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Kelly Lee Owens
Birds (Prins Thomas Remixes)

The eponymous debut LP from Kelly Lee Owens has generated plenty of traction since its release last year via Smalltown Supersound (Dungen, ...view item »

Bugge Wesseltoft & Prins Thomas
Bugge Wesseltoft & Prins Thomas

Prins Thomas has been keeping busy hasn’t he. After a solo full-length, a collaborative LP with Bjorn Torske, some remixes and a bunch of EPs back in 2017, he’s now readying a new album alongside Norwegian jazz pianist Bugge Wesseltoft. The five lengthy tracks here meet somewhere in-...view item »

Bjørn Torske

Bjorn Torske celebrates two decades in the game with his fifth solo LP, which is also his first in eight years. Byen conflates Torske’s two principle aesthetics (buoyant Nordic disco-house and stately, palatial synth ambiences) to produce nine elegant tracks. It’s a lengthy record - there's generally one tra...view item »

Will Long
Sallow / Pine

Will Long’s politically engaged deep house music is back in the form of his new album Long Trax 2, which continues the habit of mixing samples from the likes of Barack Obama with meditative, melancholy pads and beats. Sallow / Pine is one of three 12” versions of the album’s m...view item »

Will Long
Maroon / Pink

Will Long, who makes luscious ambient drone under the name Celer and gorgeous deep house under his own name (and sometimes in collaboration with DJ Sprinkles), presents a second full-length album of politically charged dancefloor cuts, which is also available as a series of 12”s, like the ...view item »

Will Long
Royal Blue / Mustard

Will Long’s politically engaged deep house music is back in the form of his new album Long Trax 2, which is released in full on CD and also in parts across three 12”s. Royal Blue / Mustard is perhaps the most unusual in terms of the colours chosen, and it features the Barack Obama-s...view item »

Matt Karmil

Here's Matt Karmil with some pretty sweet granular techno  and slo mo beats for those times in the club when you want a sit down. He grew up in Salisbury no less but has since settled in Cologne to be amongst the techno crowd. Hints of GAS in this billowy long form techno and mastered, of course, by Ras...view item »

Bjørn Torske
Kickrock / Blue Call

Minimalist techno from the beautiful town of Tromsø. North enough that you can see the Northern Lights it's no surprise this city has a strong musical lineage, which includes ambient legend Biosophere. Bjørn Torske was influenced by his fellow Tromsønites and is releasing two ...view item »

Will Long
Long Trax 2

Will Long, makes luscious ambient drone under the name Celer, but he also makes gorgeous deep house under his own name (sometimes also in collaboration with DJ Sprinkles). Here he presents his second full-length album of politically charged dancefloor cuts, Long Trax 2. This CD edition ...view item »

Morals and Dogma

The early works of Norwegian experimentalist Deathprod (aka Supersilent member Helge Sten) here receive some attention from Smalltown Supersound’s reissues division. Morals And Dogma is a particularly dense Deathprod record, composed over many years using multiple...view item »

Lost Girls

After previously collaborating as Nude On The Sand, Jenny Hval and Håvard Volden’s (of Mudderstenb/The Island Band) work together hasn’t stopped. Announcing Lost Girls with their debut EP Feeling they work mainly throu...view item »

Didn't Know Better

Possibly Norway’s finest disco export Lindstrøm returns after his incredible 2017 album It's Alright Between Us As It Is with a brand new track Didn’t Know Better. Five tracks with three edits, a remix and an acapella version. If you like your disco Nu and fresh, this is your man. 12” v...view item »

Kelly Lee Owens

Shape-shifter Kelly Lee Owens was rocketed onto the radar by providing vocals for Daniel Avery’s debut full length Drone Logic, and has since not stayed in a single form, jumping from ambient to dreamy pop and dancefloor grooves. Her debut for Smalltown Supersound dives into deep dance floor terri...view item »

Carmen Villain
Borders (Klara Lewis Remix) / Red Desert (Biosphere Remix)

