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Bruno Nicolai
Tempo sospeso

Bruno Nicolai is one of the notable names of the Italian soundtrack world, and also worked closely with the biggest: Ennio Morricone himself. But 1975’s Tempo sospeso (‘Suspended Time’) is all his own work. It's a highly dramatic suite of electric fuzz action, positively dripping with ...view item »

The Bid-On (Giuliano Sorgini)
Sorry Puppet

If you have an original copy of this, you’re a liar. Sorry Puppet, the work of Giuliano Sorgini, is one of those Library Music LPs that wasn’t ever properly released in any meaningful way, but has picked up a cult reputation through it’s jazzy excotica moods. This reissue on Cinedelic is limited to 600...view item »

Fourth Sensation
Fourth Sensation

Fourth Sensation was a coming together of various highly-talented Italian library / session musicians in 1970. The record they produced is a wild and wonderful suite of swaggering soulful acid jazz / rock / psych / funk, something that is a lot of fun to listen to. Original copies of this LP are currently going for, um, more tha...view item »

Ramasandiran Somusundaram
Skinny Woman

Ramasandiran Somusundaram is an Indian percussionist (and part of acts like Bambibanda E Melodie and New Trolls Atomic System), and Skinny Woman is his only solo album, initially released in the early 70’s. It’s a wild and surprising listen, fusing Indian music with funk and...view item »

Ennio Morricone
Eat It (Mangiala)

Another sterling piece of soundtrack work from Ennio Morricone, the man with a thousand IMDB credits. Eat It (Mangiala) is 1969 Italian film that must be just a little bit strange, given some of the eerie curios Morricone designed to accompany it. Very interesting stuff. LP reissue, packed in a ‘h...view item »

Egisto Macci

Violenza is a rare mid-70’s album of music by Egisto Macchi, one of those ever-impressive Italian library composers. Here Macchi makes a strong case for being considered a serious avant-garde composer: there is a serious modernist bite to some of these orchestral pieces. Limited edition vinyl reis...view item »

Piero Piccioni
Musica amore

Piero Piccioni is an Italian film soundtrack master composer, with stacks of movies under his belt. This particular LP assembles the most romantic highlights from his catalogue, simultaneously revealing the man’s amazing range (Psych! Funk! Lounge! Jazz!). Musica amore will make hearts swoon. Reissued by Cinedelic...view item »

Egisto Macchi

Messico is an album of works composed for film, radio and television use by Egisto Macchi, one of those ever-impressive Italian library composers. Messico is an especially dramatic set, with Macchi ...view item »

Maria Teresa Luciani
Free Jazz

Free jazz lessons for everyone. I mean lessons in free-jazz for everyone. With Gino Marinacci on flute, Riccardo Luciani on keys. Named after Luciani’s sister they experiment delays and effects as well, blowing the whole thing wide open. Originally released in 1972, repressed and housed with unique paint s...view item »

Stelvio Cipriani
Quel pomeriggio maledetto

What could be more delectable than the soundtrack to a sleazy 70’s Italian crime movie? Stelvio Cipriani’s Quel pomeriggio maledetto accompaniment is just what you’d want it to be, full of dramatic swagger and cool instrumental funk. Plus a very striking cover image taken from the film. LP reissue on C...view item »

Giacomo Dell'Orso
A me stesso con simpatia

Rare sounds from Giacomo Dell’Orso, recorded in 1975. A me stesso con simpatia sounds like it was a fun session to play, with the musicians roaming freely and easily between various smooth and groovy genres: jazz, bossa nova, funk etc. No stress, just good times. Reissued by the Cinedelic label....view item »

Franco Chiari
Al Sint

Here’s an obscure and highly-collectible record from Franco Chiari, reissued by Cinedelic. Chiari was a virtuoso on any keyboard-based instrument you could throw at him, and Al Sint finds him in a highly groovy mood. This limited edition reissue of the 1973 record comes in sleeves that have been i...view item »

The Psycheground Group
Psychedelic and Underground Music

With an incredibly anonymous and generic album title like Psychedelic and Underground Music, you just know that this is going to be library music. And it is! The Psycheground Group was made up of various likely sorts from the library music world, getting locked into some deep psychedelic jazz-rock grooves for almost no-...view item »

Nora Orlandi
Il dolce corpo di Deborah

Sexy giallo movie soundtrack from Nora Orlandi. Il dolce corpo di Deborah dates from 1968, and Orlandi’s accompaniment is as bright and bold as the film itself, with rich Hammond organ and funky drums supporting Orlandi’s vigorous vocals. This release is remastered from the ...view item »

Sandro Brugnolini

Another weird rare cut from 1970’s Italy, the land of the weird rare cuts. Sandro Brugnolini and his band laid down this wild jazz-rock session in 1970, going full psychedelic prog when the times are right and keeping it mellow on other tracks. Gnarly stuff, mostly lost to obscurity in the intervening period. This reissue ...view item »

Egisto Macchi
Biologia animale e vegetale

Listen up Italian library music fans! A large scale Egisto Macchi release has just been retrieved from a deep and undeserved obscurity. Biologia animale e vegetale fills 2 CDs or 3 vinyl LPs with some of the man’s most experimental work: sometimes this musi...view item »

