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Shimmering Moods Vinyl, CD & tapes from Norman Records

Embers Below Zero
The Oblivion Sea

The Shimmering Moods label has long been a reliable purveyor of ambient drones, and they maintain their reputation with this release, the debut full-length of Embers Below Zero. The Oblivion Sea is a suite of hazy remembrance music with a very melancholic effect. Limited edition of fifty CDrs, presented in handmade pack...view item »


Shimmering Moods is treating us to some great releases to weather the winter. Milo Thesiger-Meacham, also known as Viewfound, recorded the pieces on this album in the years between his 14th and 20th birthday, so you can actually listen to a boy reach adulthood. On this record, you’ll find lots of piano-bas...view item »

The Lost Trail Orchestra
The Lost Trail Orchestra

Recorded over the course of the weekend, The Lost Trail Orchestra is an uncut collection of spontaneous improvisations, a glimpse at what happens when guitars, violins and minds are tuned in to each other. The Lost Trail Orchestra’s self-titled album is pressed only 50 times, and released in solid handcrafted pack...view item »

Selected Piano Works

On his Selected Piano Works, π∆ππ treats us to that vintage three-days-in-a-Berlin-bunker vibe. By using just as much piano as silence between notes, π∆ππ has created a mesmerizing and esoteric album. What’s also esoteric about this release is the fact that there’s only 50 ...view item »

Frame of Reference

Maybe it’s because I’m typing this on the most stifling and sweltering of conditions in the city; our answer to the question, “Air conditioning?” met largely with indifference by Phil and the opening of a window or two onto the ring road and a large fan spluttering and struggling gamely on the floor… or, it could b...view item »

Å Asher-Yates
Mothers Garden

The second of the latest brace of releases from the dependable, ever-translucent Shimmering Moods imprint is the debut release from Anthony Asher-Yates. It’s an album of reflective ambience that sits / sways woozily at the bucolic end of the electro-acoustic spectrum. I mean, there’s an acoustic guitar in here for crying-out-loud! An...view item »

Dimitar Dodovski

Dimitar Dodovski approaches his craft of granular synthesis from a melodic perspective at most definitely the warmer end of the drone spectrum. Opening track ‘I’ introduces, of all things, mallet-struck chimes amongst the digital layers. The mallets recur on the following track (‘II’), but only when you least ex...view item »


Literally unidentified, this record seems like quite a discovery. From a forgotten about tape, apparently found in the basement of a North Devon charity shop... why is it all I ever find is Hot Fuzz on dvd? It had been lurking there for nearly 30 years, so that would put the music at a late-80s vintage. Early Reflections, on remastering duties, ...view item »

Between Two Worlds

Cynthia are, and I quote, “a pair of well-known artists”. Wait, what? That’s IT? This is the only information Cynthia, the little teases, have seen fit to reveal about themselves, but I think it’s safe to say they’re not the Gallagher brothers. The CD begins with ‘Between Two Worlds’, the titular...view item »

Radio Sea

The key to Radio Sea’s sound and atmosphere is right there in the title: the meeting point of the infinite wash of the sea and the static hum of the radio. This place has been identified by Adzuki, and is evoked throughout the album, which forms an audio blanket around the listener. Hand-packaged CD on Shimmering ...view item »

Delilah Gutman, Drawing Virtual Gardens

Delilah Gutman and David Gutman (the latter going under the name of Drawing Virtual Gardens) produced Charcoals out of delicate piano and heady electronics, resulting in sensitive semi-ambient suite of music that are right at home on the Shimmering Moods label. Limited edition of 65 CDs...view item »

Ian Martin
Notations of the Form

More gorgeous ambience housed inside gorgeous packaging from the Shimmering Moods label. Ian Martin’s music is sheer atmosphere, the 7 tracks of Notations of the Form spreading their musique concréte tendrils around the listener. Only 50 copies of th...view item »

Sapphirine Phlant
Until The Light Takes Us

More gorgeous ambience housed inside gorgeous packaging from the Shimmering Moods label. Sapphirine Phlant does a very interesting thing here, translating some of the vibe of Black Metal into electronic drone-song. Eerie, compelling results. Only 50 copies of this are available, no doubt on accoun...view item »

Angular Geometry

Here’s another Shimmering Moods card-dressed CD, and with it comes your bi-monthly dose of heavenly chord swells and bristling field recordings. They’ve become renowned in our office for their lo-fi packaging, featuring photos that were definitely taken from the low-res part of google images, and their dedication to the shimmer at al...view item »

The Towering Pillars

Valanx (Arne to his mum) delivers nine tracks - or monolithic sound sculptures if you like - of such dense and cavernous construction that it's sometimes very hard to imagine anything penetrating at all. Certainly not light. There is, however, something soothing about the claustrophobic nature of these excavations. You could feel very sa...view item »


