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Todd Terje feat. Det Gylne Triangel
Maskindans / Erol Alkan Rework

Todd Terje teams up with 80's Norwegian synth-pop veteran Det Glyne Triangel for his latest slab of disco wax, get yourself down to his smooth and crispy lounge dance while driving through downtown New York in your Delorean with your jacket sleeves rolled up, remix duties turn to recent Ride producer Erol Alkan.
  • Vinyl 12" (OLS018)

Todd Terje
Jungelknugen (Four Tet / Prins Thomas Remixes)

It's remix time for heavily bearded twiddly dance floor practitioner Todd Terje and he's got a couple of heavyweights on board to try to make sense of his fun time bleepery and bloopery. Most notably Four Tet is here presumably to do his usual customary good work and also let's say hello to Prins Thomas the curly haired 'space-disco' practitioner. Let the curly men take control. 
  • Vinyl 12" (OLS017)
  • Label(s):
  • Olsen Records

Ola Kvernberg
The Mechanical Fair

Ola Kvernberg is a jazz musician and composer who has played with Motorpsycho and Pat Metheny among many others, and also has an epic orchestral piece of his own under his belt. That piece, The Mechanical Fair, is now getting a luscious reissue spread over two sides of vinyl, with the delicious bonus of a storming 10-minute remix from Todd Terje added on. On Olsen Records.

Todd Terje

Catchy as always, Todd Terje is treating us to a funky summer tune. Starting off with the bare minimalist beat, Strandbar is available to you in three flavors, from a samba to disko, the latter escalating into a lushly piano driven piece of disco. And then there’s the bonus mix - nobody knows where that’ll go. So take the dive and live the summer with Uncle Todd!

Todd Terje
Snooze 4 Love (Dixon & Luke Abbott Rmxs)

A slice of excellent and lovely Todd Terje gets looked at in two new ways by two fairly different producers. The UK’s Luke Abbott adds a warm ambient haze over the whole thing, while Berlin producer and bakery owner (it's true, look it up) Dixon puts Snooze 4 Love on an intensive workout regime, making it into a lean dance floor cut. 12” on Olsen Records.
  • Vinyl 12" (OLS014)

Todd Terje & The Olsens
The Big Cover-Up

The Big Cover-Up is a warm-hearted cover selection from Norwegian live disco crew The Olsens, plus producer Todd Terje. Boney M, Vangelis and Martin Denny (via Yellow Magic Orchestra) all show up, and the second slab of vinyl contains remixes of the covers by primo groove-producers like Prins Thomas and Dan Tyler! Party! 2 LPs on Olsen Records.
  • Vinyl Double 12" (OLS013)

Dra Te Haelvete

Dra Te Haelvete is a 1981 synth-pop tune that you probably haven’t heard unless you spent a lot of time in exciting Scandinavian nightclubs around that time. Prins Thomas and Todd Terje evidently did, because they’ve each remixed it for this Olsen Records 12” release. 4 lively versions, including acid and disco spins.

Todd Terje & The Olsens
Dan Tyler Remixes

2 LPs-worth of electro-disco isn’t quite enough for Norwegian crew The Olsens or Todd Terje: they’ve decided to complement The Big Cover-Up with this extra disc of Dan Tyler remixes! He reworks ‘Disco Circus’ afresh, and also reworks his own previous reworking of ‘Firecracker’ all over again! 10” on Olsen Records.

Todd Terje
It's The Arps EP

Mispronounced mastermind of modern disco Todd Terje's 2012 EP It's the Arps rumbled the floors of warehouse parties and hedonistic sleepovers alike with lead single 'Inspector Norse' leading the vanguard of electro fun. Produced entirely using a coveted ARP2600 synth, this bouncy discotwaddle milestone is receiving the repress treatment once more.

Todd Terje
Spiral / Q

Another duo of hi-vis cocktail party anthems from the man of the hour/week/decade 'Todd' Terje Olsen. Expect disco infused stompers packed with every synthesiser under the starry-skied night and ounces of Bavarian duck love. At least, we think that's what is depicted on the cover. Damn impressionists.

Todd Terje
Leisure Suit Prebe

Todd Terje’s It’s Album Time was one of the greatest records of 2014 with not a track out of place. Here we’ve got two of his awesome tracks on 45 from said album, showing off his cool-as-chips Norwegian musical producing skills. Do you think it's all the snow and ice that makes everything from Norway so very cool? Leisure Suit Preben and Preben Goes To Acapulco on vinyl from Olsen Records.

Lindstrom & Todd Terje

Absolutely shameless synth stabbing going on here. Big Norske buds Lindstrom and The Todd (unfortunately not the Scrubs one) return to their 2013 release Lanzarote and, with renewed love and enthusiasm, birth a few new wax discs for your bulging shelves. It's a cavalcade of synth layers and crisply produced beats that'll probably render your eyes dilated upon first listen.
  • Label(s):
  • Olsen Records

Todd Terje
It's It's Remix Time Time

Mr Terje continues to wring every last drop of disco magic out of his celebrated album, 'It's Album Time'. To be fair this was a pretty juicy release to begin with, so it's worth coming back for more. This is essentially the greatest hits from the album given a fresh lick of paint, go faster stripes and a re-tune and that analogy would have worked better if one of the remixed tracks was 'Delorean Dynamite'. Instead you get two takes on 'Strandbar' with Joakim & Eric Duncan each having a go and giving each a different twist to the originals. Before you reach those though you get the results of Pepe Bradock playing around with both 'Inspector Norse' and 'Swing Star' giving them boompty-boomp (as Derrick Carter may say) and a bit of bleep. A monster 12"

Todd Terje
Delorean Dynamite

Delorean Dynamite is the coolest track on the Todd Terje album It’s Album Time. Effortlessly hip, somewhere between Cliff Martinez’s Drive soundtrack and the most awesome piece of 80s synth pop you’ve ever heard. On vinyl from Olsen Records and a must have for anyone from hipsters to dance music junkies.

Todd Terje
Alfonso Muskedunder Remixed

Alfonso Muskedunder, according to Todd Terje, was a nickname for his son, Alf. Very quickly, however, the name took on a life of it’s own. This 12” contains four remixes of the track from last year's massively successful It’s Album Time LP. The track has been remixed by Bullion, Deetron, Mungolian Jetset and the suspiciously mysterious Tangoterje.

Todd Terje
Preben Remixed

A couple of belters for you here, curtsy of Todd Terje. Preben Remixed are two reworks from producers I:Cube and Prins Thomas. The first mix is a low intensity builder, a la 80s thriller sound track, packed with disco drums, epic synths and latin-tinged percussion. The Prins cut is a deeper groove and has an italo arpeggiator, a laser melody, sleazy synths and breaks down into some progged-out P-funk sounds. Out on 10" vinyl from Olsen Records.

Todd Terje
It's Album Time

  • Vinyl Double LP (OLS006LP)
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  • CD (OLS006CD)