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The Pretty Things
Bare As Bone, Bright As Blood

The Pretty Things singer, Phil May, sadly died in May 2020 - shortly after the completion of a new acoustic album by the legendary ‘60s band. Bare As Bone, Bright As Blood is the album. Fans may want to click on the ‘press release’ link as it features some thoughts on the album written by Phil May just over a week before he died.

The Pretty Things
S. F. Sorrow

The Pretty Things were innovators in the ‘60s and ‘70s and in 1968 they unleashed their classic and essential rock opera and psychedelic masterpiece, S.F. Sorrow. This was well in advance of The Who having such fanciful ideas with Tommy. Think of it as standing shoulder-to-shoulder with The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper or Pink Floyd’s Piper At The Gates Of Dawn.

The Pretty Things
Greatest Hits

The Pretty Things have evolved through several genres of music since the British R&B of their early ‘60s releases. This even included a stab at New Wave in the early ‘80s. Their most notable foray was into psychedelic rock, however, with the 1968 psych-rock opera SF Sorrow. The band featured guitarist Dick Taylor, who played bass in an early incarnation of The Rolling Stones. Although this new Greatest Hits anthology only contains a few actual chart hits, the set documents the music of one of the UK’s greatest ever rock bands. LP, 2CD with extra disc ‘Live at The 100 Club’ and CD.

Ozric Tentacles

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