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Woven Skull
Woven Skull

Irish instrumental psych-folkers Woven Skull return with a self-titled piece for Birmingham’s Oaken Palace. This particular deal with the environmentalist label is dedicated to the Eurasian red squirrel, which faces extinction in the UK and Ireland within a decade. Fab droning, minimal improvised excursions into bucolic ex...view item »

Parallel Lines
White Fur /// Black Cathedral

This is the fourth of these Oaken Palace LPs I've reviewed today. Phil said they might be hard work but in fact I've enjoyed all four of them! The first one I did was a krautrock trio with Aidan Baker on guitar, so it seems quite fitting that this one I'm finishing with is another trio featuring another noted gu...view item »

Louise Landes Levi
Ikiru or The Wanderer

Louise Landes Levi is worried about the butterfly. And who wouldn't be! I'm sure almost all of us have fond memories of heading to the Butterfly House for birthday parties when we were kids. Levi has channeled her concern into Ikiru or The Wanderer, a rare solo effort from this vital musical traveller....view item »

Blown Out
Planetary Engineering

Blown Out is a band featuring members of other bands, all of whom have a sound that could be described as ‘blown out’. Bong, Drunk In Hell and Khunnt are all represented, and the two side-long beasts that comprise Planetary Engineering are as cosmic as you w...view item »
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Expo '70
Kinetic Tones

Kinetic Tones from Expo '70 is a continuation of the distinctive sound Justin Wright has pioneered across a decade long career. Minimal guitar drones are combined with feedback hum to create something both ambient and psychedelic. This record also has a unique feel because it was recorded without ...view item »


Despite the fact that Masami Akita’s discography would take you a full lifetime to imbibe, slabs of Merzbow wax don’t actually come around that often. It’s been a wee while since his last solo outing on vinyl, so this is an occasion if you like your Merzbow fix vi...view item »

Sacred Sounds 18.12.16

Phurpa are pretty amazing. A Russian performance group / musical collective that perform and record authentic ritual music of Bon. Essentially, they are the only artists (that I know of) that are preserving the sounds of this ancient Buddhist tradition from Tibet. They use a combination of tantric...view item »

Eternal Tapestry
Guru Overload

It's been a couple of years since we've heard anything from Portland psych-jammers Eternal Tapestry, who finally drop a new LP on Oaken Palace Records. Every record on the label is devoted to an endangered species, and the band have chosen for the proceeds from this album to go to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. Expect spaced out psych...view item »
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Here's the latest offering from the prolific duo of Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff, presumably named after their favourite San Francisco punks. Here they've enlisted the help of Peter Broderick (that man gets everywhere) and Angela Chan on violin and viola respectively for e...view item »
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Bugenès Melissae

This latest LP from Plurals comes on very pretty translucent orange vinyl, with the labels marked with the letter "A" and a picture of a bee. Very droll. On the sleeve there is a picture of a ribcage surrounded by bees. Also contained within the sleeve is a packet of bee friendly wild flower seeds. "But what kind of music is it?", I hear you cry...view item »

Forever In Another World

Phil brought these four new LPs on Oaken Palace over to me with a warning that they might be a bit bleak and downbeat, so since it's first thing in the morning I've decided to start with the one whose cover looks the cheeriest. It's got a man sleeping on the ground in the foreground in front of what the viewer can decide is either a painted back...view item »
LP (OAK002, £15.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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