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MMMD see their score for Lukas Feigelfeld’s Gothic horror flick Hagazussa - A Heathen’s Curse released by Antifrost. This is as dark as the ‘dark ambient’ genre gets before it turns into full-on doom. The record is full of unsettling drones, eerie plumes of sound...view item »


Leading chamber droners MMMD follow up their monolithic, triple 10" from the year gone with a tape in homage to and mourning a good friend. All recorded from within an apartment, it's a rework of the duo's old material, this time coming in a different but just as sparse set up: piano and sine waves mark this sorta-remi...view item »

Ensemble Phoenix Basel plays ILIOS
El anillo que sujeta el mundo de la forma al mundo de la idea

ILIOS, the solo project of one half of chamber-doom favourites Mohammad, worked with Ensemble Phoenix Basel to create this colossal avant-classical piece. El anillo que sujeta el mundo de la forma al mundo de la idea is heavy with a Sunn-ish density, the ensemble’...view item »

Lamnè Gastama

Mohammad make chamber drone, taking cellos and other traditional acoustic instruments and sustaining them, as if they're being sharpened like a knife. The result is a sound that's both unsettling and unprecedented. They've already released one record this year, 'Zo Rél Do', which they claim is part of a trilogy that "explores the sounds o...view item »

Segondè Saleco

‘Segondè Saleco’ is the final installment of a trilogy exploring the sounds of the geographical area between 34°Ν - 42°Ν & 19°Ε – 29°Ε. Producing their sound through custom made instruments Mohammad weave together their dark atmospheric textures and low frequencies through the distant...view item »

Roto Vildblomma

This debut work from Mohammed was first released in 2009. Roto Vildblomma is a powerful sound-mass of strings and electronics, merging impressively into a compelling harmonic whole. This reissue, courtesy of Antifrost, presents the album in brand new artwork, and is narrowly limited to just 111 copies....view item »

Pèkisyon Funebri

Major new business from Greek drone-folkers Mohammad. Pékisyon Funebri is a triple 10” set of thick, cloudy atmospheres, with cello, electronics and distant haunted vocals all contributing. Although the whole is certainly greater, and more inscrutable, than the sum of the parts. Out on Antifrost....view item »

Som Sakrifis

PAN pull out another ace in the form of some extended string drone works from Greek trio Mohammad. From the off it becomes apparent that these guys really have mastered their chosen art form. Now I’m not entirely sure of the methodology here but I suspect this is no Phi...view item »

Zo Rèl Do

Greek ‘chamber doom’ trio Mohammad seem to have hit onto something special. Using double bass, cello and oscillators, they produce a stark, rasping, grunting sound to rattle your skull and resonate deep down in the pit of your gut. Like some austere, contemplative dirge music played in a remote, post-apocalyptic monastic community, t...view item »


Super limited triple LP box set of a Mohammad album that originally came out in 2011. Needless to say it comprises yet another utterly compelling set of deeply solemn, resonating chamber music unlike anything else you’ve ever heard. The tracks featuring cello, contrabass and oscillator are interspe...view item »

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