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Bedroom Eyes

Warbling tape warmth vibrates the guitar licks and transforms them into something you can imagine Boards of Canada sampling. Oracles create welcoming psychedelic shoegazey pop, with slick krautrock drumming and bass playing washed out by spacious synths and tape saturation galore. It’s the day after the party, and the sun is glorious.


Roaring stoner riffs and stoical vocals make this a treat for fans of heavy crushing psych rock. Berlin's Kadavar take influence from all the classics -- mainly Black Sabbath, going straight for the best stuff -- and add their own melodic innovations. As we know, stoner and psych is a game best played by bands who can deliver the best riffs; Kadavar's are on point and then some.
  • Vinyl LP (TCM006LPR)
  • CD (TCM006R)
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  • This Charming Man

Night Shirts
Live from Queimada Grande

Night Shirts are a German quartet who make that rock music stuff. They try and find the quickest way to your heart with a chorus that hooks itself in. They are very into proto-punk, garage rock and the hard stuff, influenced by Lou Reed as well as the Black Lips. 'Live From Queimada Grande' shows off their chops and attempts to create an earworm or two. Features a cover of "I'll Be Your Mirror", because Nico forever. 
  • Vinyl LP (TCM037LP)

Kadavar / Aqua Nebula Oscillator
White Ring

Mountain Witch
Cold River

Sludging through hillsides both rock and metal, Mountain Witch lays down enchanting headbanger riffs with surprising ease. Stoner rock at its finest, these guys’ new album sees their heavy 70s psychedelics growing ever harder. Cold River is sure to be a crowd favourite in the stoner department.