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Reflections EP

XTR HUMAN are a German post-punk outfit who took the smart step of backing off from the relentless churn of touring for a little while, all the better to craft new material. And now here they are, back with a fantastic new EP that incorporates shoegaze and positivity into the band’s sound. C...view item »


The 10th EP in an 18 EP series started by Vlimmer way back in late 2015. Not sure why he decided to do this, but now he's reached X which vitally shares it's name with an Ed Sheeran album. Dark post-punk that really shows off the growth made by the musician in the last f...view item »


Chile’s Thanatoloop (Michel Leroy Valdés) has over forty albums behind him and they keep on coming. The title of this one Resilencia: resistencia y muerte en los dias del capitalismo voraz (Resistance and death in the age of capitalism) gives you a pretty good idea of its subject matter. Themes of frustrati...view item »

Car Crash Sisters
Sundance Sea

Car Crash Sisters are a four-piece band from Aguascalientes, Mexico. Their sound finds a sweet spot between ‘90s-style guitar noise, shoegaze and dream pop. Their debut album, The Sundance Sea, named after an ancient, receded sea, is testament to their ability to balance their sound perfectly. CD on Blackjack Illuminist Re...view item »

llllllll / lllllllll

Vlimmer is of course still in the midst of his several year project to release a series of eighteen EPs. We are now up to numbers eight and nine, although I regretfully must inform you that he’s decided to avoid both the Roman and the Arabic numerical system… so here we have ...view item »

Sana Obruent

Here California's Sana Obruent makes a record that doesn't give our Clint nightmares, perhaps a musical direction more expected from someone living in the Sunshine State. While undoubtedly heavy on the drones, August feels like a whirlwind on possibility, while also sounding like the sky cracking and mountains...view item »
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Randow (Original Soundtrack)

Randow is a regular podcast show about a village that sits next to a space-time hole where a city used to be. Basically, LOST in a forest. On soundtrack duty is prolific darkwave/postpunk songwriter Vlimmer, this time reining in the songcraft to make some droney dark ambient atmospheres to accompany an eerie and unsettling story....view item »

Leonard Donat
Deer Traps

Alexander Leonard Donat hasn’t got enough projects to be getting on with it seems. With his various monikers covering kraut drone (Vlimmer), indie shoegaze (Leonard Las Vegas) power-pop-fuzz (Infravoid) and more Deer Traps is a minimal ambient affair that swells a...view item »

Fir Cone Children
No Gravity Girls

Fir Cone Children are the kind of band whose attention span is so short that they whip through 13 songs in just 28 minutes. They play catchy punked up twee-pop that is full of exuberant optimism with the sort of melodies that should really be written by grown ups. File alongside the Lovely Eggs as the sort of ki...view item »


Berlin’s Vlimmer still intends to complete a hefty series of 18 EPs, making this fifth edition still comparatively early in the proceedings. I hope he adopts a clearer numbering technique soon though, as IIIII is already a little difficult to read… The sounds are brighter than usual, though still with lots ...view item »

Ghost Ship Cargo

The debut album by Oceaneer is an eerie thing, themed around ghosts and ships. Ghost Ship Cargo is built out of dramatic guitars, a broken old piano, and all sorts of semi-abstract sounds of creak, hiss and crackle. Fans of the the themes and sounds of Gavin Bryars’ Sinking Of The Titanic...view item »

Sana Obruent
Prince Of The Air

Sana Obruent is Paul Lopez’s intimate project for stirring up ambient dronescapes, which he apparently does in the dead of night, perhaps to let the spirits in. Prince Of The Air is a real drift of a record, with each track resting calmly but powerfully in the middle of any space it is played into...view item »

Sana Obruent

Sana Obruent’s new album is a concept album about one of those spooky true-life mysteries you sometimes read about: the strange death of some hikers at Dyaltlov pass in the Ural mountains. The doomed situation is evoked with noise, drone, and assorted crackle, giving off firmly sinister and icy vibes. CD on Blackj...view item »
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Vlimmer has boldly embarked upon a series of 18(!) EPs, and this release presents the sixth and seventh of them in a grand presentation box. He seems to be enjoying himself, playing around with genres as varied as shoegaze, techno, drone, black metal etc. The two CDs are housed in a wooden box, painted by hand, which is limited ...view item »
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Fir Cone Children

Contributing to the very worthy and absolutely made-up genre of shoecore (in layman's terms, that's doting shoegaze + a slight hint of grindcore), Fir Cone Children impressed with their sweet but sinister songs on The Age of Blastbeats. Now they return with a record called 'Firconium' hich doubles down on...view item »

Leonard Las Vegas
Jagmoor Cynewulf

This shoegaze-dream-pop record comes with the baggage of an 18-chapter book’s worth of philosophical musings (not packaged with the LP), so you know it ought to be interesting. Leonard Las Vegas has created the character of Jagmoor Cynewulf, through whom he channels catchy tunes with existential lyrics. CD / LP pa...view item »


Vlimmer has boldly embarked upon a series of 18(!) EPs, and this release reissues the third and fourth of them in a presentation box. Dark, highly-textured songs for shoegazey electronic pop lovers. The CD is housed in a wooden box, painted by hand, which is limited to a slender edition of 22. On Blackjack Illuminist Records....view item »
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Fir Cone Children
The Age of Blastbeatles

Fir Cone Children are all about writing and performing pop songs through the lens of fuzzed-out garage-goths: kind of as the corpse-paint pop idols on the cover would suggest. The Age Of Blastbeatles is a quick EP squeezed out between albums, with 7 tracks that speed along 2 minutes at a time. On Blackjack Illuminist Re...view item »


A pair of EPs released together (just don’t call it an album!) by Vlimmer, a Berlin resident. He doesn’t sound too happy, and nor do his synths and 80’s drum machines. The CDs of EP I / EP II actually come packaged in a very nice black wooden box, with room left over to fill in the next two EPs, due ne...view item »
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Terban Te Ban

Feverdreamt is a brand new project, reportedly only starting to make music at the beginning of this year. In that time, Feverdreamt has moved from heavy-heat drones to fully developed songs: vocals and all. Terban Te Ban, the project’s debut, is released as a CD in a handmade sleeve, by Blackjack ...view item »

codex cortex

Thick digital drone-clouds on this record by Infravoids. codex cortex does that thing of being swathed in distortion and noise, but remaining more-or-less ‘nice’ sounding all the same. This isn’t a bad thing: these sound masses are warm and comforting. Cassette tape released by Blackjack Illuminist Rec...view item »
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