This little 12” contains a veritable cornucopia of talent. As well as Carmen Villain herself, we also have Jenny Hval, making a feature on Borders, and the remixing /  reconstructing talents of Klara Lewis and Biosphere, each offering refreshing new takes on ...view item »

Imaginary Songs From Tristan Da Cunha

Helge 'Deathprod' Sten is a patient man, sometimes creating entire soundworlds from tiny pieces of recording, slowed down and manipulated until every detail is palpable. For me his most essential piece, and the most accessible to newcomers, would be his 'Morals and Dogma' opus, which feat...view item »

It’s Alright Between Us As It Is

Lindstrøm is back baby, with his first solo album for a whole half-decade! We can of course count on Lindstrøm to deliver the goods, and his highly professional...view item »

Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas

‘Arpa’ was recorded in the same sessions that spawned Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas’s 2017 collaborative LP Square One. However, the track didn&r...view item »

Carmen Villain
Infinite Avenue

Carmen Villain’s first album since 2013’s Sleeper looks likely to find the singer moving into ever-more expansive sonic territory. This move was threatened by Infinite Avenue’s light-as-gossamer first single ‘Planetarium’, a track that sounded like Radiohead’...view item »

Häxan (Versions by Prins Thomas)

Well then: this. What a conundrum: the psychedelic tour-de-force that is Dungen offer up their huge jam galaxy Haxan for rework splicing by Prins Thomas, who does everything from chopping to screwing on a longlist of versions. It's a fascinating idea for a collaboration and it m...view item »

Prins Thomas
Dungen & Sun Araw Remixes

Two rather interesting producers give some of Prins Thomas’ groovy work a going-over on this 12”. Gustav Estjes of psychish rock band Dungen does ‘D’ and weird-dub sound-soup worker Sun Araw takes on ‘B’. Plus, a previously unreleased original...view item »

Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas
Square One

Norwegian producers Bjorn Torske and Prins Thomas both experiment with disco and house their crossovers with kraut and world music. Separately had releases on multiple labels before both ending up on the Smalltown Supersound. Their collaboration has become loose and improvised avantgarde disco, recording multipl...view item »

Wildest Dreams
Wildest Dreams

Not sure where this came from but damn DJ Harvey (yes, Harvest Barrett) is making better psych records than the full time nostalgia careerist doing the rounds of late with their daft grey super beards and tie dyed tees. ‘Wildest Dreams’ is some oddity DJ Harvey put together a few years back that someone has been wise enough t...view item »

Dan Lissvik

First post-birth (of his baby, not of Dan himself) album from Dan Lissvik, who used to play in Studio. Midnight is so titled because that's when Lissvik could creep away from his fatherhood duties to tinker with sounds. And these 8 cuts do have a late-night swing to the...view item »

Prins Thomas
D (Hieroglyphic Being Remixes)

An exciting remix package follows up to the increasingly prolific Prins Thomas’ ambient record Principe Del Norte and the Paradise Goulash series. The Hieroglyphic Being remixes track 'D' with two treatments,  this being the first remix 12” in what will be an on-going series.&nbs...view item »

Prins Thomas
Principe De Norte

Prins Thomas has decided to embark on an IDM-style ambient journey, stripping most (not all) of the drums out of his work and focusing on the long-form development of tones and melodic materials. And long-form it is: Principe Del Norte spans 4 LPs (or 2 CDs). The jumbo collection is available on Smalltown Supersound....view item »

Andre Bratten

André Bratten’s new record Gode is a mash of electroacoustics and contemporary composition (Giacinto Scelsi and Biosphere get shout outs in the list of influences) that has clearly been intensely laboured over. The album is reportedly Bratten’s most p...view item »

Carmen Villain

As her sophomore release, US-born (and half-Norwegian) Carmen Villain returns with Planetarium - a sharpened edition of her serene and evocative songwriting. Created with, and not limited to, a broad selection of synths, guitars, pianos, Villain's craft here is both expansive and hi...view item »

