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Kele Goodwin

Portland singer-songwriter Kele Goodwin sees his 2017 LP Moonbug given a vinyl pressing through the lovely little German label oscarson (Kepler, Brigid Mae Power). Moonbug is more widescreen than Goodwin’s intimate 2010 debut Hymns, with an astute backing band fleshing out his world-weary brand of Americana. Goodwin’s reed-clear voice and penchant for folksy chord changes pitches Moonbug somewhere between Love Is Overtaking Me-mode Arthur Russell, John Martyn and Wilco - a very good place to be indeed.
  • Vinyl LP (oscarson 22)
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Lucy Roleff
Left Open in a Room

Second album from Melbourne-based folk singer Lucy Roleff, following three years on from her debut offering This Paradise. Once again, Roleff’s striking, swooping voice is the main attraction on Left Open In a Room, but the delicate acoustic picking of its predecessor is bolstered by the presence of a 36-string harp. 

Sebastian Selke x Daniel Selke

On Q3A the brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke ruminate on the political circumstance of their 1980s east German upbringing. They each take a side of the 7", Daniel using his childhood cello and synths, while Sebastian's is his first foray into solo work. The music itself is a drone that yearns for home, that is wistful, and is unromantic.

Lindsay Clark

Begat and raised in the Sierra Nevada mountains and now resident of Portland, Oregon, subtle songwriter and nature-lover Lindsay Clark returns with her fourth album. Crystalline focuses on highly delicate, nuanced songwriting. Layered vocals, piano, flute, clarinet, piano and guitar quietly articulate Clark & co's expressive tunes.
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  • oscarson

Steven Doman

Steve Doman originally wrote and recorded the music that makes up St-Octave for Le Dernier Souffle, a documentary by Grace Singh and the Netflix documentary series Wild, Wild Country. The music was informed by his move from LA to Quebec where he found he had time get back in touch with nature and learn French. 10” vinyl, limited to 75 copies with handmade artwork, or Cassette, limited to 50 copies with handmade inserts on Oscarson.
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  • oscarson

Mountains Hills Plateaus and Plains

MayMay is Laurel Simmonds from Portland, Oregon. She is a multi-instrumentalist possessing a mesmerising voice and a member of folk band Loch Lomond. She has worked with a number of people including Heather Woods Broderick, Peter Broderick and Alela Diane. Mountains Hills Plateaus and Plains is her third album and follow-up to And So I Place You In The Setting Sun.

Nu Nog Even Niet
#1 & #2

Nu Nog Even Niet is a collaborative project between songwriter Chantal Acda and poet Lotte Dodion. The pair glide through two spare, spectral works on this release. Spindly bundles of piano and violin are fogged with reverb as the duo breathily deliver their verse. The overall effect is as if amiina had got their hands on the absolute quietest bits of Bjork’s early-2000s work.

Jung Body
Real Eternal Bliss

An 8-song 10” mini-album by this German-based singer-songwriter. Before you run screaming from the latter characterisation, this is engaging, wordy stuff, with a free-flowing delivery over backing that incorporates jazzy and ambient twists and turns. In the same ballpark as Brigid Mae Power or Peter Broderick, who Mr. Body shared a compilation with.
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  • oscarson

Wounded Healer

Norman has stocked several releases by Graeme McNab aka Immigrant over the years, an unobtrusive songwriter with scant online presence. Wounded Healer is out through Oscarson on standard and deluxe vinyl editions as well as a handmade gatefold CD, all with various quantities of extra goodies, such as lyrics and photographs. Expect this music to be gentle, sincere and utterly unflamboyant.
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  • oscarson

Brigid Mae Power
The Ones You Keep Close

The Ones You Keep Close was recorded by Brigid Mae Power with a band that included Peter Broderick (who also took care of recording and mastering the record). Brigid’s lush alternative-folk sound is in fine form right here. Available in vinyl and cassette formats (both accompanied with download codes) on the oscarson label.

The Workhouse
Now I Am On Fire

The Workhouse present their brooding new album Now I Am On Fire, five years after their last full-length effort. Now I Am On Fire is released in both CD and vinyl LP editions, as well as a special combined double format bundle. And all editions come with a big old thirty page booklet. Released by the oscarson label

The Workhouse
The Sky Still Looks The Same

The Workhouse are not a god-awful blues rock band as the name might suggest, but a post-rock band who blend dark atmospherics, shoegaze and post-punk, and they’ve been doing it, from their Oxford base, since 1996. The Sky Still Looks The Same is their latest EP, released on German label, Oscarson.
  • Vinyl 10" (Osc no. 2)
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A quality compilation of new and exclusive material put together by David Allred. The tracklisting of oscarsongs includes Peter Broderick, Brigid Mae Power and Joanna Sternberg, and the overall suite is rather gorgeous. Both the CD and the vinyl editions are subtle, handsome things, and they each come with a booklet also.
  • Vinyl LP (oscarson no. 10)
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  • CD (oscarson no. 10)
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David Allred

David Allred has often worked with American multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick after Allred transcribed one of his songs. Broderick describes Allred’s musical ideas as odd, honest and intriguing. On his new 10” EP, Woods,  he works with Broderick’s sister, Heather Woods Broderick, making a beautiful sound using layered vocal harmonies. Most definitely intriguing.
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  • oscarson

The Volume Settings Folder

M. Beckmann is a busy guy… Having self-released over 15 albums under The Volume Settings Folder he’s releasing his first vinyl in the form of Laguna on Oscarson. This is gorgeous, expansive, post-everything ambient music. Highly influenced by Sigur Ros and The Album Leaf but with the minimalism and solitude of Caught in the Wake Forever.

The Arctic Flow
The Luminous Veil

A fresh wave of dreampop from sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, The Luminous Veil is a new EP from the contrastingly titled The Arctic Flow. Essentially a bedroom solo record it’s infused with that muffled reverb aesthetic redolent in the sounds of The Radio Dept. Out on 10" EP + CD from Oscarson, including a handmade lyric booklet.

Put It This Way In The Headlines

Featuring members of Simian Ghost, No Coda and Alpha Mound, Swedish collaborators Aerial have produced the perfect and uniquely Aerial mix of post-rock sincerity and an almost poppy/singalong songwriting style. ‘Put It This Way In The Headlines’ is a chillingly atmospheric record with all the visual depth and power of bands like God Speed You Black Emperor, Tortoise or Mogwai.
  • Vinyl Double LP (oscarson no. 04)
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Attic Salt

Canadian band Kepler ran for just under a decade prior to 2006, the point when band member Jeremy Gara switched out the group for Arcade Fire. Mind you, this lot don’t sound anything like Win & Regine’s Merrie Men - 2005 LP Attic Salt (Kepler’s third full-length) oscillates between coiled emo and sprawling, wistful slowcore. Now reissued by Oscarson, the new edition of Attic Salt comes with a bonus track and a nice little booklet hidden in the cover artwork.