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oscarson Vinyl, CD & tapes from Norman Records

Nu Nog Even Niet
#1 & #2

Nu Nog Even Niet is a collaborative project between songwriter Chantal Acda and poet Lotte Dodion. The pair glide through two spare, spectral works on this release. Spindly bundles of piano and violin are fogged with reverb as the duo breathily deliver their verse. The overall effect is as if ...view item »

Jung Body
Real Eternal Bliss

Jung Body wrote and recorded the 8 songs on this album -- all concerning the people in his life that he loved and lost -- during a 4-year period of constant turmoil, and sometime catharsis; one of the by-products of the making of his remarkably beautiful record. Plain-spoken, frank yet tender; these songs are moving tributes to much-loved human ...view item »

Wounded Healer

Norman has stocked several releases by Graeme McNab aka Immigrant over the years, an unobtrusive songwriter with scant online presence. Wounded Healer is out through Oscars...view item »

Brigid Mae Power
The Ones You Keep Close

Though Peter Broderick is here (usually a sign that I'll not like something), he takes an instrumental back seat to Brigid Mae Power's keening voice and warm arrangements. An Irish singer and multi instrumentalist she has a wavering jazz infected style which on excellent opener 'I Don't Know How To Do This N...view item »

The Workhouse
Now I Am On Fire

The Workhouse exist for people like me who remember the glory of glacial '80s bands like Kitchens of Distinction and The Chameleons. They are old and proud. On 'Garage 59' they reference Vauxhall Viva's. Ha! remember those? Them and Spangles.   T...view item »

The Workhouse
The Sky Still Looks The Same

What year is it? That was the question Nathan put to me whilst listening to this, the first release by The Workhouse in...oh... a million years or something.  First up I must mention the packaging  - its utterly tremendous, It arrives in a double gatefold 10” sleeve with some nice hand stencilled card and a booklet with lots of p...view item »


A quality compilation of new and exclusive material put together by David Allred. The tracklisting of oscarsongs includes Peter Broderick, Brigid Mae Power and Joanna Sternberg, and the overall suite is rather gorgeous. Both the CD and the vinyl editions are subtle, han...view item »

Mountains Hills Plateaus and Plains

So nice, isn’t it, this music and living stuff? According to MayMay, the answer to that rhetorical question is a resounding yes: it’s lovely, everything’s beautiful where they are, and when you’re cold you can just be inside with a jumper on. Laurel Simmons’ ambient pop circles around a mix of twanging guitar, Frahm...view item »

David Allred

The human voice: making music since forever. Long before recording technology came about, anyway. When it works, it really works. Am I right? When used in combination with others voices or accompanied with acoustic instrumentation it can produce the most affecting results, but I don’t need to tell you that. Why am I telling you that? Well,...view item »

The Volume Settings Folder

Italian produced M. Beckmann's first vinyl release -- also on CD in a black envelope with a grainy monochrome photo on card insert -- is an absorbing and expansive journey. Beckmann has a sketch-and-improv attitude to ambient/drone/post-rock composition, which on "Laguna" crackles and glides at glacial pace, revealing texture upon h...view item »

The Arctic Flow
The Luminous Veil

Mmmm what a lovely package. On gorgeous thick glossy card and a bonus CD that seems to be a long thing wrapped in bubble wrap, much effort has gone into making this look good. Musically I can pretty much sum this up by saying the words ‘early Field Mice’. It has that autumnal regre...view item »

David Allred

I asked to hear vocal harmonies today, and the several thousand bosses we have here at the corporate Norman Records Superbowl Franchise have delivered quite benevolently: between the Beach Boys on the stereo and David Allred on my headphones, I’ve got plenty of communal singsong to be thankful for. On &...view item »

Put It This Way In The Headlines

An open field of sonics, this one: we could call it post-rock but we’d be cheapening Aerial's concerted efforts to create a landscape on which anything can be expressed, in any way. It is post-rock, yes, but not in the way we know it; not because of sick guitar tones, although there are those, nor climaxes -- again, though, check that...view item »

Attic Salt

New Kepler Album 'Attic Salt' is out on Resonant. This is kind of depressing but beautiful. This is the third album from the Canadian guys and their first in three years. This album has already come out in the states. Not really my kind of thing this, although there is a dark humor to the lyrics which is interesting. Similar to ...view item »