Kelly Lee Owens
Kelly Lee Owens

As her star rises ever-higher, Kelly Lee Owens has picked a fine moment to release her debut full-length. ‘The colours, the beauty, the motion’ she opines over ‘CBM’, and it’s a neat summation of a record that has its eyes firmly on the dancefloor while still searching for the personal warmth of cla...view item »

Treetop Drive

The early works of Norwegian experimentalist Deathprod (aka Supersilent member Helge Sten) here receive some attention from Smalltown Supersound’s reissues division. Treetop Drive is an early 90’s work composed using Sten’s ‘Audio Virus’ ar...view item »

Prins Thomas
The Orb Remixes

There comes a time in some lucky producers’ lives when they receive they honour of having their own work remixed by a bona fide legend. That time has come for Prins Thomas, who here gets a pair of tracks from his Principe Del Norte album reworked by ...view item »

Prins Thomas
Gerd Janson Remixes

House and disco wizard Prins Thomas hands his soulful productions to best pal Gerd Jansen. The results, on this vinyl 12” from Smalltown Supersound, are playful and heavy, full of lush instrumentation and tough percussion. The wax includes two remixes as well as two new tunes from Thomas himself....view item »

Auteur Jams

Here's a nice little round-up of what 2016 has been like for excellent Swedish label Smalltown Supersound. Every album and EP they’ve released this year is represented on this combination sampler and best-of, from Supersilent and Biosphere to Lindstrøm and Mr. Tophat...view item »

Mr Tophat feat. Robyn
Trust Me EP

Excellent pop star Robyn’s latest appearance is on Trust Me, an excellent slice of sexy modern electro-disco by Mr. Tophat. The 12” features a nicely stretched-out ten minute version of the tune, as well as a punchy radio edit of ‘Right Time’ and another track called ‘Disco...view item »


Dungen’s album Häxan (their first entirely instrumental record) began as a score to the 1926 film The Adventures Of Prince Achmed, but ended up wandering off course into more abstract and witchy territory. The results are lush and super evocative. Bonus fact: the whole album was put together using on...view item »

Departed Glories

New album from highly-respected ambient electronic maestro Biosphere, his first in 5 years. Departed Glories has the gorgeously cloudy haze of Biosphere’s best work, but imbued with distant fragments of old Eastern...view item »


A thirteenth broadcast from the perennially engaging electroacoustic improvisation group Supersilent. There are only three of the Norwegians here on 13, but the broad array of instruments and the even broader array of playing techniques mean that the band’s soundworld is as full and immersive as ever. On Smalltown...view item »

Todd Rundgren, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm & Emil Nikolaisen

Old school rock dude Todd Rundgren releasing on the Norwegian Smalltown Supersound label? Something odd is afoot… Indeed, Runddans finds Rundgren collaborating with Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, of nu-disco fame, and Serena-Maneesh shoegazer Emil Nikolaise...view item »

Bjørn Torske

Supremely smooth vibes for all who feel best served in the morning by coffee and dub: Trobel is Bjorn Torske offering us a wild ride but then flattening it out into sweet, inoffensive beats; he carries out a few controlled synth implosions here and there, keeping the mood light and easy. A little bit...view item »

Neneh Cherry
Blank Project

Neneh Cherry's first solo album proper in 18 years, 'Blank Project' is a total blast from the word go. Ranging from the gorgeously stark 'Across the Water' to the intoxicating tribalisms of the title track, through to the the tough jazzy grooves of 'Cynical' there is not a weak track here. Many of us here at Auntie Norman reckon this is one hell...view item »

Carmen Villain
Sleeper Remixes

Do you like extended chuggy dubby slightly psychedelic remixes of already pretty cosmic songs? Do you like slightly tougher chugging cosmic remixes of already pretty psychedelic songs? Do you dig the sound of Scandi disco vikings sprinkling magic over pretty chuggy songs? If you said yes, then buy this record now. You get...view item »

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