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Roadwork Vol. 3

Roadwork Vol.3 by Norwegian psychedelic prog rockers, Motorpsycho captures the band stretching themselves to magnificent lengths, adding improvisation to create fantastic versions of classics such as Hogwash and STG. The material was recorded at Amsterdam’s Paradiso Club in 2002 and was prev...view item »

Roadwork Vol. 5

Roadwork Vol.5 by Motorpsycho was recorded on the road in 2017 and features new drummer Tomas Järmyr and multi-instrumentalist Kristoffer Lo. Like previous volumes in the Roadwork series, Vol.5 showcases the band’s experimental and improvisational side. Lo’s addition to the line-u...view item »

She Sleeps, She Sleeps

Hell of a collab, this one: experimentalist Mats Gustafsson has played sax 'n' reeds as part of The Thing and with Phil Minton, and here joins post-rock minimalist Johan Berthling (fresh from a record with Oren Ambarchi) and Andreas Werlin of the percussive dance crew Wi...view item »

Fra Lippo Lippi
Golden Slumbers: The Very Best Of

The Norwegian synthpop band went from post-punk / goth origins to a more sophisticated style that saw them produced by Walter Becker and scoring worldwide hits with the likes of Shouldn’t Have To Be Like That. Former member Rune Kristoffersen founded the revered label Rune Grammofon, on wh...view item »

Arve Henriksen

In 2004, Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen brought Audun Kleive and Jan Bang to a variety of locations to live-compose the ten tracks of Chiaroscuro, whose sound is as much dominated by subtle sampling and electronics as percussion and trumpet. Chiaroscuro is a really remarkab...view item »

Espen Eriksen Trio with Andy Sheppard
Perfectly Unhappy

Another release from Norway's wonderful Rune Grammofon label. Perfectly Unhappy features eight compositions written by pianist Espen Eriksen specifically for this collaboration between his trio and saxophonist Andy Sheppard. Me...view item »

Elephant9 with Reine Fiske
Silver Mountain

Elephant9 work once more with Reine Fiske to create a fine LP of proggy jazz-rock. Silver Mountain really stretches out, taking four sides of vinyl to get through just five tracks: you can imagine how wild things might get in those timeframes. Includes a cosmic version of ‘You Are The Sunshine Of ...view item »

Fire! Orchestra

Fire! Orchestra are of course the mutated super-version of the mighty Fire! trio, adding up to 21 members on this record. The title Ritual is about right, with this many (mostly Swedish) major musicians grouped together to summon up energetic, elemental power. Heavy and ecstatic, there aren’t many...view item »

Arve Henriksen
Places Of Worship

Rune Grammofon’s versatile trumpet dude Arve Henriksen is getting all spiritual on your ass this week with the release of ‘Places of Worship’, a graceful convolution of spiritual music and his mysterious smoky Scandi-jazz, backed tastefully by cleverly us...view item »

Fra Lippo Lippi
Stitches and Burns

The story of this release probably says a lot about the current economics of popular music. This track from the Norwegian synthpop outfit’s 1992 album Dreams underwent an online revival, enjoying twenty million YouTube views, hence justifying a pressing of 500 seven inches. Good news for 0.0025% of the song’s YouTube listeners! Also ...view item »

The Tower

This is the first Motorpsycho album since the departure of drummer Kenneth Kapstad but as usual the long running group have used this departure to their advantage and here explore further new areas ranging from brutal stoner rock to shorter and more reflective material. Once again Motorpsycho survive a line up change to pro...view item »

Greatest Show On Earth

'Greatest' as in 'worst' but only if you don't like prog/jazz explorations with lashings of Keith Emerson style organ playing.  Elephant 9 certainly have 'chops'. They have been voted one of the best live acts in Norway and transcend jazz and rock with their wild improvisational playing. RIYL people playing...view item »

Hedvig Mollestad Trio
All Of Them Witches

Norwegian lady Hedvig Mollestad and her trio’s debut album ‘Shoot’ was a favourite of mine from last year, as was the El Doom & The Born Electric album she contributed to, but she seems to divide opinions here in the offi...view item »

The Hands

Fire! is of course the fabulous power trio of Andreas Werlin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums), Johan Berthling (Tape) and Phil’s least favourite saxophonist Mats Gustafsson (of over a million different avant-jazz projects and combinations). ...view item »

