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Eyeless In Gaza
Caught In Flux

Nuneaton post punk duo Eyeless in Gaza released their second album ‘Caught In Flux’ in 1981. It blends ambient pop and rock with avant-garde folk and industrial elements. This is an album which grows in intensity as it progresses - the vocals become more wild, the guitar stabs and percussion more frenetic. The fact that 'Caught In Flux' was recorded in one take with no overdubs makes it all the more impressive. Just like the original LP, this reissue comes with the 12” bonus EP 'The Eyes of Beautiful Losers'.
  • Vinyl Double LP (SPITTLE106LP)
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Though Artery are one of the lesser-known names to have emerged from fertile early post-punk period, their work should not be overlooked. Originally known as The, the band delivered an impressively rhythmic sort of clanking that could be compared to the likes of Joy Division. 'Oceans' was a mini-LP originally released in 1982 and is now reissued courtesy of Spittle. 
  • Vinyl LP (SPITTLE105LP)
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The Good Missionaries
Fire From Heaven

The Good Missionaries were the band formed by Mark Perry of Alternative TV and Sniffin' Glue fanzine in 1979. The band were a much more eclectic affair drawing on experimental music, dub and raw groove to produce a more radical vision. This is a re-issue of their debut album, remastered and available on vinyl for the first time since 1979.
  • Vinyl LP (SPITTLE102LP)
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Gilbert / Lewis / Mills

MZUI was a 1982 era project from Graham Lewis and Bruce Gilbert of Wire alongside Russell Mills. The trio initially collaborated on a multi-media project  at London's Waterloo Gallery before compiling their ideas onto an album. The sound sculptures and ambient sounds weren't totally dissimilar to Brian Eno's music of the era using the idea of sound as a landscape. This re-issue comes with a replica of the packaging of the original with a six page foldable sheet with photos.  
  • Vinyl LP (SPITTLE103LP)
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Killing Time

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The Night’s Remains

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Water Tales

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C’est Disco

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