Sharon Mhati Chatam

Funky, jazzy, erotic library music from 1973. Fantasy is, like so much of its ilk, remarkable in its willingness to make instruments do strange things, even while keeping the groove rolling. Needless to say, copies of the original pressing are rare as chocolate unicorns, so this reissue on Cinedelic is th...view item »

Mario Molino

1975 Italian library music with a super-spacey vibe. Mario Molino composes, but also plays the fuzzy psych guitar that entwines itself around these groovy compositions, all written for Inside, a sci-fi TV production. Proggy here and there, but it also locks into some tight quasi-krautrock jams. Edition of 500 LPs reissu...view item »

Stelvio Cipriani
Rhythmical Movement

A very strong 1980 slice of Italian library music from Stelvio Cipriani, who was obviously commissioned to write some damn-funky sounds the day he took this to the studio. The title Rhythmical Movement is an understatement: this is some fierce disco-funk-rock when it gets going. Edition of 500 LPs, packed in a space-age...view item »

Egisto Macchi
Pittura Contemporanea - Pittura Moderna N.1 & 2

Egisto Macchi was a member of the legendary Italian ensemble Gruppo d'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, but was also prolific in the creation of film soundtracks and library music. Pittura Contemporanea - Pittura Moderna N.1 & 2 is a triple LP set of 3 full suites. Box set on Cinedelic, limited to 6...view item »

Egisto Macchi
Il Deserto - Pittura Contemporanea - Pittura Moderna N.1 & 2

Italian library music and soundtrack composer Egisto Macchi is well-represented by this triple-CD canvas-covered box-set on Cinedelic. These 4 records (Il Deserto, Pittura Contemporanea and both parts of Pittura Moderna) are tuneful, dramatic and experimental all at once: remarkable music, rescued from...view item »

Giuliano Sorgini
Under Pompelmo

Reissue of Under Pompelmo, a 1973 album that has never been reissued before, not even once! Thanks be to Cinedelic Records eh? Giuliano Sorgini is an Italian composer of broad and varied musical styles: on this famed LP, super-funky psychedelic beat-fun is the order of the day. Available on regular vinyl, or picture dis...view item »

The Black Fire

Cream is a hard to find album from 1973 by Italian band The Black Fire. It’s an archetypal easy listening lounge album with relaxed bass, Fender Rhodes electric piano, flutes, congas and bongos. There are touches of psychedelia, spacey synth sounds and sexy whispered vocals too. Limited to 600 copies. ...view item »

Egisto Macchi
Nucleo Centrale Operativo

Egisto Macchi is an underrated (is their any other kind?) library music composer from Florence, Italy. Macchi was very busy in the 1970’s producing the kind of unusual sounds we hear on Nucleo Centrale Operativo, which sounds like a weirdo avant-Bond theme. Reissue LP with a bonus 7” (Ac...view item »

Egisto Macchi
Il Deserto

Egisto Macchi is an underrated (is their any other kind?) library music composer from Florence, Italy. Macchi was very busy in the 1970’s producing the kind of unusual sounds we hear on Il Deserto, which creeps along dramatically. Needless to say, incredibly rare in its original edition. Double ga...view item »

Narassa (Sandro Brugnolini)
Viaggio Pop 1 & 2

More wonderful library music dug up from obscure Italian archives. Narassa (aka Sandro Brugnolini) has produced a cool blend of funky prog, with jazzy flute often taking a lead role. Definite kitsch appeal, but also a pretty great record. The reissue is on two LPs, presented in a gatefold sleeve with an optical ...view item »

Federico Zampaglione / Andrea Moscianese
TULPA Perdizioni mortali

Soundtrack composed by the director’s brother, Francesco Zampaglione, and Andrea Moscianese. Pressed in a limited edition of 333 copies on multicolored splatter vinyl LP with a bonus CD. Tracks: Side A: Tulpa Phurba Lonely Nights Working My Ass Off Blac...view item »

Sandro Brugnolini
L'uomo dagli occhiali a specchio

L’uomo dagli occhiali a specchio is a work of compellingly cinematic 70’s jazz action from a group led by Sandro Brugnolini. Really swinging stuff, with a very strong sense of time and place that is emphasised by the amazingly old-looking cover. Only 300 copies pressed, out on Cinedelic. &nbs...view item »

Paolo Ferrara

Cinedelic’s obscure Italian reissues program continues with vigour, bringing back this work of Pink Floyd worshipping prog-rock from 1977. Paolo Ferrara’s double LP is full of the kind of technicolour psychedelics we all know from that group, and some of the tracks here are even actual cover versions...view item »

Piero Umiliani
Il Marchio Di Kriminal OST

A reissue of the soundtrack to the 1968 film Kriminal: Il marchio di kriminal composed by the Italian soundtrack aficionado, il maestro Piero Umiliani. A wonderful mix of light jazz, lounge, bossa nova, this soundtrack has all the hallmarks of the classic Italian soundtracks of the 1960s to ‘70s. A...view item »