Arve Henriksen
Towards Language

Towards Language is the new album from Arve Henriksen (of Supersilent), working once again with Jan Bang and Erik Honore as on his classic 2004 record Chiaroscuro. Arve’s trumpet and voice, often live-sampled by Bang, sit...view item »

Sky Music
A Tribute To Terje Rypdal Vol. 2

If you enjoyed the recent Tribute To Terje Rypdal, by supergroup Sky Music (featuring Henry Kaiser and members of The Thing, Bushman’s Revenge and Supersilent), you really ought to dial this into your life. Volume 2 contains two lengthy pieces that were s...view item »

Arve Henriksen
The Nature Of Connections

On 'The Nature Of Connections', Arve Henriksen collaborated with a variety of improv, folk and jazz musicians who composed pieces for him. The record features a variety of touring Norwegian artists brought together by Henriksen, including violinists Nils Okland and Gjermund Larsen, cellist Svante Henryson and double bassist Mats Eilertsen, ...view item »

Kjetil Mulelid Trio
Not Nearly Enough To Buy A House

Kjetil Mulelid Trio are young, new, Scandinavian, and a piano trio. Their album Not Nearly Enough To Buy A House has an airy, white-room clarity to it, but still fizzes with melodic flair and the excitement of b...view item »


Motorpsycho composed this music for use in a play: imagine going to the theatre and seeing Motorpsycho play alongside the drama! Lovely. However, this audio release of Begynnelser has been designed specifically for listening, meaning that it contains material and sequencing different to the actual perfo...view item »

Sky Music
A Tribute To Terje Rypdal

Terje Rypdal is a hero of Norwegian music, playing sweet and experimental guitar in a variety of contexts for more than fifty years. This tribute was organised by Henry Kaiser, with the core Sky Music group (made up of members of The Thing, Supersilent, ...view item »

Arne Nordheim

The music of Norwegian electronic composer Arne Nordheim is a remarkable trip through a flurry of textures, tones and musique concréte sound objects that sounds far too pristinely realised to have been composed between 1968 and 1970, but hey, thems the facts. Electric is an electronic masterwork, pleasingly reiss...view item »

Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval's debut record under her own name (after a run of releases as the confrontational and action-packed rockettothesky) investigates the nuances of gender and sexuality through a mystical kind of folklore. Her unique, far-reaching voice combines with spectral guitar picking for a record like none oth...view item »

Irabagon, Hegre & Drønen

A tasty trio here, formed by Mostly Other People Do The Killing saxophonist Jon Irabagon alongside a pair of noisy Norwegians, Nils Are Drønen and John Hegre (the...view item »

Angels and Daemons at Play

A massive stack of Motorpsycho for you to dig into! Angels and Daemons at Play has been released as a double LP and a series of three EPs, but this reissue of the late 90’s project includes all the original material, plus three discs of rarities, B-sides and live recordings. Christ, that’s six CD’s-wor...view item »

Bushman's Revenge
Jazz, Fritt Etter Hukommelsen

Bushman’s Revenge are a jazz band who have often looked like a rock band, but Jazz, Fritt Etter Hukommelsen has them moving back towards the roots of the music they love: there are versions of pieces by Albert Ayler and McCoy Tyner here. Although some fairly gnarly electric blues ...view item »

Scorch Trio

Scorch Trio is a fierce improvising guitar / bass /drums group with two-thirds of talent behind The Thing on board (Paal Nilssen-Love and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten), plus searing guitarist Raoul Björkenheim. This XXX box-set contains three studi...view item »

Hedvig Mollestad Trio
Black Stabat Mater

Hedvig Mollestad is properly trained in jazz music, but when working with her Trio, she pushes into darkly funky territory that is more influenced by heavy psychedelic rock. It’s a place that her gnarly guitar chops sit very comfortably, and on new studio album Black Stabat Mater, her sound is out...view item »

En Konsert For Folk Flest

A special release of Norwegian proggers Motorpsycho and Ståle together with Kammerkoret Aurum and Sheriffs Of Nothingness performing the commissioned work En Konsert For Folk Flest in the Nidarosdomen cathedral of Trondheim. Featuring a 24-piece choir this is a mighty piece captured and released here in this ...view item »

Espen Eriksen Trio
Never Ending January

Espen Eriksen Trio are a modern jazz group who are neither fire-spitting free jazz or dull nothing-new dinner party fare. Instead, this piano trio approach rich melodic themes with a tightly-poised minimalism. Never Ending January is their third record, released on the Norwegian label Rune Grammofon....view item »