Onwards we march on our long mission to establish how exactly a mood can shimmer. One of this week’s releases on the canny ambient label comes from Bengalfuel, maker of especially loud and glorious noise. ‘Rapalyea’, their newest record, gets synth involved with distortion to create the feeling of a natural landscape dissolving...view item »

Light Sleeper
The Goodbye That Keeps On Giving

What’s this? A brown paper envelope containing a card CD case with a mildly pixellated picture of a serene tree stock onto it? This can only mean one thing… A new Shimmering Moods release! Abiding by all of their current customs, this one from Aussie soundsmith Light Sleeper is a limited run of 100 and chock full of glistening feeli...view item »

Michiru Aoyama
In a Dream

Shimmering Moods, the most honestly-named record label on the planet. No sooner had I hit the play button than I was greeted by a calming ambient swell, but what’s this? Some very interesting shimmer here, like a bath full of watery insects with an incense stick burning. Bliss. Bliss is the word for Aoyama’s music, as you&rsq...view item »

Limited Liability Sounds
Surrounding Countryside

Inspired by the cabin retreat of a certain 19th century US romantic, Surrounding Countryside attempts to channel all that is natural, beautiful, harsh and introspective. Too many of these natural records solely take into account the beauty of the country; very few capture the more threatening side, both physical and mental, of being out...view item »

Diamond Lake

This one is not so Shimmering really. It would have made more sense to make a sublabel called Hovering Mood Records just for this one, it’s tones thick and groaning like the trunk of an old oak. But how silly of me, not all records on Shimmering Moods have to be shimmering, just like how not all records on Young Turks have to be good. ...view item »

Islands of Mind

Travel deep with Arkadelphia, who has a weighty collection of ambience and occasional leftfield techno for you to dig into. As the release stretches over 4 hours and 34 tracks, it makes sense that Islands of Mind is being released on USB stick full of FLAC files (download codes included for other formats) in a ‘sp...view item »

Gallery Six

Drone and daily life walk hand in hand on this blissful release from gasansui, a collection of pure ambient tones and wandering field recordings that move as if no one’s there to hear them. Interchanging between barely articulated, pillowy synth drone and dominant found sounds of water droplets and birds chirping, ‘Gallery Six’...view item »

Zander One
Emerald Awaking

Emerald Awakening is a somewhat blissful journey, containing twelve tracks that Zander One tells us are influenced by the passing of the seasons in his local valley. Pastoral ambience pleasure. The album comes with two remixes by Coppice Halifax and Shea McGilvray, in a limited CDr edit...view item »


Mood music reflecting deep and dark emotions from Chandeliers. Artifacts is a slow-moving submersion into still waters of warm, multi-layered ambience. Fans of Basinski's decaying soundworlds will find much to love here. Out on limited CDr from Shimmering Moods. In an edition of 100 hand-numbered copies with handmade co...view item »

Meditations 1

Released through Shimmering Moods Records, Meditations 1 gives you just that; some beautifully light music which carries you into a meditative state. With 13 tracks from different artists, the CD is packaged in some beautiful packaging to fully compliment the enthralling music within which is guaranteed to take ...view item »

Meditations 2

A lovely little package of blissful ambience from Shimmering Moods. Collecting works from the likes of Echo Grid, KIENE and Parallelism, Meditations 2 features songs with names like Through Mist and The Woods Are Not What They Seem. In a limited edition of 125 hand-num...view item »

Benjamin Finger
Motion Reverse

Following the textural ambiance of Eilean records April release ‘Pleasurably Lost’, Benjamin Finger returns with ‘Motion Reverse’ on Shimmering Moods Records. The record sees Finger reflect on a period of recent creative acceleration from which he has constructed this coherent yet playful collection of hypnotic dub tracks...view item »

The Fragile Present

This is the touching story of a cold christmas day where a dog gives a kid a present that’s really fragile and oh no he almost drops it but it’s fine he didn’t. If that wasn’t too bullshitty, it would probably make a good festive cartoon. This is not the touching story of a cold christmas day, this is actually a statement...view item »

Viento De Las Montanas

In order to save Laurie’s sanity I have taken it on myself to review one of the three Shimmering Moods titles in this week. The label basically does what it says on the tin with a series of limited handmade CDs containing different varieties of textured ambience. Fans of the Hibernate and Home Normal labels need to get involved in this. Th...view item »

Sage Taylor
Parallels & Rhythms EP

On Marbley white wax we have a record that is released on a label called “Shimmering Moods Records”, which, unless steeped in irony, almost nullifies any external description. You know what you’re getting into here. But a few blobs of different coloured plastic and an obviously spaced-out label name aren’t gonna get you t...view item »

FrameWatcher / Sonornote
Shimmering Moods 001

Straight outta the flatlands of the Netherlands comes this brand new label with a series of limited to 300 copies white colored, hand numbered, vinyl. First up this split. On the A side is a stunning slice of pounding electronica from Framewatcher with some seriously distorted beatery. Lots of cinematic synths washing around in the backg...view item »