bring about an ecstasy you barely notice you're experiencing. See i...view item »

Bart De Paepe
Pagus Wasiae

Bart De Paepe’s debut album for Belgian label Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, Pagus Wasiae, channels Tangerine Dream, Cluster, Taj Mahal Travellers and the most ethereal works of Pink Floyd. His dynamic use of synths, guitars and understated beats creates an albu...view item »

Our Solar System

'Origins' is the third album from Swedish collective Our Solar System, a beautifully revealing and transparent record that effortlessly weaves together the band's animalistic power and more serene, compelling vibes. This is an intense and mysterious album that riffs on psychedelia and jazzy experimentalism....view item »
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Viento Bravo

Melange are named for the drug from Dune, Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic, so of course their music is psychedelic. Vienta Bravo’s (Brave Wind for those of you who don’t have a google translate tab open) songs also have an earthy folksiness about them earning the band its title of “the spice&...view item »

Kikagaku Moyo
Forest Of Lost Children

Kikagaku Moyo improvise like they're falling through a black hole and can jam forever, and so Forest of Lost Children is just a snippet of their work together, a record that explores their meandering psych and folk workouts and picks out the best bits. This record buoys an Eastern influence and favours a frenetic c...view item »
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Joel Gion
Joel Gion

The Brian Jonestown Massacre tambourine batterer Joel Gion returns with another solo album where he marshals a troupe of his talented musician pals to concoct an album of calm and collected psych vibes. Expect sun-glassed and laid back sounds from this master of studied cool. Enormous sideburns essential. ...view item »


On their fourth album, Matterhorn, Michigan-based psych-rockers, Heaters have aimed high. They want to trump previous creative successes such as Holy Water Pool and Baptistina with their dynamic and precisely crafted sound. Since the aforementioned Baptistina, Heaters are re-energised by a line-up reshuffle with...view item »

Ancient Ocean
Titan’s Island

Released on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, Titans Island is the second full-length album from Ancient Ocean. Exploring the sounds of Modern Classical music alongside Minimalism and Sound Art, the four tracks on this LP come together to build a diverse and strange land through which to roam; both beaut...view item »
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The Myrrors
Hasta La Victoria

Meandering psychlords the Myrrors release so many sleepytime groove records you'd think they actually never for one second stopped jamming. They follow up Entranced Earth with another outing of evergreen patience, moving slowly through five open-world songs of stretched out guitar-wahin...view item »

Dire Wolves
Excursions To Cloudland

We've already had Dire Straits but now we have Dire Wolves a collective of '60s influenced dreamers who take influences from Pink Floyd and the Incredible String Band and apply them to their particular brand of freakery. With just four very long tracks, Excursions to Cl...view item »

Sundays & Cybele
Chaos & Systems

Sundays & Cybele are a super-psychedelic outfit who pluck their moves from the Japanese scene, from prog-rock, and from 60’s acid dudes among others. Crucially, Chaos & Systems is psychedelic as opposed to psych: there is plenty of air and love in this epic record’s atmosphere. CD and LP editions on ...view item »

Sam Kogon
Psychic Tears

Sam Kogon’s Psychic Tears has the feel of a vintage obscurity that didn’t get its dues in the 1970’s. And yet this is a brand new release! So give it those dues straight away. Psychic Tears is a lively alt-pop suite that fizzes with energy and melody and carries the stamp of old New York. Rele...view item »

Rencontrer Looloo

Chocolat describe their new album as a coming together of “hard jazz and surf metal”, which puts them into pretty rare territory. Rencontrer Looloo, recorded after some time away, finds Chocolat merrily doing their own th...view item »

Sundays & Cybele

Sundays & Cybele are a Japanese group who channel the incredibly loud, gorgeously fluorescent, endlessly psychedelic vibrations of a number of their countrymen (think Acid Mothers Temple and Boredoms). He...view item »
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Heaters waste no time getting on with things, releasing this second album of theirs less than a year after their debut. Baptistina is straight-down-the-line psych-rock but with the bouncy verve of surf. Proper high-energy trips for the heads to relish. Released by the psych-t...view item »
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Drakkar Nowhere
Drakkar Nowhere

Bringing together members of Phenomenal Handclap Band, Favored Nations, and Dungen by means of an impromptu kitchen jam session Drakkar Nowhere produce proggy and jazzy tinged soul tracks straight from a psychedelic past. Space organs and lazy walking bass lines, timeless pieces...view item »

The Myrrors
Entranced Earth

Join The Myrrors for another trip into the outer cosmic psych-ways: they know a good short-cut. Entranced Earth, their third album is plenty spaced-out, although without the sonic flab one sometimes encounters on sets like these: The Myrrors...view item »
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Eerie Wanda

Eerie Wanda is a project led by Marina Tadic, working with a band that includes members of Jacco Gardner’s group. Hum, the debut collection from the project, is a softly-spoken yet weighty thing, each song bouncing along but with a melancholy undercurrent. CD and LP editions avail...view item »
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Midday Veil
This Wilderness

Midday Veil are a funky bunch of characters, augmenting their personal brand of out-rock with large amounts of synth-magic and cosmic disco grooves. The Wilderness features guest spots from Eyvind Kang, Skerik, and the actual Berne Worrell, of P-Funk...view item »
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Holy Water Pool

The Heaters are keen to let you know that they are big fans of ‘60s surf bands. However, it’s not something you’d necessarily know from their Holy Water Pool album. In parts it is reminiscent of Pink Floyd and any surf influences are heavily wrapped in swirling, epic indie rock. Availa...view item »

Coke Weed
Mary Weaver

Coke Weed plunge bodily into the sounds of Bowie-era Berlin for this record, ending up with a sharp and shiny dance part for post-punk art-squats. Mary Weaver is the group’s fourth record, and powerfully combines dead-eyed vocals with body-moving rhythm. Released by the Beyond Beyond Is Beyond lab...view item »
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Ancient Ocean
Blood Moon

Ancient Ocean sound very much as you’d expect Ancient Ocean to sound like. Slotting next to your Kranky and Low Point records, Blood Moon is a swirling, droning affair that leaves you swimming in a rich sea of aural delight. Dip your toe and you’re soon immersed. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Beyond Is Beyond....view item »
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The Myrrors
Arena Negra

Almost ritualistic sounding instrumentals from The Myrrors. Fiddles intertwine with guitars on an ascending journey, underpinned by slow but insistent rhythms. Some really satisfying pay-offs on this record, but the unhurried momentum of the builds are the best parts. Arena Negra is released by Beyond Beyond Is Beyond R...view item »
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