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Theatre is one of the more successful mediums when it come to capturing weirdness and the dreamlike. Rocheman is Jordan Mallory-Skinner, an artist who mostly works for the stage, but has now used his talents to craft a delightful dream pop album that will get on with fans of bands like Grizzly Bear...view item »


Bambooman is one of the most up and coming electronic vocal artists in the UK right now. Whispers is the latest release and incorporates a crisp production value with smooth vocals and chilled backing tracks. Described as ‘a wonderfully picturesque, intensely visual experience’ that is available on vinyl LP....view item »


London, England's Ilk have teamed up with composer, produced and sometime house tinker Matthew Herbert for their full-length debut Y U. The arty experimenters find the confidence to voyage into the niches and crevices where caverns of found sound and halls of pop overlap. The guys -- Bob, Olly and Tom -...view item »

Jamie Lidell / Matthew Herbert
When I Come Back Round (Matthew Herbert's Long Night Dub)

This record, When I Come Back Round, is the live version of a work by Matthew Herbert and Jamie Lidell. Both are standout artists on the experimental house scene, so a collaboration was always going to be powerful. The release also contains Herbert’s own release entitled ‘Megaphone&r...view item »

Matthew Herbert
A Nude (The Perfect Body)

This is a Matthew Herbert album, so naturally all the sounds are taken from one particular source. This week, the source is a naked body! As the track titles indicate, this particular body does all kinds of things over the course of the day / album, including ‘moving’ and ‘shitting’. A Nude (The Perfe...view item »

Semi Precious
When We Talk EP

Semi Precious is the production project of Guy Baron, who sits at home composing these subtle pieces of odd-pop, focusing on themes of modern alienation. Small sounds click together, with Baron’s wavering, almost whispered vocals floating above them. The When We Talk EP is release...view item »

The Shakes

Herbert represents Matthew Herbert’s return to straight-dance music after many full-name years being experimental. That isn’t a bad thing, as The Shakes shows great bouncy skill, as bleep-heavy as the old-school-video-game cover might suggest, but well suited to having a little groove too. O...view item »

Part 8

Some genre spanning from the dance master Herbert. Part 8 is the final release in the series from 2014 from the UK producer. Having had a pretty long career, this four tracker is a great addition to his oeuvre with the stripped back funk of 'The Wrong Place', the downtempo R&B of 'Remember Ken', and t...view item »

Part 7

You might have thought that after a 130 track box set and time spent making music out of a shopping list and a pig Herbert might have had enough. But no, he is back for more, 4 tracks of twisted club music opening up with an R & B style pop hit 'Bumps' in which he enlists Rahel from the Londoun outfit Hejira. Its followed by a right techno w...view item »

Part 6

Last year Accidental Records released a complete 130 track boxset featuring all of Herbert’s extensive back catalogue. It included rare and unreleased tracks from the mid 90’s right up to the critically acclaimed Bodily Functions and Scale albums. This new 12” vinyl and digital release is the first brand new Herbert rel...view item »

Matthew Herbert
The End of Silence

High concept experimentalist Matthew Herbert maintains the ante, if you like, after his provocative ‘One’ trilogy. On The End of Silence he crafts an album of three tracks using a single ten-second audio recording as his source material. His band then interprets the different element...view item »


Cracking twelve of organic techno here featuring four deep, itchy, atmospheric and glitchy, minimal but slightly thumping tracks from the original Matthew Herbert project where his array of sound samp...view item »

Matthew Herbert
One Pig

Oh God. We are pushed for time with the squillions of releases out this week and 3 minutes in all I can hear are farmyard sounds. You know Matthew, I'm in a good mind to turn this off RIGHT NOW. Herbert is one of those guys who justifies a lot of his preposterous, pointless ideas with a l...view item »

The Invisible
Monsters Waltz

The Invisible sound like a very strange proposition. They look like a cross between Doves and the Bee Gees and sound like one of those muso bands who think they're really cutting edge & ground breaking but essentially sound like Seal with a Matthew Herbert makeover. The production is quite spacious with lots of curious little sprinkles of audio...view item »

Golden Phone

Just what is it with this Micachu lady? She's a genius! Only on her 2nd single and she's got me all excited about her album. She makes the most vibrant junk shop electronic indie music, a little reminiscent of the style Dutch madhead lass Solex was doing years ago, 'Golden Phone' is this hyper lullaby malfunction-pop thing with charismatic sing-s...view item »

Harmonise/ Movers & Shakers

'Harmonise' is the new one from the prolific Matthew Herbert. Strange intricate percussion lay the foundations for the groove while flutes creep in and out and a chirpy little synth riff carry the track along. Dani Siciliano's vocals are really pretty and work well with the playful childlike melodies. In fact the sound is not d...view item »

The Matthew Herbert Big Band
Process The Parts

New 12" from The Wire's fantasy pin up boy Matthew Herbert called process the parts. There's 6 tracks in all, very varied some of it great some not so. The first track is squelchy, dirty minimilist funk I'm sure this is amazingly good but its not that enjoyable and in fact quite repetitive. The second ...view item »

Mugimama Is This Monkey Music

Strange man of the week award goes to Icelander Mugison who comes across just like some crazed free jazz Beck & Radiohead fan. This new CD 'Mugimama - Is This Monkey Music?' is bizarre stuff indeed, full of psychotic intricacies, druggy paranoia, blissed folk, crazed judder-funk & generally the most fun you'd ever...view item »

I Want You

Mugison has a cracking new single out on Accidental. It's CD only folks which is a shame cos CD's suck ass. Mind you it's 3 tracks on and 3 videos and I'd like to see you get some videos onto a record? Apparently he wrote this song to get his girlfriend back. I wonder if it worked?  Also he's admitted to ripping The Beatles 'She's S...view item »

Doctor Rockit
The Unnecessary History Of

New CD from Doctor Rockit who is also known as Matthew Herbert - Wire magazine's fantasy pin up. This is ok minimal house-ey stuff. It does little or nothing for me but sounds pleasant enough. CD only on Accidental called The Unnecessary History of......view item »

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