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The Sea At Night

Incubated and constructed over a long period of time, The Sea At Night is now ready to be discovered. The three members of Oblong have gotten together here and there to bring their favourite sounds into dialogue with one another. Electroacoustic play, library music feels, vintage krautrock pulsings, lots to be enjoyed here. On MemeTune.

Three Memes

My three favourite memes are Disaster Girl, UNITINU and Spurdo Spärde. To find out analogue electronics supertrio Wrangler’s (Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire, Phil Winter of Tunng and Memetune boss Benge of John Foxx and the Maths) own shortlist, you’ll just have to snap up this EP. Features veteran Crooked Man’s take on ‘Real Life’, Daniel Miller’s oily remix of ‘Theme from Wrangler’ (previously released on remix comp Sparked) and LoneLady’s rework of ‘Space Ace’.

White Glue

Electronic trio Wrangler, headed by Cabaret Voltaire's Stephen Mallinder, release 'White Glue', an album rich in analogue synthesisers and surreal minimalism. Assisted by Phil Winter of folktronica stalwarts Tunng, and producer / synthesiser fanatic Benge, Wrangler do feverish rushing techno with rich layered vocals. Available on vinyl or cd.

Sparked: Modular Remix Project

Wrangler’s 2014 album LA Spark was generously handed around to a potent list of electronic producers, with the request that make something new, using “just one analog modular system of your choice”. Those who answered the call include Chris Carter, Scanner and Alessandro Cortini, with 11 versions in all. On MemeTune.

LA Spark

Showcasing the potential of dedication to techno and electro in general, Wrangler’s debut is all about making your head nod while your mind drifts. Hailed as one of the best electronic albums of the year (hindsight really is 20/14), LA Spark is recommended to anybody who like synthesizers. And honestly, who doesn't?

Lone Taxidermist

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