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Günter Schickert & Peter Unsicker

With help from fellow native gallerist Peter Unsicker, krautrock pioneer Günter Schickert once upon a time dreamed up 'Mauerharfe' - a cold war-born eerie and atmospheric piece. Now, around 30 years since its original conception and release, their brainchild returns along with a handful of previously unreleased content.  

Harmonious Thelonious

Harmonious Thelonious is the electronic outlet for Dusseldorfer Stefan Schwander, which he uses to explore both African and American minimalism, while always keeping that sweet sweet danceability to the fore. Full-length Petrolia is particularly high energy, with especially tasty live-instrument contributions from Ghazi Barakat. Its out on Marmo Music.
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Günter Schickert

Günter Schickert is a livelong traveller in cosmic experimental music, having woven entrancing soundscapes out of echo-laden guitars, synthesizers and filters, and masses else over the years. Labyrinth is a collection of pieces from across the years, from 1996 to the present day, offering a brilliant summation of what Schickert has achieved. LP release from Marmo Music.
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Adderf Arreug

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Tru West
The Dowc Part 2

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