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Djax-Re-Up Volume 2

Dekmantel takes another deep dive into the cult techno imprint Djax-Up-Beats for another serving of re-discovered Nineties cuts. The Dutch label played a critical role as a proving ground for some of the most important producers of the last couple of decades, and this double-LP set showcases some of these artists, including Glenn Underground and Felix Da Housecat and covering everything from raging house gems to ambient chill-outs. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (DKMNTL 063-2)
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  • Dekmantel


Bruxas hit on a nice mix of sounds in their second EP for Dekmantel. The four tracks of Sirocco chuck everything from old library music to Balearic funk to Paradise Garage disco to Cumbia into the mix. More often than not the end product is a funky affair that has a great strut to it. Fans of Music From Memory, Safe Trip and the rest please step this way.
  • Vinyl 12" (DKMNTL 059)
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Stump Valley
Natural Race

Positing itself apparently as an ‘Extended EP’, Natural Race sees the Berlin-based outfit Stump Valley make their debut on the Dekmantel label. Consisting of eight tracks spread over two 12” discs, the songs here simultaneously evoke American and European influences, yet remaining faithful to their roots.
  • Vinyl Double 12" (DKMNTL072)
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Tony Allen / Ricardo Villalobos
Dekmantel 10 Years 10.1

Wrapping up a ten-EP series in celebration of as many years active, the Dutch imprint Dekmantel commissions from minimal techno heavyweight Ricardo Villalobos a whopping half-hour remix of Tony Allen’s 1999 tune ‘Asiko (In A Silent Mix)’. Villalobos weaves new effects and synthetic materials into the warm timbres of the original drums, brass and vocals, but keeps it tastefully balanced and highly groovy.
  • Vinyl 12" (DKMNTL-10YEARS10.1)
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As part of their 2018 festival, Dekmantel commissioned four artists to come up with new soundtracks for films from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the EYE Filmmuseum. The contributors - Jordan GCZ, upsammy, Parrish Smith and Suzanne Kraft - each turned in intriguing work. Jordan GCZ and upsammy created some dubbed-out and slightly Balearic electronic atmospheres, Kraft turned in a tranquil ambience and Smith ended up on a Nurse With Wound tip. Their compositions are collected on the Scores 12”.
  • Vinyl 12" (DKMNTL 068)
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Roza Terenzi
Let's Ride

After spending the last couple of years dropping excellent EPs for labels like Planet Euphorique and Salt Mines, Australian producer Roza Terenzi now rocks up on Dekmantel. In general Let’s Ride fronts more of the rainforest dream-house stuff that Terenzi has impressed with these past couple of years. Opener ‘3.I.Y.’ is the curveball, a stiff-necked club cut that recalls the best of early Jam City.

Peaking Lights
Sea Of Sand

DIY experimental psych-dub duo Peaking Lights change up from releasing on their own label to drop sounds on a full-blown dance music label: new extended EP Sea of Sand is distributed by Dekmantel. Still though, this husband and wife pair keep on working their own special sound territory, with typically gorgeous results. Six tracks, 30 minutes, 12 inches.

Monty Roberts

Lamellen take it slow and easy here on their Monty Roberts EP, particularly for Dekmantel. Sub-100bpm drum machine grooves and warm, distant keyboards make for a chill vibe indeed: some kind of sun-faded memory beach, with people having a fun easy time. It is a very pleasant soundworld to be immersed in, give it a try.
  • Vinyl 12" (DKMNTL 061)
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Djax-Re-Up Volume 1

Double LP compilation of some of the finest releases from Eindhoven's Djax-Up-Beats. The label, founded by Saskia Slegers, released house, techno and more from both sides of the Atlantic since 1990. Volume 1 of Djax-Re-Up features tracks from Felix Da Housecat, Random XS, Glenn Underground and more.
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  • Dekmantel


Here we find Randomer return to Dekmantel’s UFO Series for the latest set of his particularly brain-bending brand of soundsystem techno. The four dubs on Slicing all go equally hard, but in subtly different ways. For instance: while opener ‘Van Pelt’ recalls a toughened-up version of Cervo’s Afro-Disco, ‘Shadow Harp’ features a pummelling kick pattern that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Beneath tune.
  • Vinyl 12" (DKMNTL-UFO5)
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Joey Anderson
Invisible Switch

Joey Anderson is a master producer of inventive and atmospheric techno / house: on several tracks here, he takes one little sound and toys with it back and forth over sturdy 4/4 backing. Invisible Switch brings him back to Dekmantel after having previously released on Anunnaki Cartel and Tanstaafl Planets. CD or 2LP.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DKMNTL 029)
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Bufiman / Betonkust & Palmbomen II / Space Dimension Controller / Lena Willikens
Dekmantel 10 Years 09

You surely know the deal by now: exquisite techno-plus label Dekmantel are celebrating their tenth year of operation, and are doing so via a series of ten monthly EP releases. As we near the end of the series, number nine presents us with exclusive tracks from producers as varied as Space Dimension Controller, Bufiman and Lena Willikens (who is usually heard in a pure DJ capacity). Quite an exciting set eh? 12” from Dekmantel.
  • Vinyl 12" (DKMNTL-10YEARS09)
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Sector III: Polyphony

The framework and structure of techno gets another analysis as Matrixxman unleashes his third in a series of dance floor sound studies, this one exploring polyphony. True to form, these claustrophobic tracks are of an expected quality, treading into warehouse-inspired techno and throwback Chicago house.
  • Vinyl 12" (DKMNTL 053)
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Various / Joy Orbison
Selectors 004 - Joy Orbison

Who better to take part in Dekmantel’s Selectors compilation series than Joy Orbison? Over two LPs our man Joy presents favourite tunes from throughout his own archives and influences, sliding from jungle to techno to garage and back again, following Joy’s own logic rather than any rigid constraints. Tracks are presented unmixed. Selecors 004 is a double LP from Dekmantel

Voiski / Randomer / Toulouse Low Trax / Gilb'r
Dekmantel 10 Years 07

Amsterdam powerhouse Dekmantel continues to flex its pecs with the latest in its 10-year anniversary series. Voiski’s “Time As A River” trickles out a spread of bleeps and pulses over a submerged kick drum, while Randomer scuffs up the broken techno template in a style that would sit right on Ilian Tape. Toulouse Low Trax has some of that Dusseldorf voodoo to impart on “Crash”, and Gilb’r gets into deep and trippy exotica house for “The Triangle”.

Juju & Jordash

Amsterdam’s trustiest pair of hardware-wielding cosmic warriors return to their home turf of Dekmantel with another rich and varied trip through elevated musicianship played on the finest studio gear. There’s as much space afforded to plush jazz-funk keys and worldly inflections as there is smoked-out house and techno, and it comes off sounding like the pair’s strongest LP to date.


Graze is a pair of producers, Adam Marshall and Christian Anderson, each of whom grew up in Canada but now live in Berlin. Their immersion in the city of techno has honed their skills, though XUP isn’t only four-to-the-floor blasters: for example, ‘Vast’ is a powerful and remarkably slow cut. Released as part of the Dekmantel label’s UFO series.
  • Vinyl 12" (DKMNTL-UFO6)
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  • Dekmantel