Supersonic Scientists / A Young Person's Guide To Motorpsycho

Supersonic Scientists / A Young Person’s Guide To Motorpsycho is, as the second half of that title suggests, a compilation of essential works by the band. Over the years they have worked their way into a precisely balanced groove of psychedelic rock that is only sometimes as heavy as the name Motorpsycho might sug...view item »

Anneli Drecker
Rocks & Straws

Anneli Drecker (Bel Canto, Røyksopp) began her prolific music career in the 80s, age 17, when she left her Norwegian hometown of Tromsø with Bel Canto band members Geir Jenssen (aka Biosphere) and Nils Johansen. Following a host of high profile collaborations and huge successes in the indie, electro pop scene, Drecker returns to he...view item »

The Last Hurrah!!

The Last Hurrah!! brings songwriter HP Gundersen together with vocal muse Maesa Pullman, and the group is back with their third album, Mudflowers. The record digs deep into Americana traditions, transcribed via Sweden. This is a record of real old fashioned songcraft here, very nice. Re...view item »

Jono El Grande
Melody Of A Muddled Mason

Jono El Grande is an unusual artist, creating pieces that straddle modern composition, smooth prog rock, shiny pop and a few other styles without ever settling into any of them. Impressively, this kind of works, El Grande’s extremely complex arrangements all falling tightly into place. Melody Of A Mudd...view item »

Blackwinged Night

Phaedra is the solo project of one Ingvlid Langgård, a fine art graduate who brings a rich compositional talent as well as a strong visual art practice. On Blackwinged Night, the second album of a proposed trilogy, classical instruments and synthesised rhythms support dramatic, performative vocals...view item »

(Without Noticing)

Honk if you're excited! It’s the return of Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin, collectively known as FIRE!, for the first album in a while that they’ve done as a trio instead of with a big ol’ jazz orchestra or in collaboration with some improv g...view item »

First Detail

The first detail you must realize is this: all the musicians on this record are Norwegian free jazz musicians, and this is a free jazz album. It features organs and saxophones and wild music in general. These guys don’t just have a good eye for detail. They are Detail, and this is First Detail....view item »

Night Owl

We could just say Rune Grammofon and let your imagination run wild from there, but that'd be misleading: Albatrosh actually make jazz, and while 'Night Owl' is their second record on the experimental Norwegian label, it's their fifth on a long, steady career built on tenacious compositional structures and a melodic approach to playing....view item »

Sten Sandell & Paal Nilssen-Love

The best improvisors are the ones that seem to invent and uninvent their instruments right in front of your eyes and ears. Swedish pianist Sten Sandell and Norwegian drummer Paal Nilssen-Love are two musical champions with a long experience of doing exactly that. Jacana, the latest in Rune Grammofon’s occasional series of unusual duo combi...view item »

Hedvig Mollestad Trio
Enfant Terrible

There's a post-it on this record that simply has my name on it, since I'm the office's known Rune Grammofon expert. This is of course album number three from those crunchy minimal jazz-proggers Hedvig Mollestad Trio. Those of you who are familiar with the previous two will know that this lot's stock in trade is twisty-turny instrumentals full ...view item »

Bushman's Revenge
Thou Shalt Boogie!

The Norwegian jazz/prog scene is a highly divisive topic at Norman Towers. On one side of the office there's me, Kim, Mike and Ian who will happily listen to Motorpsycho and El Doom all day long, and in the other camp there's Clint, Phil, Brian and Li'l Biz, all of whom would r...view item »

Still Life With Eggplant

Norway’s prolific psych-rock-jazz-pop-country-prog titans Motorpsycho have been on the form of their career lately, with new(ish) drummer Kenneth Kapstad well and truly settled into the unit as they blazed through their last two epic concept albums, stretching the limits of their galloping psych grooves ...view item »

Volcano The Bear
Golden Rhythm / Ink Music

My unique selling point here at Norman Towers is my ability and willingness to review records nonstop for indefinite periods of time, and yet sometimes a band is so uncategorisable that it's pretty much impossible to encapsulate their essence in a couple of paragraphs of pearly prose....view item »

El Doom & The Born Electric
El Doom & The Born Electric

For some reason Phil doesn't often get us to review records on Rune Grammofon if Jim O'Rourke's not on them, which seems like a missed opportunity to me because their output, while not always being a comfortable listen, has really established a scene of accomplished and experimental music...view item »

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